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Oprah Winfrey, a role model to a multitude of aspiring women, said, “On my own, I will just create and if it works, it works and if it doesn’t, I’ll create something else. I don’t have any limitations on what I think I could do or be.”

Holding a true essence these words point to the bountiful potential existing in the bosoms of each woman on the planet. Breaking the shackles of doubts and stereotypes across, females are emerging as the RISING SUNS from the grey clouds and leading others with unrivaled confidence and boldness. Srinidhi Naidu, a stupor of abundant positivity and potential, is creating a positive influence among the students who want exposure in academics and want to pursue studies abroad.

Traveling a long way, Srinidhi always desired to find a path that had the potential to create a difference in a person’s life and education was the sector that showed her the way. Carving her own space in the education sector, she followed her instincts, refusing to join her father’s giant Interior Designing business, thereby paving the way to the inception of EduconIndia.

In broad terms, EduconIndia is a growing professional organization that offers Overseas Educational Consultancy Services to its students who are passionate about studying abroad. EduconIndia has a peculiar reputation for its Student Training and Consultancy Program methods, targeting Global Professional Entrance Examinations, including GMAT, USMLE, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL. Right from supporting the initial application process until the student’s settlement, EduconIndia travels through the student’s career journey and serves to be his/her most reliable career counselor. Specializing in the USMLE vertical, EduconIndia offers a unique curriculum, which includes the exclusive live classroom lectures hosted by the globally renowned Kaplan faculty. EduconIndia flies down faculty from the US for the benefit of the students, customizes the study material and the learning process, which can best serve a student to deliver a sure exam- qualifying shot. The program includes live lectures, a truly beneficial add-on, the question banks- a quick look-to book which is a must for every aspirant. Also, self- assessing examinations, consultancy services, and future residential services are provided to the students. EduconIndia stands unmatched among various overseas consultancies, and have succeeded in setting standards of excellent coaching and magnificent guidance.

The workforce at EduconIndia is exceptional, fully trained, long-standing and Srinidhi garners a pleasant experience working with the team. The workflow is preplanned and accordingly executed. Adding on, Srinidhi shares her gratitude to another important team, which she says has almost been an integral part of EduconIndia’s success journey, Team VHonk. At the right hour, they had met this young and brilliant team of digital marketers, VHonk Digital Media and Marketing. Right from the moment the prominence of these programs was explained, they were up on their toes; strategizing to the core, enquiring and researching on all marketing details and driving the sessions to the desired audience, the medical students and graduates.

Srinidhi with high regards states, “I take this moment to thank the Founder of VHonk, Mr. Binesh Gaddam for executing all the plans consistently, driving the desired results. From what I have seen, I believe that they are the masters in Search, Social Media and Content Marketing.”


Technology is a wide spectrum of never-ending ‘AWE’. Speaking of which, hosting Kaplan Medical’s globally acclaimed USMLE Step 1 classroom’s lectures for the very first time in India, endorsing Kaplan’s global brand recognition was not an easy decision. It produced a feeling of both pride and anxiety as it involves bringing down the elite faculty of Kaplan, all the way to India from the USA to train the students. The news of Kaplans classes which otherwise happen only in the USA, had to be marketed across in a very short span, so as to benefit the maximum possible aspirants. Although EduconIndia has its own reach, specially across South Indian Medical student fraternity, this was something new, big and unheard of at least in India. Right marketing strategies, using the right channels & technology, by the right team has made it possible. However maintaining the momentum, spreading out further and reaching out to the maximum is the underlying challenge.

Srinidhi states “ Honesty, quality and consistency are the three key words I’ve followed and will continue to. Also, the learning environment is free and thought-providing. Students have the freedom to put-forth their point and ask for more, anything they feel could lift their grades apart from all the methods we provide; I will not shy away to even consider all the options to make it happen. “


There are roadblocks in every path you take. But when you choose your path, you pick those challenges and you fight to demolish them and not just win over them. Initially, she faced the most basic problems, the foremost was being a woman and the solo manager of the company. There were moments where she had to face comments like ‘do not travel in the night’; ‘its impossible for a woman’; ‘how far would you reach?’ and certain others. ‘’Its about facing a roller coaster of emotions, it’s not easy to single-handedly build and manage a company; there was a lot of negative marketing done too. But fortunately, I braved them all and succeeded in building what I started all this for. With a true passion and selfless desire, you just know how to walk ahead. More than anything, I was a bundle of challenges to myself. I imposed one each day, at every step, only to better myself. I constantly mended ways and molded habits to only build EduconIndia better with every passing day. When you watch the globe, you find growth and advancement at every nook and corner. It’s a crossword you need to keep answering and implementing to watch yourself and everything around you grow stronger and wiser.”


