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GenRock Entertainment Private Limited- Where talent finds wings to fly…

GenRock Entertainment Private Limited– Where talent finds wings to fly…

GenRock Entertainment Private Limited (GenRock) is a Bengaluru based startup initiated by musicians for musicians to address  the needs of musicians questing for  success, and facilitate their development. The ultimate aim of the company is to make the life of artists convenient by creating a single point of contact for multiple services and provide guidance in pursuing music as their career.

Pain points  being addressed by GenRock

India has become a hub of talented musicians. Unfortunately, majority don’t have enough knowledge of how to proceed and make a living utilizing their respective talent. There are a plethora of independent musicians in India who have top-notch skills as well as talent but due to a dearth of opportunities, platform and guidance, their gift couldn’t find manifestation in the form of success.

The impediments faced by musicians are in the segments like song – recording, song – distribution, creating a professional music video, audio production and financial constraints. Large music platforms like Spotify are encouraging and assisting musicians in India to reveal their talent in front of the world. However, this is the second stage. Acquiring knowledge about music and creating good music is the priority.

Though the trend is changing in India and people are recognizing independent musicians and their songs, the trend is restricted to metro cities. In tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India, the majority of people are unaware of how to distribute music and do not have many options to upgrade their skills.

Further, independent musicians often keep releasing their music on major music platforms but do not get many opportunities for live performances. Even if their music becomes popular and is appreciated   by the audience, they have to struggle to get gigs.

About the mission and vision

The mission of GenRock is all about changing the music scenario in India by providing relevant services under the same roof while creating an e-learning platform. The vision is to bring a revolution for independent and aspiring musicians in India – from learning to earning a livelihood. Thereby, the company aims to provide a platform for budding musicians to learn, improvise, practice and consider music as their career.

Exclusive service portfolio

At present, GenRock India is providing gigs, distribution services, instruments on rent, audio and video production, music consultation and jam pads.

The founder has announced that GenRock will launch an e-learning platform by the end of this year. The e-learning platform will be available to everyone above 5 years of age with the option of recorded and live one to one sessions. GenRock will also provide instruments on rent to students for learning and practising. The startup assures a musician, who completes the entire course, will be given a stage to showcase its talent. Further, GenRock will help the musicians in making a career in music.

All the service offerings by GenRock are at reasonable prices and some services like audio and video productions are rendered and charged as per the musician’s budget. So, nobody has to sacrifice its dream because of monetary constraints.

A brief of the insightful founders

Shivam Kumar Sinha is the Founder and CEO of GenRock India. He has completed his higher studies in London and is a trained musician who founded a rock band named ‘Genesis- The beginning’ in 2015. Having faced hindrances in the growth and establishment of the band, Shivam decided to create a new space for the development of independent musicians in India.

Nikhil Sharma is leading the operations as the Director of GenRock, and is a seasoned computer science engineer. He is also a trained musician and is the lead guitarist of Genesis,the beginning. Both, Shivam and Nikhil, have together performed at more than 150 events and have been recognized and applauded by musicians around the world. The duo has access to better facilities and guidance that they strive to offer talented individuals with. They aspire every musician to make music as career not an option in India.

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