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Customer’s Numero Uno Choice For delectable delicacies…

We are back with our exceptional edition featuring some biggies that have left legacies behind owing to their impeccable business acuity. Hence, to marvel at what they have accomplished so far, we released this exclusive publication. The brand we are featuring here needs no introduction at all. Well, who hasn’t heard of Haldiram’s? A renowned household brand dominating the Indian market of Namkeen,  Sweets and other traditional savouries. The roots of its glorious past belong to Bikaner, Rajasthan from where it commenced a phenomenal journey.

In 1937, it began with catering namkeens in Bikaner which swiftly expanded to the market of New Delhi in 1982. Growing like wildfire, its presence was ensured in the USA in 1993, dispensing packaged namkeens. Well, that’s quite a feat!  The eatables introduced by Haldiram’s across the Indian landscape have been well-received by diverse sections and ages of society.

Not only India, but Haldiram has managed to leave its footprints across 80 countries. Moreover, the rest of the prominence has been due to the resounding success of their 120 Quick Service Restaurants thriving across India- delivering impeccable quality service and value for money to its big customer base. The eatables rolled out by these QSRs are projected to serve the best-in-class food quality catering to the needs of different age groups.

We are in a freewheeling conversation with the Executive Director of this FMCG biggie- DR AK Tyagi. He shared a glimpse of the brand’s history, value, philosophy, process, and much more in the tete-a-tete held with us. We believe that our global aficionado would be amazed to read the success story of Haldiram’s narrated by Dr Tyagi and it would prove to be a motivational capsule to all our readers.

A brief of the ‘ leading light’
Talking of his educational background, Dr. A K Tyagi is a Graduate of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and a Master’s in Food Technology from G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pant Nagar, Nainital. His specialization lies in Food Processing, Technology of Milk and Milk Products, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, and Chem. & Micro Evaluation of Foods. Afterwards, he proceeded with pursuing MBA and Ph. D. in Business Administration as well.

He began his career trajectory in 1984 by joining a multinational company- Wimpy International Pvt. Ltd. (a Division of the United Biscuit empire, UK). Then in 1988, he became Technical Manager at the Noida plant of Uncle Chipps Company Ltd. where he was responsible for and leading for complete operations of the unit in 1990 when he was promoted to DGM (Tech.).

His contribution was recognised by Management through fast-track promotions. He was made overall in charge of four plants along with additional responsibilities of Sales & Marketing and Finance as Vice President (1995-1997) and then elevated to President (1997-2000). Dr Tyagi joined Amrit Food (a division of Amrit Banspati Co. Ltd.) as CEO of the Company in 2000 and his last designation was Executive President when he left Amrit Food to join Haldiram’s.

In 2006, Dr. Tyagi joined Haldiram’s Group as the Executive President. He has directed the company’s global strategy for more than a decade while allowing the Group to increase its market share through expansion. He is known for putting several green field projects on the table, developing some innovative products, and spreading networks within a short time. Under Dr. Tyagi’s stewardship, Haldiram’s has multiplied 16 times over the past 16 years while asserting its place as a market leader in Salty Snacks. Being a leading brand within the FMCG Sector, it has managed to put stiff competition from Multinational and Indian Companies.

In the year 2014, he was elevated to the position of “Executive Director”. As he is steering the company to a higher aloft with proper organization and vision to increase its market share, the roadmap to expand production through in-house expansion as well as third-party operations while expanding inorganically through acquisitions has been carved out.

The fact behind the spectacular success
The remarkable success of the brand would not have been possible without the support extended by the team of professionals at the organization. Today, its global reputation and presence are astounding to the business fraternity but it is the sheer outcome of the collaborative efforts of the individuals associated with it- directly or indirectly. Well, somewhere in the journey, hiring the right kind of men for the various positions has been fruitful to Haldiram.

Be it production or sales or R&D or QA or Finance or HR or Supply Chain or Marketing or Engineering- every department is quite conscious of hiring talented individuals with a passion to create a difference for the company. Whatever the brand value today, A K Tyagi affirms that it is due to years of extensive hard work and perseverance. The vision of the CMD has always been the high quality and taste of the end products that have helped them stay ahead of the curve. The forte of the company is product quality, hygiene and taste with extensive and thought-out distribution expansion.

Reliance upon technology
Technology has revolutionized every industry with its outstanding efficiency and productivity introduced in business performance. The FMCG industry has not been left untouched by it. Here, Haldiram’s has adopted technology swiftly to revamp its overall functioning putting aside the conventional ways of working. In this respect, the founder asserts,

“Our industry which is very traditional for its products and all the products were handmade, we were the first brand to automate the production of all the handmade products with a minimum human touch. We have technology in all processes be it production, sales, manufacturing, etc. that has boosted our production rate and ROI tremendously.”

Customer-centricity: success mantra
Every consumer is willing to pay a wholesome amount of money for good quality products that could justify their value for money. For Haldiram’s, quality is of paramount importance and its philosophy speaks for customer satisfaction at any cost. In line with this, the company has ensured state-of-the-art production facilities as well as R&D facilities where the best-in-class equipment produces exceptional products.

“Our products can surely be copied but our quality, hygiene and taste cannot be copied, the above gives us a significant edge over our competitors. We serve different age groups, incomes and across the world. We have created a niche in our product which has resulted in huge brand equity that we enjoy from our consumers. With our OMNI channel presence in the Indian market as well as across the global market, we have been able to relish phenomenal growth for the past 4 decades,” states the Founder.

To expand its customer base, Haldiram’s is about to diversify its product portfolio by including categories like dairy, species, candies, etc.

Notches on the belt
There is a long list of accomplishments where Haldiram’s has been recognized with several awards and certificates from different media and publication houses since 1994. Here, we have highlighted a few of the worthy mentions out of the list of considerable length-

  • International Award of Food & Beverages 1994 presented by Trader Leaders Club, Spain
  • Coca-Cola Golden Spoon Award 2009 presented by Images Retail Intelligence Services
  • Food Innovation Excellence Award 2017 presented by The Association Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
  • Concor Exim Star Award 2017 presented by Concor(Container Corporation of India)
  • India Food Safety Summit recognized Dr. AK Tyagi with CEO of the Year 2018 award.
  • Global Business Icon Award- Brand of the Year 2019 presented by NNS Media
  • ET Now conferred Dr. AK Tyagi with  Business Leader of the Year 2020
  • Most Hygienic & Safe Restaurant 2022 award was presented by Food Connoisseurs India Convention Award(Industry Live)
  • CEO of the Year 2022 was presented by ET ascent(National Awards for Marketing Excellence and Brand Leadership) to Dr. A K Tyagi.

A memoir shared by the luminary
“Changes are inevitable, adoption of changes before they are forced upon will give your edge over others.”

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