Being a bold and fierce woman, Srinidhi always stays true to her words, and more importantly stands by them. One of the most desirable qualities of an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur states, “You pass or fail, doesn’t matter. But if you fail to even try owing to the fear of failure, that is when it matters.’’ There will be a lot of negative talk around you, which puts questions on your worth, potential and work. Some negative folks always try to bring you down regardless of your infinite capabilities. You are going to absorb the negative stuff also, but do not create an opinion of yourself from their opinions. Stay true, humble and always follow your conscience.

It’s a misfortune for the women in our society, as at the behest of 24 or 25 years of age, the pressure of getting married hovers around. Family, relatives and everyone around her want to see her settled despite her sky-touching ambitions and aspirations. Srinidhi urges the female force of this country, “Don’t succumb to the knot when forced upon, only do it when YOU feel right about it, chase your dreams, career, and ambitions. You are the sole proprietor of your life.”

EduconIndia stands as a pioneer in terms of a quality service provider for Medical Students and Doctors for Residency Training over years now. This enriching trait has been invincible; no other consultancy can claim to be. They are a full power package involving educational options, exam preparations, visa process assistance from the initial stage till they come out as successful Board Certified doctors from the United States. They specially work for doctors which no other consultancy does. EduconIndia, apart from having tie ups with the universities, also has direct associations with many government departments, including the US Department of Education, with respect to getting clearance for the medical licenses. In addition to this, they also provide future residency options.

Speaking of the curriculum, they draft it according to the ever-changing platform requirements to rightfully guide and train their students. Further, the In-Person Live Lectures are provided, bringing down the elite Kaplan medical’s faculty to India, thus raising the standards of training for the International examinations.

Srinidhi says, “I believe there are traits one has to imbibe to develop the attitude to attaining success that solely doesn’t come from the preparatory books. This reflection of my thoughts is our key implementation at EduconIndia.”

The environment of learning is filled with positivity, support and bliss, which tremendously uplifts the confidence of students. EduconIndia works on confidence, fuels their passion and keeps their determination undeterred through their experienced faculty, lifting up their spirits and being always beside the students to help them cope.

In India you always find students to be extremely passionate about studies and highly ambitious about their careers. Srinidhi believes that this had the ability to turn pages into the new era. There are companies that creep into the educational sector to only make undue benefits while not adding any value to the students. You cannot have targets to match or numbers to count in the form of admissions or any other. When a student approaches, it’s an amalgamation of his dream, passion and maybe his family’s too. It is important to restrict education to growth and quality of life so that it could support anyone in the mere future.

Witnessing the changes in the education sector, the maestro thinks the change is happening. Now this has to do with the mindsets of a group of individuals. There are sessions, campaigns and propaganda all around. Beyond this, people are realizing education is not mere comfort or a medal to hang; it’s a way of life-altering lifestyles. With education comes a change in the mindset of the reader and a family; an upgrade in financial stability and the shift in lifestyle. Srinidhi says, “I think with time, the concept of education is rightly reaching minds. The very few parts stuck to the wrong conception are changing and I hope there won’t be any in the future. Education is a right for all the rightful reasons.”


We can’t undermine the worth of a woman in these contemporary times. Each one of them has a valuable treasure hidden; the right attitude, a sense of freedom, strong inner belief and confidence are quintessential attributes that make the route easier.

The world knows that women are the best multitaskers; managing home and work is not a child’s play, with grace and dignity, they create magic. That’s why today, women already hold big positions in the business world. Strong, fierce and bold they are! Walking on the independent routes, they bring the required difference with their exceptional work.

With a sense of pride, she says, “A woman is capable of being anything she dreams to be. I believe women are filling pages of the world with spectacular accomplishments. The scenario is changing slowly but definitely. And with every change, there will be an uprising.”

She elaborates on the subject and shares her valuable insights. She empathetically says to those women who don’t have the strength to achieve their ambitions, because of the ‘n’ number of reasons, “it’s fine if you can’t surpass the desires of your family or husband or anything else. Just accept it and find the real happiness in your shell and live without regrets. Just be aligned with your inner contentment and happiness.”

For empowering the women of society, it is crucial to be an exemplary Role Model. Be number one in your arena, and with your exceptional work, inspire the league.


The businesswoman in her spare time loves to enjoy serene music. Going on a Ride fascinates Srinidhi. On an interesting note, she books a resort or villa to detoxify her spirit where she can be herself. Basically, a time in solitude calms her senses. No one is there to watch or advise her. There she loves to eat scrumptious food and enjoy the serenity around.


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