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It’s Time to Welcome the Hybrid Education System

It’s Time to Welcome the Hybrid Education System

By Sanjay Maurya

During the Covid-19 pandemic, central and state governments closed the schools for all classes and colleges as well until we get back to a normal situation, it is risky to open schools. Today globally, the government and people support an online education system, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom but they continue their studies from home.

According to the report of Google and KPMG, the educational technology startups in India are growing substantially at an average rate of 55 per cent, the Indian Online Education Market would reach around $2 billion in this year.

What is the Hybrid Education System?

Hybrid education features the carefully planned and mix-up of both styles’, traditional classroom teaching and online learning activities.

Despite attending every class on the bench via regular visits to the educational campus, a significant amount of class time is moved online to magnify learning standards. The online education system of learning is beneficial for both students as well as teachers.

Hybrid education is giving opportunities to teachers to start freelancing work most of the teachers start writing education blogs during the pandemic and earn well.

Hybrid Education System: Learn More Effectively

  1. Hybrid learning improved flexibility for students and teachers to hike the access to learning in rural India.
  2. A hybrid learning system is helping to change the way we see our education system.
  3. Hybrid learning is removing various barriers that have traditionally existed.
  4. Hybrid learning is working with the approach to provide quality education to students.
  5. The hybrid learning system is mainly focused to engage students, parents, and communities to ensure all students are back to school.
  6. It’s Combines both remote learning & in-person learning to improve the student experience and ensure learning standards.
  7. It is a great experiment that took place globally last year and it shows that we can deliver education remotely & digitally.
  8. In case of students not able to attend their class, they can download the session and can continue classes from the pause or start from the beginning.
  9. Higher-quality interactions with students via email, discussion forums, or online chat.
  10. Provide quality education including self-tests, tutorials, and online group projects over the Internet.

Rising Educational Technology Start-ups 

The number of Internet users is increasing rapidly, online education fees are low as compared with the offline class. Today, every parent wants to send their child to the best school but we forget about the best teachers. Educational technology companies claimed that they are dealing with the top educators. Indian Government has already taken the initiative of ‘Digital India’ and ‘Skill India’ to raise and enhance education through e-Basta, Nand Ghars, e-Education, SWAYAM, India skill online.

In India, over 4,530 active online education start-ups can be seen today, out of which 435 were founded in the last 2 years. Keeping business aside, there are many IT companies or Software firms that launched an Education Technology startup in India and abroad as well.

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