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Business Connect in its new edition ‘The Best Company to work for 2019-20’ brings to you a story of Ennoble IP, a Technology Enabled Intellectual Property company exclusively for Startups, Universities, research institutions, and SMEs. In conversation with Business Connect, Dr. Shweta Singh, Founder, and CEO of Ennoble IP shares the story of how Indians were criticized on a global front for a lack of competency in protecting their property and how ENNOBLE IP was started with an aim to change the mindset.

“The instinct to start an Intellectual Property Rights firm started when I was pursuing my IPR program from the WIPO, where people use to criticize Indians, claiming Indians to be highly intellectual, but not competent enough to safeguard their property. That’s why India had a very weak IP ecosystem and India was way behind in global innovation Index ranking. Since that very moment, I was determined that once I am back in India, I shall work for it. Hence after coming back, I started working in the IP industry and with academia. Post gaining experience and finding more core problem i.e IP pain points in academia and startups, I started Ennoble IP.”


ENNOBLE IP started as a Technology Enabled IP (Intellectual Property) company, working exclusively with and for Startups, Universities, research institutions, and SMEs, in the year of 2014. Being a Technology-enabled platform, it provides optimum services to their clientele by handling the end-to-end IP related activity, which includes Patent, Trademark, Design Registration, Copyright, Patent Illustration, IPR strategies to their clientele by handling the end-to-end IP related activity, which includes Patent, Trademark, Design Registration, Copyright, patent illustration, IPR strategies and its management, IP monetization, IP related paralegal services, IP exchange and commercialization, training & technical writing support.


The company provides Technology Enabled IP Platform to their client to handle end to end IP related activity.

Some of the offerings include:

  • Patent
  • Trademark
  • Design Registration
  • Copyright
  • Patent illustration
  • IP Strategies and Management Service
  • IP Monetization
  • IP Paralegal Services
  • IP Exchange and Commercialization Platform
  • Training
  • Technical Writing support

“Along with IPR services, ENNOBLE IP also offers a unique service package namely: e-Suite, research powerplay only for universities and colleges to support them in their entire research, innovation, and entrepreneurship ecosystem. This package gives a boost to Universities/ colleges in its different rankings and accreditation such as NIRF, NAAC, NBA, QS, etc.”


The company has a competent team of 100+ experts with technical and legal background. They hold expertise in major technical and legal areas.


The clientele comprises Universities and Institutions, SMEs and Startups, to name a few Scanbo, Paylo, Startupmovers, Royal plast, Onbanc, CGC Landran, Chandigarh University, Sharda University, Galgotias University, MAIT and many more.


Most people don’t even know what Intellectual Property rights mean and how they can help improve the whole ecosystem. Copying, plagiarism, piracy and other IPR violations have been rampant and that is why ENNOBLE IP was started in the first place so that IPR owners don’t get robbed. With India’s political, social and economic evolution, protection of IPR is vital to ensure intellectual, cultural and economic growth and that is what helps ENNOBLE IP move forward and work past these challenges.


ENNOBLE IP has always been a growing and evolving company. With the successful business model, the company plans to expand even further as time passes by. The team plans to expand its reach in India to further South and also plan to expand internationally, where the ecosystem itself is very fruitful and where ENNOBLE IP family can grow even further. As new grounds mean new opportunities, with new opportunities ENNOBLE IP seeks to expand the customer base.

“We have developed an in-house tool to manage our operations and deadlines while also overlooking our customer relations through monthly reports. This works as an analytical tool. We also keep our staff updated with the latest IP related laws and amendments, which helps improve their skill sets. ENNOBLE IP makes sure that all the staff members are up to date with all the technological advances, which can be a cause of stress for many. It is also important to keep up with the new vocabulary, so as to be relevant and also to be efficient with communication both within and outside the company.”


The work culture inside ENNOBLE IP has revolved around strong leadership since the start. This workplace culture revolves around leadership–both existing and rising. Existing leaders put their subordinates in positions to succeed, and the best performing employees are put on the fast track for leadership positions of their own so that the company can grow steadfast. With a good corporate structure, the company has been able to foster a culture of strong leadership. As per the company policy, the staff takes a break together once a year at the official inception date of the company.

“We maintain quality by ensuring that the company and departmental objectives are aligned so to churn out good results. We make sure to check our annual, quarterly and monthly objectives during the Management Review meeting so that there could never be a time when we get accused of compromise when it comes to our services.”

The company has earned various prestigious awards, some of which include:

  • Exceptional Women of Excellence” at WEF (Women Economic Forum)
  • Women Achievers Award 2019 for Intellectual Property
  • Most innovative Entrepreneur in IP services of the year for Excellence Award, 2019
  • India Leadership Award for “India’s Best Innovative Entrepreneur in IP Consultancy”
  • Awarded as “Women Achiever of the year for IP” 2019
  • Awarded 40 under 40 Indian entrepreneurs by India investment Forum
  • Awarded CEO of the Year 2018 at India IT Summit
  • Awarded India Best Innovative Entrepreneur in IP Services, 2018
  • Ennoble IP Received Industry Excellence Award for IP Services at India IT Summit, 2017
  • First women to be part of IP colloquium program of WIPO Switzerland Geneva
  • Regular Speaker at ET NOW “Leaders for Tomorrow” Show
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