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An encyclopaedic in the financial servicing dominion

Written By:- Mehak Malhotra

Appearing technology and investment needs have taken a volatile shift in the consumer expectations to get a credible financial and investment servicing platform on board. It is vitally important for staying ahead in knowledge and progressing insights of the industry. To that note, Business Connect Magazine brings you an incredible entrepreneurial tale of IIFL Securities Ltd.

IIFL Securities Limited formerly known as India Infoline Limited is one of the most substantially independent retail and institutional broking house and investment advisory firm in India fostering diversified financial services and products to corporates, institutional investors, foreign portfolio investors, mutual funds, insurance companies, alternative investment, trusts, high net worth individuals and retail clients. The company has originated itself with the right amalgamation of modernized- technology, variegated product offerings, management expertise, and a wide network of branches across the country.

IIFL has been ranked by ET as one of the five most trusted investment companies in India. With sheer diligence and sense of purpose, the phenomenally transpiring firm has acquired many honourable acquisitions like the ‘Most Technologically Disruptive company in BFSI space’ by ET, recognized among the ‘Top Performers List’ by the well-celebrated Forbes and Outlook Business, ‘The Most Innovative Company’ by BFSI congress and considerably a long list to be mentioned.

The goal-oriented firm incessantly strives to evolve its nature of services by adopting contemporary technology and a novelty in product offerings.

IIFL Securities Ltd is one of the key capital market players in the Indian financial service realm. It is the brainchild of astounding and valiant thinker, Nirmal Jain. He began the remarkable journey by commencing with a small research firm – Probity, and from there on, his entrepreneurial journey has only grasped immense fortune. The group is now established into a multi-billion-dollar empire in just two decades. Today, the group has three distinct listed entities – IIFL Finance, IIFL Wealth and IIFL Securities – equally proficient and ascendant in the non-banking finance, wealth management and broking spaces respectively.

Nirmal is a chartered accountant and MBA rank holder from IIM Ahmadabad. The rational founder kick-started his career with Hindustan Unilever just before the Indian economy underwent economic liberalization. Gradually, he decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge in 1995 and inaugurated a research house that was leveraged to produce very thoughtful and valuable research on Indian companies. This was the first time that anyone had given a prudent thought to this facet in the investing community.

Being the introducing firm, the concept gained a massive amount of appreciation and within a short span, the reputation reached greater heights. Later in 1999, Nirmal launched, a resourceful website exhibiting stock market information for the investment moguls. The website proliferated huge traffic and even after two decades, it continues to remain one of the most visited websites in the particular industry so far.

In this day and age where the business fraternity is advancing at its fastest pace, organizations are emerging to be on the top, it is significant to secure a prodigious market position. Companies must proffer an exclusive range of services and approach that gives an eminent edge in the industry. At IIFL, it is taken with utmost sincerity and prominence. Over the years, the company has favourably disrupted the broking industry in enormous ways. It has launched an avant-grade online platform with the most economical broking fees in the industry.

The illustrious firm has also credited pioneering retail participation into equity investing. The IIFL team did not stop here and continued to embark their earnest efforts into bestowing magnificent innovations like Trader Terminal, the most advanced desktop based trading platform, followed by IIFL Markets mobile application, which is the forefront of a futuristic mobile trading culture in India.

IIFL Securities is one of the most exhaustive broking and financial advisory firms in India acknowledged for its frontier technology platforms and top-notch services. It has flourished its existence across vast customer segments like High Net-worth Individuals, Medium Net-worth Individuals, and the no-frills broking segment.

Ardently securing the leading position of an investment banking firm from the year 2016 to 2020, IIFL Securities has acclaimed the glorious benchmark of India’s largest institutional broking players, catering to over 500 global institutions and corporates. The company thrives to sustain its supremacy in broking, advisory, financial products distribution, institutional equities, and investment banking areas. It ceaselessly looks forward to serving over 1 crore customers in the near future.

An insightful and emboldening leader, Sandeep Bhardwaj, The CEO retail broking – Retail Broking at IIFL Securities is an unstoppable intellect, hailing from a plethora of extensive knowledge and expertise.

Sandeep has over two decades of experience in sales, revenue, and wealth management. He has collaborated with prestigious names like Angel Broking, Religare Finvest, Centurion Bank of Punjab, HDFC Bank and ICICI Group. The enlightened man Mr Bhardwaj has completed executive programs at INSEAD and Indian School of Business in the areas of leadership, marketing, analytics, and innovation.

Aiming towards expanding the verticals of IIFL, Sandeep leads the company with a visionary.

“To become the most respected financial services company in India. Not necessarily the most profitable.”

Fairness, Integrity and Trust (FIT) are the core values nurtured in the organization where Fairness represent the morality in their transactions with all stakeholders comprising employees, customers, and vendors, bereft of fear or favour, Integrity adorns the outlook of honesty in the nature, letter, spirit, and all the dealings with people, internal or external and conclusively, Trust standing for the transparency in the firm’s dealings with stakeholders, media, investors, and the public at large.

The well-informed and profound leader pens down by saying,

“We have come this far solely based on our core values serving as a moral compass in all our dealings. Fairness, Integrity and Transparency – FIT is the driving force behind all that we do here at IIFL. We only work with people who fit into our professional ethos. Our constant endeavour is to deliver befittingly on all fronts to all our stakeholders. We are resolute in the observance of these values and will let go of any growth opportunities that deem unfit.”

A profusion of success and profitability comes under the shadow of good leadership. How a leader influences and persuades his teammates plays an essential role in determining the outcomes of the organization. At IIFL, Sandeep leaves no stone unturned to nourish a promising leadership for his team. He perceives an open-door policy for employees without any hierarchy, entitling him to connect with the teammates and comprehend their impression of the workplace.

The company believes in the contentment and peacefulness of its employees. For Sandeep, to keep his workforce comfortable and satisfied lies under prime responsibility. Talking about employee satisfaction, IIFL has recently been accoladed with the ‘Great Place to Work’ certification for the third time in a row. Great Place to Work® Trust Index© Employee Survey is the world’s most widely used model to ascertain employee perceptions about their workplaces.

The company clenches excellence in every execution. It runs various employee-oriented programs intending to ameliorate their development and work longevity. There is an in-house digital University for quick delivery of many constructive courses refining their skills, in addition to offering the opportunity to engage in courses at Ivy League institutions.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing. The new generation has a higher level of understanding and sensitivity about the world. I believe the next generation of entrepreneur will not only create profitable ventures but also create ventures that give back to the society and environment for long-term sustainable growth”, encourages The CEO retail broking of IIFL Securities Ltd, Sandeep Bhardwaj.

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