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FXiation Digitals

FXiation Digitals, Virtually Infusing Brilliance of Creativity with Innovation

“If you are feeling frustrated, demotivated or a sense of loss, then you are being prepared and equipped for bigger challenges of your journey, keep going, even a diamond takes its own sweet time to form”

Sourav Chatterjee

Turning into one of the most popular manners for narratives and entertainment, the VFX industry today renders the potential to change the frame of mind of the upcoming generation and audience in India.

An indispensable part of film making, this swiftly growing vertical has turned into an indispensable movie-making part, and the impressive work done by the professionals in India has pushed the scenario on an international level.

Regardless of the size, be it small, medium or big, VFX is ensuring that its presence is known to the viewer in all genres of movies comedy, action or love stories. The competition from regional content has only amplified for Bollywood in terms of the pace of the screen growth and on the other hand, is still comparatively constrained as compared to Hollywood. The growth actually inverted in the picture post-2017 and broadcasters realized that locally made content, even if it costed more, had far more potential, in the long run, to invest in some series that will interest the local viewer for a longer period.

And making its mark in the market, FXiation Digitals, the brainchild of Sourav Chatterjee, Founder & CEO is a Post Production company based in Mumbai. Started in mid-2015, they have already provided assistance globally to some of the coolest advertisements, music videos, television episodes, and feature films.

Their purpose is to create every wish, world, character, object, and reality that the mind can summon which may or may not exist. They use a set of specialized skill sets to accomplish this task. This not only helps filmmakers to bring their vision to life but also it enhances a content which can wow the client’s audience.

Business Connect:Do you feel the competition is growing in the sector of VFX and animation?

Sourav: Of course. VFX and animation work is creative in nature. And Creativity is ever inspiring and always bring forward a new set of talents after a time. This is healthy as it brings forward a new form of entertainment each time. And with technical innovation happening at a great speed, this is and will be an upward trend.

Business Connect:With the changing times, how do you keep up with the shifting trends of the market?

Sourav:In changing times, there are always somethings very constant. At FXiation Digitals we pride ourselves for the work that we do. Yet the value that we provide beyond our services are the ones that are keeping us in business. During shifting trends, definitely, our efforts are always there to adopt them as best as we could. However, the basic value that our clients love us for doesn’t change and we take the full initiative to achieve perfection on that front.

Business Connect:In your sector, do you feel the emergence of entrepreneurs has increased over the years?

Sourav: Yes, of course. Starting up a new studio has become extremely easy these days. Also, it is complemented with technology that is being made accessible at a very competitive cost, 

Business Connect:Enlighten us on the challenges and obstacles you faced when you started?

Sourav: When we first started the major challenge we faced was getting the right people who were dependable and were aligned with our goals. Yes getting new clients was another challenge and that was at some level expected. But with a good network of talented people, finding the right people was an unforeseen challenge we encountered.

Business Connect:What is that one learning passed on that is carried from the struggling days?

Sourav: The right people who are aligned with your goals, don’t necessarily exist in your network of people. If you are fortunate they may be 10-20% of them. Rest you will have to go out there and explore. And when you find them, treat them like your most valuable asset. After all, the right kind of human resource is the pillar and foundation of any growing company.

Business Connect:How do you ensure unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Sourav: A study tells us that any human interaction is influenced by 2 factors: verbal and nonverbal. Verbal forms just 7% and the rest 93% is nonverbal in nature. The studies around it have changed over the year but the composition remained the same; nonverbal forms the major part in our conversation.

We have set our working principal around it. The quality of service is important for us. However, there are other studios which can do the same work. It’s what and how we do things around it ensures the unbreakable faith of clients in our company. And we strive to achieve excellence in both the values equally.

Business Connect: Who is your target client and what are your strategies to ensure that the target receives your message right?

Sourav: Our target client is anyone who has the passion to bring their vision to life. It could be ranging from Indie Filmmakers to big production studios.

The best promoters of our companies are our satisfied client. And we are heavily invested in getting that right. Along with it, we do have general marketing which focuses to attract new clients.

Business Connect: How much do you rely upon Research and Development for the growth of your company?

Sourav: As creativity is a fluid concept, it becomes imperative for us to rely heavily upon R&D in each project. It helps to understand how best we can execute the project both in terms of speed and output. So R&D becomes a core part of our pipeline.

Business Connect: Do you believe in a healthy working environment and that a content staff is necessary, if yes, how do you ensure the same?

Sourav: Of course. The staff of any company is the most valuable asset. To ensure that they are content they needed to be treated right and respectfully. As they say, a bad boss is generally a reason why someone leaves no matter how good the pay is. This is why we value the attitude of a person over their experience.

Business Connect:Have you been associated with community work, how do you believe are you giving back to society?

Sourav: Along with the business, I also work as a change agent. Using the NLP skills that I have been learning for over past 2 years, I help people to overcome their emotional challenges, achieve peak performance level and get rid of fears and limitations which holds them back to get to the next level.

Business Connect:Apart from work, what else does consume your interests?

Sourav: I love to read. Any book which gives new information to grow business is always the one that attracts my attention. However, fiction is always my first love to which I go back from time to time.

Recently there are a number of states likes Karnataka, Telangana, and Maharashtra have broadcasted that are bringing in guidelines that will help in backing the industry of animation and VFX. The expectation is set that the digital world will witness innovation and growth that’s solely motivated by a creative bend. Still, on an embryonic stage, the augmented and virtual reality will be the engine for better than ever expected rise of VFX and animation.

“Positive competition is healthy but only when it’s with yourself. It helps you grow and become a better version of yourself which reflects on the task that you perform”

Sourav Chatterjee


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