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Esclare Distributors Private Limited(EDPL)

Esclare Distributors Private LimitedA Vision to offer the world with integrated advanced environment bolstering solutions – Made in India!

At present, when the COVID-19 has ensured reigning chaos all over the World, India is encountering the most serious water crisis which has been estimated to affect millions of people. Apart from fighting the Virus, India has to deal with the serious water scarcity in the country arising during the summer season. Several metro cities alongside common cities have witnessed an acute water crisis in the past few years and this situation may only worsen in the near future. On the other hand, the pollution levels in the country are rising continuously due to the urbanization. The immense amount of waste produced from industries and households need exclusive solutions to be treated effectively.

Many entrepreneurial ventures have entered this arena with the determination to offer us with better environment supporting products and services which can help relieve the water crisis and waste management issues as well. Esclare Distributors Private Limited is an entrepreneurial enterprise that has delved in the space of sustainable environmental systems and emerged out offering exclusive “Made In India” solutions in Water Recovery and Waste Management. Alongside these solutions, the company is also into advanced medical devices. Commencing this venture with the personal savings of the promoters, the Company attained a turnover of about 1 million within the first few months of their journey. “Esclareperforms on various Water Projects, Waste Management Projects, Bio-tech and Nano-tech solutions and has recently entered the space of medicine as well. Services in the Water and Waste Management Sector involve a comprehensive study of the problem followed by providing a robust solution customized for the end-user.” Says Mr. Sailesh Nair, the Director.

Addressing the journey of this exclusive business venture, Mr. Nair says that initially, they planned to seek unique Indian solutions and technologies that could be transformed into a product or service. Then, focussing on the next step they constituted an adept and highly motivated sales team along with an efficient supply chain. Finally, they formed a highly efficient after-sales support team.

An extraordinary Vision leading to an awe-inspiring journey

The inauguration of this business venture was based on a simple philosophy –“Vision is the art of perceiving what is invisible to others”. The Organisation started out by tying up with a Research Organisation headquartered at Bangalore, called Organization De Scalene which was involved in a variety of verticals and possessed some amazing technological inventions for which the credit goes to their Chairman and Founder, Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, who is also a well-reckoned scientist.

In the year 2012, when numerous reports and research papers were doing rounds in the media houses pointing out at the acute shortage of water in the world and how that could pose as a great threat to mankind in the near future. It was at this point when the wave of realization hit Mr.Saileshthat the need of the hour is to bring a change to this alarming situation. Change for a better future; Change for a sustainable environment. From thereon, after about 4 years of extensive sector study and market research, it was observed that in spite of having a lot of offerings and solutions in the environmental sector, there were plentiful problems still unattended.

“We started to identify the “pain points” in various industries and realized that most industries had a problem with handling their wastewater generated from the relevant processes. This was the light bulb moment for us where we recognized our path to step forward and enter the water treatment and recovery vertical. Same was the case for our waste management vertical and now with the medical vertical.” says Sailesh Nair.

About the Key Official

The Director of Esclare, Mr. Sailesh Nair possessed the spirit of entrepreneurship from a very young age. In fact, he commenced his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16only. At that time, he rendered two-wheeler modification services right at the client’s doorsteps. At first, close friends and family supported him in his out of the box idea and became his clients in the first place.  Later, he initiated selling various common household items on eBay, followed by inaugurating a clothing business afterward. Each of these enterprises was transitory and lasted only for a limited time period. After attaining his engineering degree from the University of Pune, he begun working in several industries to acquire industrial proficiency and experience in the relevant field. After a few years of spending the time and energy while working in diverse fields such as -Automobile, IT and Advertising, he decided to commence his entrepreneurial journey yet again.And this time,  with a better plan, a fitter cause and a stronger zeal. This is how Esclare was born.

Role of Digitalization

In the role of digitization, Mr. Sailesh says, “In today’s age of cut-throat competition, businesses need to have an edge. The business world is like a malleable alloy, which changes with the environment it is in. Gone are the days of direct sales. It’s high time for a radical makeover!”.

Customers are now like pampered children and are tired of multiple proposals and expect swift services. They want time-critical turnkey solutions with little or no errors.

Digitization can help in reducing overall overheads and improve response turnaround times.

Therefore, to sum up, we can say to increase the presence of a company in the society, and in turn raise more awareness and goodwill in the network, digitization is the lifeline of any business.”

Assurance of best quality products

When asked about how they ensure the best in class quality in the products offered,Mr. Sailesh states, “Quality is nota mere coincidence;it is always the result of the determination, sincere efforts, intelligent approach and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. This is the principle followed at Esclare. We ensure a strict QMS protocol for all divisions in the organization. Every product has to pass through a strict quality check before being approved for dispatch. Checklists ensure that one does not miss out on any detail pertaining to quality control. At Esclare, we had begun implementing a Quality Management System even before we started hiring employees. This has made it easier to implement QMS principles for new employees and ensure that quality is restricted to be compromised from our end.”

Clientele, Customer Service and Marketing

Industries typically involved in textiles, pharmaceuticals and chemicals are the major clients that are being benefitted by Esclare.

