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Freedom form on paper Customer feedbacks with Fella Feeds

Freedom form on paper Customer feedbacks with Fella Feeds
FellaFeeds, a feedback software designed in 2017 by Mr Ravi Shankar Bilochi. Currently, it operates from two operational units in Delhi and Jaipur. FellaFeeds provides a unique insight into the customer feedback world and the ever-changing world of technology in any industry.

In today’s scenario, taking customer feedback is more than an activity. With the ability to monitor and analyze the digital feedbacks based upon huge analytics, FellaFeeds gives store owners or businesses an opportunity to get insights of a customer’s preferences and expectation and on-going activities while visiting them, in the form of feedbacks.

Within the short period of time FellaFeeds has been appreciated by 100+ clients across many industries which include- salons, restaurants, Dry cleaning services, car service centres, Hospitality, etc for building a cost and time effective tool to gather feedback in between their daily business chores & operations. This solution also getting positive feedback from customers as its simple to register their feedbacks.

As of now, Fella feed has different features to start with like Negative feedback alerts, customer report, employee/staff/department performance report, Email SMS and online promotion. And in coming time FellaFeeds is going to incorporate a lot of AI features that will involve face recognition, Video content creation and Integration with Swiggy, Zomato, Google and Facebook review etc.

With our integrable customer feedback app, we ensure enhanced customer experience on the part of any store with improved services, rewards and loyalty points and what not. But as is the saying, “Customer is the king” We keep your customers at the top and help you achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. Running successfully in over 50+ outlets across India with 400+ daily feedbacks and 80,000+ unique users, the counting is still going on.

In coming time, FellaFeeds has concrete plan to introduce this software among other business like co-working spaces, hotels, car cleaning and services, retail shops, Jewellery showroom, cinema halls, Healthcare sector and a lot more not only within the Indian boundaries but globally as well.

FellaFeeds is becoming stronger by each with the dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring amazing results for our clients and making them digitally more connected and updated.


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