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The best dishes are made from the simplest ingredients. Even though people enjoy complex foods that leave an ephemeral essence, there are culinary delights that are simple to prepare but are still exquisite. Churros are a great example; they are a delectable dish that is popular in Spain and most of Latin America and has a variety of delicious applications, regardless of the industry. Also, it combines the most mundane ingredients in culinary history—flour and water—and then submerges them in hot oil. The result is a delicious golden, crispy, chewy thing.

Such a culinary marvel cannot be a secret within a nation. Though Spain will always produce the best churros, developing countries like India don’t lag behind. In fact, our bustling capital boasts numerous sought-after venues for this tantalizing treat. High on Churros (HOC) is one of them. Founded under the banner of Gurjyot Impex Pvt. Ltd., the brand is creating a buzz for delicious churros with a pan-India vision.

Our magazine recently got in touch with the brains behind this endeavor, Harmail Singh Khattar and Hardik Agarwal, for an interview. As the conversation progressed, they discussed their goals for making HOC the homegrown brand for Churros variations that will take you to their origins. The elegant read summarizes the discourse.

HOC is envisioned to get people “high” on churros. Harmail says that dessert can uplift moods like nothing else, and HOC’s churros are bound to make people happy and induce high spirits. The brand offers more than 15 authentic variations of churros tossed with cinnamon sugar and served with a dip of your choice. Classic Churros, Exclusive Churros, Loaded Churros, Churros Fries, and Churros Pops are a few of their most popular categories.

It’s really alluring to have such a tasty variety available with a range of the most luscious chocolate dips, caramel, and other toppings. This spiral-shaped, deep-fried snack made of baked dough and coated with aromatic cinnamon sugar might not fit into a nutritionist’s suggested diet plan for a long, healthy life. However, nothing quite compares to these all-golden-brown sticks that are both a classic delight and an instant reward for a true feeling of being in the air.

The said notion makes it obvious that the brand wants to become India’s premier international QSR chain based on global pop culture. It is on a mission to serve every Indian churro lover across major metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, etc., in the next 2 to 3 years. Post to that, HOC plans to set foot in Dubai and North America.

Today’s hottest startups are those that have a strong emphasis on digitization, making HOC an ideal one. Customers can order online or for pickup through the brand’s website. Hardik claims that Indian food startups, whether they are operating a little food cart or a restaurant, are creating a buzz that is drawing a lot of funding and assistance from abroad.

“The government also contributes by creating and preserving a business-friendly ecosystem that draws in outside capital to finance and nurture startups,” he adds. For them, this elevated startup culture has uncovered the potential to expand digitally while being analytical. R&D happens to be one of its critical pillars of growth. It helps them experiment on their offerings for innovating new products and strategizing growth. It also contributes to upholding best-in-the-market quality.

Ultimately, these attributes lead to long-term efficiency and profitability. With a qualified product, it becomes easier to market the brand through the customer’s word-of-mouth. HOC runs under the tenet that it is simpler to retain a current customer than to find a new one. By ensuring uncompromised quality, the brand provides the best culinary experience that showers them with return customers along with their friends and family. With that being said, HOC uses social media platforms to promote and expand its presence. Each platform has a different strategy and demographic target. Many social media influencers have also played a vital role in sharing their experiences with customers, which helps in getting loyal customers.

Good people add up to healthy growth for a brand, just as pleasant food provides a riveting experience. At HOC, people are the centre of all it does, which makes it their extended family. Everyone works with fun and enthusiasm while taking responsibility as family members do. “Fairness and equality are at the core of our brand,” asserts Harmail.

“Things like gender, colour, and class do not predict your growth at High on Churros.” It’s like a well-functioning human body, where the brain is the leader, and everything trickles down from there. HOC has a dedicated team for every department. Harmail and Hardik guide the team every step of the way. This ensures transparency and keeps everyone engaged and loyal towards their responsibilities.

Being a young brand, they value the need for innovations to grow, which is why everyone stays on their toes to curate new ideas for the brand’s growth. Nonetheless, they also celebrate birthdays, watch cricket matches, and work hard together.

HOC was founded by two young entrepreneurs who aspired to democratize a highly coveted culinary delicacy in India, one of the few sub-continents described as a melting pot of cultures and races. Even though they have earned an overwhelmingly positive response, the journey hasn’t been a piece of cake. According to Hardik, becoming a leader hasn’t been simple since it entails learning various new skills outside of one’s comfort zone.

“Even with our limited culinary knowledge, nonetheless, we created and established a restaurant network,” he claims. “We are now in talks with many entities to open more stores quickly.” HOC opened its first store in Delhi’s favorite and Asia’s most expensive market, Khan Market, in March 2022. After an overwhelming response, it is opening its second store in Delhi’s most coveted mall—DLF Promenade—in September 2022. Shortly afterwards, they plan to open 7 to 9 stores in Delhi NCR at prominent locations.

Even though such sought-after goals make them feel triumphant, the true triumphs are shown in the responses of people after they bite into a churro. Also, the fact that they have had return customers every week is a critical feather in their cap. In the years to come, HOC strives to become a benchmark for culinary delights and a well-known company that employs thousands of Indians. Even though this may seem ambitious, their trajectory shows potential, and it will be exciting to see how they meet these objectives.

“If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, be fearless and go for it. Don’t listen to the naysayers, and do what you wholeheartedly believe. At the same time, be self-aware. Don’t let setbacks or failures demotivate you. “Remember that failures and mistakes are steppingstones to learn and reach new heights.” – Harmail Singh Khattar and Hardik Agarwal.

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