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Like ‘Go green’, ‘Go Organic’ is in the demand nowadays because of increasing awareness about fresh, natural and chemical-free products. Including Organic Products into your diet is a way of leading a healthy life. Incubated in 2018 by Mitresh Sharma, First bud Organics is a producer of pure organic products, which can be consumed without thinking twice. They are the seller of packaged 100% pure organic produce and offer their customers a wide range of organically produced, high-quality products at their door-step.

Their complete procurement chain from farm procurement to production, packaging, and delivery means that their patrons get farm-fresh and the best quality Organic products at a reasonable price.  Their line of Organic products includes Super seeds, organic honey, herbal tea, chai masala, pickle, jam, apple cider vinegar, and tulsi extract, Stevia drops, and Organic Turmeric Powder. Organic teas are extracted from Darjeeling in Assam, which is the largest producer of tea. Organic Tulsi comes from Garhwal Region.

Tea is best brewed in loose form. Full-leaf teas that have the best aroma and taste release their extracts slowly. Their teas are complete leaf teas not a broken leaf, fanning, and dust. In Herbal Green Teas, they blend herbs with green teas, which is quite healthy, and the bitter taste of green teas is suppressed by herbal taste.

Herbal Green Tea is packaged in the pristine Himalayan region in the state of Uttrakhand, which is rich in minerals and free from chemicals, pesticide, pollution, and dusty environment. They use only top ‘Bud and two leaves’, which are considered as ‘premium pluck’.


All of their homemade products strictly follow the same recipe and ingredients, which ensure the same taste and quality. Additionally, products go through a regular extensive lab test to ensure quality, and they thrive hard to provide the best quality Organic products to their customers. They also make sure conditions are hygienic and moisture is not absorbed in the products.


Transportation was the biggest concern for the Company because their Organic products like honey, pickle, and jam are normally bottled in glass, which can be broken so easily during the shipment. They were facing an increase in refund requests due to breakage. To overcome this problem instead of the standard ecom company packing, they started packing them in a thick block of protective layers of recycled cardboard and paper. They are investing heavily on Organic products innovation


The founder, Mitresh Sharma says, “Discipline and continuous improvement are what I personally believe in and we incorporate the same in the organization’s day-to-day processes.”

Each and every individual at First Bud Organic is dedicated to providing the highest quality Organic products to the customers. They take customer’s feedback very seriously, and have implemented most of their feedback into their new products and existing Organic products; the most recent being an improved product packaging. This has led to a better conversion percentage and significant growth in revenue in the past couple of months.


As a part of their corporate social responsibility, they have made it a point to work hand in hand with NGOs which are working towards the development of women working on the hills in the Garhwal region.

“Being able to deliver something back to the community has been the best part of my experience. We provide the common platform to the women cooperative in the remote Himalayan region.”~Mitresh Sharma

Increasing the use of pesticides in food products leads to various health issues. By providing organic products, the organization is taking care of the health of their customers. The aim is to make quality Organic products, which are affordable to the consumer and create new opportunities for farmers.


When they started, they hardly used to get 25-30 orders monthly and in a year because of different marketing strategies, new Organic Products listings, etc. They have reached to 3000+ orders monthly. They are getting repeat customers and references. Currently, FirstBud Organic is bootstrapped and looking forward to adding more Organic products in the line in the coming months and raise funds.

They are planning to make an online presence in other premium marketplaces. Additionally, they envision to start offline stores. Talking about feathers in the cap, the Company is recognized as the 10 most promising Tea & Coffee Brands, 2018 by Silicon India. Its name has also come in Amazon Launchpad for startups

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