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Evolution Strategy Advisors

Evolution Strategy Advisors: Guiding You to Success by its Cardinal Advice

Evolution Strategy Advisors (ESA), the Mumbai headquartered company offers innovative solutions for business growth to large and midsized corporate in the B2C sector. ESA has tied up with an NSI Business Solution, CA, and the USA to offer a diagnostics solution in sales and marketing for the large consumer, pharmacy and automobile companies in India. It has aided business growth for many industry leaders and is now poised for offering this solution to midsized companies too. It works on its unique proprietary technique of Business Diagnostics.

The term here refers to identifying the issues which are not enabling the business to grow or are not making it perform as per expectations. Its role is in identifying the real causes for this below par performance and suggesting solutions which can be implemented in sales and marketing domain immediately without any significant increase in cost. This helps the clients to grow by understanding their business insights. The diagnostics approach grasps their business needs and the reasons behind their performance.

Moreover, it puts to use its experience in Sales and Marketing. Clients brief it with their broad level Sales and Marketing operational issues. It diagnoses the key issues faced by them through its proprietary diagnostic techniques which have been perfected over the years.

It is the only company in India offering a diagnostic approach to solve marketing and sales related issues faced by companies in the Consumer, Automobiles, Building material and Pharmaceutical sectors.

 ESA offers consulting services in 3 areas:

  1. Business Transformation: Restructuring and transforming medium and small organizations/ divisionsto grow.
  2. Business Diagnostics: Identifying issues which are holding back growth of a business / division of a large organization with large teams
  3. Execution Excellence: Building organisations capabilities and best practices in sales, Marketing, Brand management and Analytics for both large and medium sized organization.

“The art of asking the right questions is what leads us to the problem and its solutions. This is a technique perfected by us”, says Vineet Trakroo, CEO of the company.

It has an edge over its competitors as its process is unique and ahead of the curve. As client’s business issues get more complex, it has evolved itself and offer even more complex modules from its portfolio. It has the ability to merge data analytics with its diagnostic techniques. Currently it services FMCG, Consumer durable, Automobile and ancillary, Building material and Pharmaceuticals. It has the ability to manage banking, mutual funds and insurance sectors too.

When we talk about workforce, it has got experienced and seasoned people. It has a team of performing professionals from the industry who have been at CXO level. They come from different fields like Durables, FMCG, OTC and Building materials, etc. The team helps the clients execute the strategy and leads the clients to success.


  • Auto: Tata Motors, Goodyear, Ceat
  • Consumer: Pepsi, General Mills, Godfrey Phillips, Camlin, VI John, Parry Sugar, Cello, Denver Deo’s
  • Durables: Crompton, Publication:  India Today group,
  • Building materials: Saint Gobain, Asahi Glass, Dorset, Garware Polyester
  • Pharma: Abbott, Pfizer, Cipla, Glenmark, Lupin, Ipca, UCB

It ensures the unbreakable faith of clients by delivering on its promises and has affected business results within a short time of a quarter. Once the clients witness success, a sense of accomplishment is naturally germinated which brings in more work. It is continuously upgrading its skills and adding new verticals and team members. It has added people from Digital Marketing and Analytics. It continuously upgrades its online tools and software which is used in diagnostics. Its software is designed to do a lot more complex operations today which many of its clients can’t even imagine. It can integrate different sources of company data including on SAP to identify issues in business.

It has a team of senior members with 20+ years of experience who have been ex CXOs. They have seen many challenges in their business experience. It has a small and relevant team of people from the clients industry who work together on projects and this helps in maintaining a positive approach.

Adding many feathers to its caps

It has been awarded recently in 2018 by a well-known magazine as 10 most promising Consultants from Mumbai. In 2017, another popular business magazine awarded it as 25 most promising Consultants from Mumbai. Moreover, its achievements lie in the newer project it gets from more than 80% of its existing clients who have benefitted in business growth. Despite being a young company that started in Dec 2013, its client list includes several Fortune 500 Companies as well as India’s largest conglomerates.

It successfully dealt with complex business issues of organizations which were in losses for 6-7 years or organizations which have had no growth for many years. It has been able to turn around those organisations within a short time period of 3-6 months.

It plans to enter new companies in existing sector and offers solutions to sub 2000 Cr organizations too. ESA is also working on Sales & Marketing Analytics to help its clients take informed decision and plan for growth on the basis of our analysis. It would be adding subject/industry experts for many more verticals in the future. It would be also targeting sectors like Finance and B2B in the future.

ESA plans to become one of the largest consulting organization offering services to different scales of operations from 100 Cr to 50,000 Cr.

Meet the expert CEO

Vineet Trakroo is a consumer marketing strategist, a diagnostician and a restructuring specialist who has evolved a number of brands and businesses in India. He is an expert in driving strategy, improving profits & sales, product development and brand management. He has over 25 years of experience in running organizations and consulting. His portfolio includes reengineering marketing & sales operations, improving profits, brand strategy, managing new business and managing a large portfolio of consumer brands both for Indian & Multinational organizations. Vineet was recognized in 2013 as one of India’s 50 Most Talented Brand Leaders.


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