In order to win the faith of a customer, there are a few essential requirements:

  • Be easily accessible for your customers/clients – Our sales team/ service engineers are always available to solve our customer’s queries.
  • Generate a reliable product – It is the most important factor which would define a company’s future growth.
  • Be transparent.
  • Bring value to the customer.
  • Maintain consistency in the quality of your service.

The Constitution of a major customer base involves identification or precisely definingone’stargetted clients. The next step is to become familiar with your competitors serving that customer base. Identify how you intend on adding value for customers. After this, you approach customers with your product/ service by any means be it a cold call from your couch at home or a cold mail depicting how your product is different from the current market trend and why would it bring an additional value to a customer.

Until now, Esclare has spent a whooping sum of Rupees Zero for marketing their solutions or products. The team began with the conventional ways of marketing at first, such as cold calling and then shifted to cold e-mails and still pursuing their goals using this methodology only.The notion of Mr.Saileshis to offer exceptional products and possess decent content writing skills to allure the targeted audience. Over the past few years, they have created a strong and secure database of leads of key personal from various industries that in turn helps them in promoting new products and technologies effortlessly.

Role of Research and Development

In order to stay ahead of the technological curve, R&D is quite essential as it can ensure the growth of a company in leaps and bounds. The development of new products or the improvisation of the previous ones, with the aid of this arena can help any company to carve a niche on its own.  Esclare, has efficiently invested in R&D to bring forth better solutions to its consumers.

Keeping pace with latest technology

Technology plays a pivotal role in the growth of an organization. It is essential for a company to be tech-savvy to make certain that customers can have easy access to you along with ensuring your lead amongst the competition. Business culture has changed from a trade-based to a knowledge-based economy. In this improved way of conducting business, knowledge-based employees are valued for their intellect. With technological advancements, enterprises must harmonize accordingly. Acknowledging this, Esclare depends on the use of highly advanced technology for the improvement of oftheir products as well as their daily operations. Application of Automation, SCADA and IoT systems in technologies, have assisted their customers undoubtedly in terms of improving brand value as well as efficiency in their processes.

Significance of Employee Contentment

Employee contentment usually involves an uplifting spirit, having commitment, persistence and creativity that helps an employee bring value to his/ her job. Therefore, happy employees with high motivation levels result into better engagement and productivity. It becomes quite imperative to make sure that the management of any organization focuses on this aspect as well.

Mr. Sailesh Nair conveys, “At Esclare, we believe that content employees will bring in abundant customers and that’s the kind of culture we try to establish at office or our work sites. Secondly, you need to “Walk the Walk”, and let others follow. We must present ourselves as better examples in front of people.”

Apart from that, the management of the Company also focuses on Effective Internal Communication, Collaboration, Transparency to a certain level, Recognition and also anonymous feedback collection. All these activities make employees feel as an indispensable part of the organization that helps in shaping a better future for the Company and it’s employees, by enhancing overall productivity.

A glance at Work culture

Esclare possesses a very humble history, a simple tradition and a strong value backed with extraordinary vision. Therefore, the work culture at Esclare is a perfect blend of all the above-mentioned aspects. The work culture ensures showcasing and rewarding the positive behavior of an employee as it allures talent, drives engagement and retention. This impacts the overall performance of the company as well as the individual employee.

How do they assure this? It is implemented like a policy which includes attendance, dress code, code of conduct and various other processes like the activities of hiring and internal transfers and promotions, etc. But the policy is not just limited to above premise, rather it includes a lot of other aspects as well. Lastly, Mr. Sailesh says, “ A culture is always a Work in Progress. It can and will change. It is too significant to ignore.”

Mr. Sailesh states that there is still a long way to achieve what they intend to, by far. But still, the team is glad that they were able to identify a few troubles being faced by the industries and were also able to offer feasible and cost-effective solutions in the relevant arena. Their out of the box solutions have emerged out as a beacon of hope for the improvement of the environment.

“Analysing future performance is crucial for any business. Esclare constantly works to bring the top-notch Indian technologies to the market, simultaneously looking at quality, affordability and service. These factors help us in getting a step closer to our larger vision.” says Mr. Sailesh.

Acknowledging the CSR

Esclare has been working with the local farming community by training them in the process of identification and implementation of innovative farming methodologies, bringing cost-effective innovations to modern-day farming and also setting up small treatment plants to enable farmers to use the recovered/treated wastewater for irrigation purposes. “Agriculture being the most important sector of the Indian Economy, contributing around 18% to the country’s GDP, requires innovation too!” says Sailesh.

Apart from that, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic that set the whole world back, Esclare did it’s bit to help the frontline workers in hospitals by supplying alcohol-based hand sanitizers and face masks, even before the implementation of the nationwide lockdown.

Words of wisdom

“My advice would be to those wanting to enter the entrepreneurial world -Be the one to never give up in life, irrespective of the situations around you. Define your purpose, believe in yourself, do not shy away from hard work and conduct your venture with a high spirit! Eventually, everything will fall in the right place.”–Mr.Sailesh Nair

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