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Hurun List 2024: Mumbai Dethrones Beijing From Its Position.

Hurun List 2024: Mumbai Dethrones Beijing From Its Position.

By: Geetanjali

For the first time in history India’s Financial Capital Mumbai has overtaken Beijing as Asia’s Billionaire Capital. As per the Hurun Global Billionaires Report 2024, published on Monday, March 25, 2024, by the Shanghai based Hurun Research Institute.

Hurun List 2024 Mumbai Dethrones Beijing From Its Position.web

With Mumbai  accommodating 92 billionaires as compared to 91 in Beijing in 2024, India has added 84 more billionaires to its list from that of 2023, rising to the 3rd position with 271 billionaires in 2024. Mumbai rose 26 positions from that of last year, while Beijing lost 18 billionaires from its list. Amid all the losses China managed to Top the Hurun Global Billionaires Report with a total of 814 billionaires, followed by U.S, India, and U.K at the second, third, and fourth position respectively.

List of Top 5 Countries in the Hurun Global Billionaires Report 2024.

Rank Country 2024 2023
1. China 814 969
2. U.S.A 800 691
3. India 271 187
4. U.K 146 134
5. Germany 140 144


According to the report 167 billionaires have been added to the global list taking the total count to 3279 in 2024. With China maintaining its position as the country with the most number of billionaires. While China, and Germany saw a downfall in their billionaires count, India, U.S.A, and U.K’s billionaire count rose more than the previous year.

Mumbai’s Rank has now increased to the third position after its billionaires count rose by 26, following New York with 119, and London with 97 billionaires. And the wealth held by these billionaires accumulated to $445 billion, a 47% increase from the previous year.

Amid India’s downfall in world’s richest billionaire’s ranking, Reliance Group owner Mr.Mukesh Ambani held his position to the 10th most richest billionaire in the world, followed by the head of Adani Group, Mr. Gautam Adani.

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