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Environomics Projects LLP: A Top Renewable Energy Company

Environomics Projects LLP: A Top Renewable Energy Company

There is a pressing need to shift towards renewable energy sources. If we don’t show the urgency, the consequences would be harsh. The International Energy Agency (IEA) in a recent press conference revealed that if we were to see a noticeable level of pollution decrease by 2040, we have to decarbonize our power supply by 40%.

Significant growth in renewable sources would be possible if we tend to shift the investment pattern towards industries that develop these resources. In our new edition ‘CEO  Of The Year 2021’ we bring you a story of such personalities that are helping to accelerate the low carbon transition by generating and selling renewable energy right now.

Meet Parag Shah – The Co Founder of Environomics Projects LLP.
Mr. Parag worked for more than two decades in an American MNC and had witnessed the journey from being a trainee engineer to the director. Then there was a point in life where he thought of moving out of his comfort zone and begin a new journey. He believes that if one opts for a safe life, he would never realise what it feels like to win big.

He shares his decision, “It was a tough call as I had to drop a very handsome pay package. I was getting an opportunity to switch to a new job which was a dream job of being a Managing Director of an European MNC. Finally, after a lot of thoughts, meeting with mentors, discussions with family members and a lot self-discussion, I decided to check my potential as an entrepreneur and started ENVIRONOMICS PROJECTS LLP in partnership with past colleagues. I explained it to myself that if I want to make it big I must come out of my comfort zone.”  

 Idowu Koyenikan in his popular book Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability has rightly said: 

“Sometimes it is good to be in uncomfortable situations because it is in finding our way out of such difficulties that we learn valuable lessons.”

What does Environomics Projects LLP do?
Environomics was formed with a mission to generate clean and green energy. Environomics is passionate to help customers use solar PV systems to alienate dependency on non-renewable resources for energy generation with the Green Energy revolution. Environomics aspires to be a leader in the field of engineering by deploying the best and most efficient practices and developing self-sustaining systems.

While talking to the team of Business Connect Mr. Shah shares what his company does “ Our company focuses on providing EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) and Life Cycle Management for industrial projects, our strength lies in best in class core engineering and design, project management and services through the life cycle of projects. We cover Solar Rooftop Projects along with 10 years Operation and Maintenance Contracts with commitment of generation linked with commercial penalties, we are also expertise into HVAC projects, Electrification both High Tension and Low Tension, Utilities covering Compressed Air System, Water Network etc.” 

The team ensures that the safety measures during construction and operation are incorporated in various components of the solar plant. The best part is that it guarantees delivery in their committed time frame, else they compensate for the delays.

Differentiating Factor:
An industry lives by its goodwill. People remember the value addition long after they have forgotten the cost. Mr. Shah has worked meticulously in building a brand value for a company that makes it stand out in the crowd.

“We are not selling any proposition on Cost per say, we are Value Based Selling Company”, shares Mr. Shah.  “We have very well qualified technocrats in our team. We invest in people for their skills and behaviours so not only are they good employees but they become good human beings working with us. Our differentiating factors are Integrity, Transparency, High Quality, Life Cycle Service Support and all these factors help us get 80% of our new business just from reference of our existing customers. We offer multi-year service contracts with commitment of output linked commercial implications, our ability to take up complex projects, core engineering skills, experience on utilities and project management, these are some of our differentiating factors”

Rise and Rise of Environomics
Environomics started their journey back in 2016 and till date they have successfully executed more than 75 projects. They have long term operation & maintenance agreements with very large clients. Mr. Shah believes that they have been fortunate to work with Major Organization covering Pharmaceutical, Textile, Engineering, F&B, Automobiles etc.

Talking about the future endeavours, Mr. Shah shares “we are very excited to grow our Solar Rooftop Business, also our HVAC work is well recognized by the Pharmaceutical Industry. Energy Audits, Electrification, Automation, Solar Charging stations for Electric vehicles etc. are the areas we look forward to expanding in coming time.”

Fostering Leadership
Mr. Shah highly credits the work culture and leadership style in moulding a person. He says  “We have a very open culture and we encourage employees to give feedback irrespective of level, we always share that “What is Right” is more important than “Who is Right”. We have very matured leadership so we have open sessions, at least twice a year we have performance reviews wherein we give all positive as well improvement areas to employees and similarly we take their feedback for leadership positive points and areas of improvement so it becomes a two way channel and we all grow in respective zones.” 

Message to aspiring entrepreneurs
The founder has a strong message for all the young minds who are willing to bring a change through their efforts and innovation.

He believes “It is a great journey, there will be highs and lows, initial years are real testing, challenging, there will be a lot of questions, and with freedom some bad elements may come up, so we need to stay focused, passionate, committed, honest, work very hard and must avoid distractions! If we succeed it is great, if we fail, the experience will definitely help build a better future, so go for it.”



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