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IntelliMed Health Solutions

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions: Redefining the Healthcare Ecosystem

The Health care industry has a crucial role in healing the world, with in-depth analysis and research on medicines, medical devices & equipment. Diseases and related sufferings in the world upsurge its demand, dependence, and involvement of a multitude of stakeholders, like physicians, patients, payers, policymakers and other health care professionals across the globe. IntelliMed Health Solutions, as the name suggests, is one of the experienced players in the healthcare ecosystem to provide pragmatic solutions, related to the growth of the healthcare industry.

Several startups are emerging to cater to the increasing demands of solutions, concerning the healthcare ecosystem. On the same notion, IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions was formed around 8-9 months back in August 2019. Following out-of-the-box approaches, the objective of the Company is to render innovative and practical solutions in the area of medical affairs & market access, clinical & economic evidence, regulatory services for pharmaceuticals, medical devices,  and nutraceutical companies.


IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions has the expertise & experience to ensure that your product has the scientific edge which will help you to better connect, communicate, and convince your Stakeholders. IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions helps in differentiating your product in a crowded competitive environment and delivering the value.

Dr. Anish DesaiMD.,FCP(US), PGDHEP is the Director and co-founder of IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions. Besides this, he is also an Honorary Professor of Pharmaceutical Medicine at (MUHS) Maharashtra University of Health Sciences at KEM Hospital in Mumbai. With his abundant and enriching experience of more than 25 years in the Pharmaceutical& medical device industry, he has pioneered the domain with exceptional expertise, and thereby he is using every bit of it at IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions.

Gradually with the delivery of the finest services, IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions has been successful to work for several reputed Indian &MNCs by offering innovative & cutting edge solutions to these companies. The team comprises of qualified &enthusiastic professionals and associates, who work around the clock to deliver their expert advice and services.

IntelliMed works on the four core competencies, which are the distinguishing factors that help in escalating the performance of the company. The 4Ds that play a very crucial role areData, Differentiation, Dissemination, and Diligence. Describing these potent Ds, the Data part refers to clinical&economic  data, patient safety data, and regulatory data. The second is the Differentiation part that deals with differentiating the products& services from the rest. Dissemination is related to different stakeholders, it can be clinical stakeholders, payers, providers, policymakers, patient’s education, care providers, health economic evidence, the fourth is Diligence is related to the identification of products, identification of therapeutic areas related to Nutraceuticals, Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals with extensive market research.

Switching from these essential components to the area of specialization, IntelliMed Health Solutions has expertise in offering services to the companies that are in the areas of cardiometabolic, dermatology, anti infective&immunologicals, gastroenterology, oncology, orthopedics, general surgical fields, etc.

Building the Trust

The foremost thing for any business is to win the trust of its customers by delivering quality services along with other benefits so that customers repeat.

Dr. Anish says, “With experience, you can win the trust. Moreover, if you can appropriately deliver the quality of solution and within the estimated time, then you can create an unbreakable faith.” On the same notion, IntelliMed Health Solutions has pioneered the domain with exquisite services.

Listening to Your Doctor’s Voice

Technology plays a pivotal role in almost every domain and the advent of digitization across the globe has unfurled the flag of incredible development and success. IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions develop a multitude of technologically advanced ‘Apps’.One of the applications has all the records of the physician’s or doctor’s instructions or advice to the patients. So, whenever the patient wants to see the prescription, then he or she can easily open the app and look at the medication, diet, exercise, etc, his doctor has recommended.People become very happy because they are hearing in their doctor’s voice.

Ensuring the Quality

People are at the center of the organization and they are considered to be the most essential assets for the company.IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions comprises a team of highly qualified people like Phds, medical graduates, PharmDs, etc. Moreover, the healthcare Company organizes training and workshops to sharpen the skills of people to deliver the best to the clientele.

Future Plans

There are two strategic models on which the Company is currently working. The first is Contract/outsourced Medical Affairs, in this model IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions offers strategic and individualized support to mid-size companies in terms of regulatory, medical, and clinical expertise.

The other one is the Aggregator model in which the Company can use the expertise in the market whenever it is required.  It is used for upscaling the model and operations.

IntelliMed Healthcare solutions intend to play a pivotal role in the growth and evolution of digital healthcare.



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