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2017 founded, Next-Gen Digital Transformation and Solution firm with a global presence, Eumentis Informatics is the brainchild of Pawan Samdani and Mehul Bhardwaj, Founders, and Directors, assisting businesses across India, UAE, UK, Middle East, Europe, and North America. With the legacy of rendering high-quality, reliable, cutting-edge solutions that address the fundamental root causes of customers’ issues, the premium service provider aims to address clients’ end-to-end needs and help their customers achieve peace of mind and tranquility.

Eumentis has been crafting success stories for its enterprise clients via digital transformation solutions in vast business verticals, including Mobile and Web App Development, AI/ML Development, Enterprise Mobility, Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Consulting, and Business Intelligence Consulting, as well as services for start-ups like Development Partnership, AWS Consulting, MLOps Consulting, Virtual CTO as a service, and Product Re-engineering

The following are a few of Eumentis’ most notable advantages that make it unique in the sector:

  • A steadfast dedication to providing the client with genuine and long-lasting economic value and creating solutions that are aligned to this vision.
  • The team is driven by a strong philosophy, culture, and vision that pulls out the best in everyone.
  • Going above and beyond when necessary and taking all the steps required to provide the ideal solution.
  • Proactive stewardship by senior management and a strong sense of accountability for each project.
  • A human-centred and sympathetic approach to providing services that are simple to use and appropriate.
  • Eumentis is process-driven rather than person-driven, starting with requirement gathering and continuing through development, deployment, and testing.
  • Whole-hearted support for effective use of delivered solution to guarantee a positive customer experience.

Eumentis Informatics is a team of 12 expert industry professionals with dedication, commitment, and a fantastic attitude. They are all extremely skilled and eager to learn new things, develop their skills, put in a lot of effort, and contribute significantly to Eumentis. One of the key elements to keep the Eumentis team motivated is constant, honest, and two-way communication. They have established specific objectives for the entire team and give them all the tools necessary to attain those objectives.

Every employee undergoes an evaluation to help the management team determine their capabilities and appropriately set goals. They won’t feel under pressure to perform better than their teammates as a result. When such objectives are accomplished, they also feel a sense of pride, which gradually increases their motivation for the upcoming challenges. The management ensures that the aims of the business and the reasoning behind them are constantly communicated to the team.

From Fortune 500 corporations to MSMEs in various industries, including Life Sciences, BFSI, Manufacturing, and Tech start-ups, Eumentis serves a diverse range of clients across industries. Land O’ Lakes (USA), Mazuri (USA), VISA (UAE), 4Sight Global (UAE), Galaxy Surfactants (India), Survey2Connect (India), Xhibit (India), and Bizminder Advisory Group (India) are a few of Eumentis most notable clients. It adheres to a robust system that consists of the following to meet and surpass client expectations:

  • Gaining a thorough knowledge of the needs of the client and maintaining an empathic approach to problem-solving.
  • To keep researching and putting into effect current industry best practices in design, development, security, and other areas.
  • Making use of the most recent tools and technology and adopting a flexible philosophy to meet the changing needs of the customer
  • The capacity to establish and foster long-term successful relationships with the clients has been a defining characteristic of Eumentis’ path, with most of them approaching it with new prospects after seeing the quality of the deliverables.

Just like Rome was not built in a day, the Eumentis team has grown gradually over time! At the time of inception, it was spear-headed by the founder Pawan Samdani. Soon, Mehul Bhardwaj joined the company as Director and Co-founder. More team members were added to support the growth as the number of projects and their scale and complexity increased.

College graduates and lateral hires are both represented on Team Eumentis. While lateral hires bring experience, advanced expertise, and know-how to the table, college graduates offer new enthusiasm, passion, and spirit. Consequently, a suitable blend is ensured to enable projects to succeed.

The central theme of Eumentis’s future road map is to make Fortune 100 companies Agile. They find many opportunities to incorporate tech solutions into the workflows of giant corporations after studying the business landscape. Large businesses frequently have legacy systems that prevent them from immediately experimenting with cutting-edge technological solutions that could aid in their expansion and assist them in reaching the following stages of value generation.

Blockchain and Web3 are Eumentis’ primary areas of concentration right now. It is a promising development area as governments and influential organisations gradually recognise the advantages of numerous use-cases of blockchain. An internal team is preparing for this by working on a blockchain proof-of-concept project that
will initially target the supply chain sector before expanding to other industries. Additionally, they hope to expand their contributions to the open-source community by using various tools and libraries developed internally. This results from the same great passion for using technology to help both businesses and people that inspired Eumentis to start.

Two former students of IIT-Delhi make up the founding team at Eumentis. The founding of Eumentis was made possible by their enthusiasm and desire to use technology to improve people’s lives.

The brain behind the idea, Pawan Samdani, has always been a self-starter and a never-ending learner. He started using technology as his preferred tool in college and got into Bioinformatics. Pawan stayed on this path after graduating and published some of his work in renowned journals. He developed his knowledge in Software Development because of the recent shift in the technical landscape. As a result, Eumentis was created. He is the inspiration for Eumentis’ strategy for achieving its goal of bringing tranquility into the lives of its clients.

Director and Co-Founder Mehul Bhardwaj describe himself as a problem solver. Process engineering was his first pick since he found the scale of the issues he got to tackle to be fascinating. He was instrumental in setting up a greenfield manufacturing unit in his 1st job right out of college. He became the second member of Eumentis since he was looking for a new challenge while Pawan was founding the organisation. He ensures that Eumentis always moves along the course that Pawan has in mind using his technological, managerial, and operational skills.

Being immensely inspired by the significance of learning, Mehul understands that there is no formula for success except education. He shares, “Learn and keep learning. When you are an entrepreneur, everything you do and observe being done around you is a teachable moment. Acquire the ability to enjoy seemingly minor and unimportant things. It will enhance your bird’s eye perspective. Consider things from other people’s views. You’ll develop as a leader as a result. You may occasionally doubt your judgment and your own beliefs. However, you must learn from it to improve as an entrepreneur”.

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