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eTimesource- A sterling brainchild of Syed Faiz Ullah; offering exemplary outsourcing solutions

eTimesource– A sterling brainchild of Syed Faiz Ullah; offering exemplary outsourcing solutions

Written by- Kajal Dobhal 

As a mushrooming consulting enterprise, eTimesource has carved a niche for itself in the consultancy space. As a one-stop store to offer top-notch solutions, the company effectively caters to the demands of a complex & dynamic workstation. Under its service parasol, exclusive IT and BPO Services are availed to the clientele that majorly belongs to the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

It has been certified by #startupindia which is an exemplary initiative of the Government of India. It has been granted certificate no. DIPP73997 by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department for promotion of Industry and internal trade. Mr. Syed Faiz Ullah is the Founder of the company and has been leading it at the forefront as the CEO. Being the guiding light for eTimesource, he is ensuring his brainchild with exponential growth.

In terms of IT services, eTimesource’s forte lies in developing high-end solutions in the segments including Website Development, Software Development, Software Testing as a service, Mobile Development, etc. On the other hand, regarding the BPO Services, they have made their name at the global level for delivering the matchless end-products that flow directly to the bottom line in HR Services, Recruitment Services, Accounting and Finance, Back Office Support, Procurement, Customer Service and Tax Preparation and Compliance Services.

For them, their secret key to a thumping success is leveraging processes by the effective usage of technology to catapult the growth and retain the business potential for its clientele. The dynamic company assists the client organisations to meet their aspired organisational goals by offering them world-class outsourcing services alongside syncing with the appropriate industry standards. Its foundation has been laid with an unfaltering vision to raise the bar of service standards in the outsourcing domain by offering exceptional quality and value-added services to its respective clients.

 Where reliability, integrity and fairness are the inbuilt elements
In today’s competitive business environment with high standards of services, integrity becomes a vital element for inspiring business leaders. To survive and thrive in the cut-throat competition, honesty and reliability play a prominent role. eTimesource firmly believes in never to compromise with its integrity and promises to offer unequalled quality and committed services to its clients.

When it comes to commitment, they believe it goes beyond a head game and requires sheer actions. It is something that can allow enterprises to ensure repeat business and reputed names in the relevant market. Undoubtedly, eTimesource always sticks to its adamant commitment to deliver excellence to its esteemed clientele.

Moreover, team eTimesource believes in building trust through accountability and ownership.  “Accountability is reinforced by the trust as we don’t want to disappoint our esteemed clients. When business leaders assume ownership, they treat their clients’ projects as their own,” asserts the Founder.

They avidly take ownership of their client’s business and act as an extension office that empowers their client’s vision to create impact and enhance profitability. To them, the client’s priorities are at the core of their business philosophy.

Furthermore, their business definition majorly relies upon the quality of the products or services. They incessantly try to offer quality services to Startups, SMEs and Fortune 500 companies for exemplary end-results. “We implement our business processes in line with established best practices and go beyond the limit to fulfill our trust obligations,” quotes Syed Faiz Ullah.

Ensuring best-in-class services
With its dedicated efforts towards exemplary quality management, the company is procreating tailor-made, excellent solutions that can align with business requirements and growth. Impassioned towards developing wealth for associated parties (vendor and subcontracting firm), team eTimesource ensures financial security and relevant benefits for every single investment made by the partner ‘party’.

The company has over 15 years of cross-industry expertise in catering bespoke services to its targeted audience where optimization of business operations has always been its foremost agenda. Moreover, they assure enhanced customer experience with co-managing support throughout the life-spans of the contracts. Owing to its adept team of IT and Non-IT professionals, eTimesource curates innovative offerings that perfectly align with one’s requirements and business workflows.

“We streamline the client’s business processes and improve workflow, assess the whole operation from top to bottom while identifying areas of improvement. Our committed team is ever-ready to fulfill the client’s requests,” says eTimesource.

 A magnificent business model
Undoubtedly, we are living in an on-demand era where we aspire for stuff at the moment only. The company’s business model strikes out as it addresses 2 prominent shifts in the outsourcing industry- IT and BPO services.

The professional solutions produced by the team are the sheer outcomes of resourcefulness, competence, quality, knowledge, attitude and collaboration, they put in every pursuit. Their business primarily sustains on reputation and sound integrity where they aspire to sync with the client’s objectives and offer solutions that escalate life-long learning and personal & corporate development. Moreover, Team eTimesource fervently comprehends that each client is unique and every business is different that emphasizes the customization of outsourcing solutions.

Synergy with technological advancements
Backed by more than a decade of enriched industry experience, they are well aware of delivering world-class services to targeted clients. Their perception of the client’s business prospects enables them to carve result-oriented and effective plans. “By leveraging our knowledge about the client’s business, we’re able to create world-class solutions that demand more than just the latest technology,” states the CEO.

Fundamentally, they aim to develop innovative solutions that can harmonize with the client’s requirements effortlessly alongside incorporating the workflows as per the client’s demands. The team relies upon an elegant philosophy – ‘either you grow or stagnate, there is no middle ground, so we leave no stone unturned to learn something new’. Determined to dedicate their services for continuous learning and improvement, they pay intense heed to enhance an organization’s capabilities and credibilities by utilizing tech-trends in the market.

Employee-oriented culture
At eTimesource, thrives a culture where the team is the topmost priority. The management always propagates an ecosystem to support a perfect work-life balance. In this direction, they ensure a lighter schedule during the vacation season and plan frequent trips in the holidays. Alongside this, they focus on the team’s development where holistic development is facilitated while ensuring suitable training sessions for the employees, prioritizing career advancements internally.

Adhering to the ‘Team-first culture’ that instigates employee engagement, the company has been setting the benchmarks in the relevant space. They avidly believe happy employees are the most productive individuals who can ensure a satisfied customer base.

Team eTimesource firmly believes in pursuing what they love to do. By being relevant to the industry, they are consistently chiseling better future prospects for themselves and their clients too. They have envisioned to outstretch their service verticals in different nations across the globe.

 A dose of motivation by the Founder
“One of the most important factors for entrepreneurs is motivation. A business isn’t always celebrating achievements or booming with profit So, stay motivated! Creating a personal goal is as important as we breathe. Always prioritize document specific goals in mind and objectives you want to achieve with the values you wanted to live by. Read the success stories of triumphant entrepreneurs. Focus on your mental health. Engage in activities that motivate you. Share challenges with your loved ones. Reward yourself for every achievement.  Sleep well, yes you read it right! Remember the reasons that you have chosen to become an Entrepreneur: You want to be your boss and create your projects. You want the opportunity to convert your passion to grow a business.”




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