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Israel Intercepts Three Rockets Over Tel Aviv Amid Escalation in Gaza Attacks

Israel Intercepts Three Rockets Over Tel Aviv Amid Escalation in Gaza Attacks

Written by Sanjay Kumar

On Monday night (October 16), Israel’s Iron Dome Missile System successfully intercepted three rockets over Tel Aviv. Sirens were activated for the third time in the day, not only in Tel Aviv but also in various other cities in central Israel.

Despite the heightened threat, initial reports do not indicate any rocket impacts, as reported by The Times of Israel. The responsibility for the rocket salvo was claimed by Hamas.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) posted on social media: “Sirens sounding in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.”

In the latest round of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, the municipality of Sderot in southern Israel reported two rocket strikes. According to The Times of Israel, one of the rockets hit a house, fortunately unoccupied at the time.

Rocket sirens had previously disrupted the start of the Knesset’s winter session, forcing employees and lawmakers to take shelter.

Tel Aviv had already been targeted by rocket fire earlier in the day, launched by Gaza terror groups.

As the Israel-Hamas conflict continues, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized it as an existential battle against the “forces of darkness.” He framed the struggle against Hamas as a battle between the “forces of light” representing humanity and the “forces of darkness” embodying animalism, as reported by The Times of Israel. Netanyahu stressed that the primary objective is to achieve victory over Hamas.

During the opening session of the Knesset’s winter session, he stated, “Even after 75 years, the war of independence has not ended. We will win because our existence here is at stake.” He likened Hamas to Nazi Germany and described the conflict as “a war between forces of light and forces of darkness, between humanity and animalism.”

Tal Heinrich, Spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), emphasized that Israel’s battle is against Hamas, not the people of Palestine. She highlighted the resilience of Israeli families and the importance of taking action against Hamas, stating, “Their resilience is our strength. The ones who are suffering the most are the ones giving us the most strength.”

Heinrich also revealed that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had discovered evidence of a Hamas-produced kidnapper’s guide, which provides details on how Hamas terrorists should capture and torture kidnapped civilians.

According to the latest reports, the conflict has resulted in approximately 1,300 casualties, with over 3,600 people injured, as reported by The Jerusalem Post.

Regarding recent military actions, Heinrich noted that the IDF had conducted numerous airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, targeting Hamas headquarters, mortar launch positions, and terrorists at a military compound. Notably, the command center of Ali Qadhi, a commander in the Hamas commando forces, was also struck.

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