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Extending Exceptional Legal Support

“We are a Voice of Justice. J B Legal Consultancy (JBCL INDIA) is one of the top law firms in India, with more than ten years of experience in the legal industry.”

J B Legal Consultancy (JBCL INDIA) is a reputed law firm based in Ahmedabad. The firm’s Senior Vice President, Dr. Ashutosh Mishra, is a committed professional with seven years of experience in the field, and has been responsible for the organic growth of J B Legal Consultancy (JBCL INDIA). His expertise in a range of subjects including but not limited to human resource and management, customer relationship management, organizational behaviour, corporate law, basics of marketing and so on has taken the firm ahead in several newer directions. Under his management, J B Legal offers services under:

  1. Corporate Planning
  2. Consulting
  3. Lesioning
  4. Corporate Loaning
  5. Business Funding
  6. Corporate Mediation
  7. Strategic Planning, and
  8. Legal Clearances

The firm also provides lesions with government officials for startups and corporations. Startups are an intricate part of the economic structure and growth, and J B Legal offers them funding and licensing, which are the core specializations of the firm.

J B Legal Consultancy (JBCL INDIA) has flourished in the industry for over ten years. With specializations such as administrative law, corporate law, etc, it promises the highest standards in the industry in a cost-effective manner to its clients.

It has been under the supervision of Dr. Ashutosh that J B Legal has significantly expanded its reach since its inception. His skills in marketing, brand building, generating new business and targeting potential customers has established the law firm’s distinction far and wide. J B Legal has worked with esteemed organizations such as Way-2Hosting, IIMT Group of Institutions, Dainik MAS, Jagran Times, Sampan Bharat News, Mega Shopping,

The team at J B Legal consists of highly skilled and dedicated experts who practice in different courts, from session courts to the Supreme Court of India. Their mission is to cater hassle-free legal services to corporate clients in India. They always try to maintain transparency in whatever service they provide and that has been their mantra for success. The team makes sure that the consultancy is provided to the client as long as the client needs it.

The firm also extends free legal help to people who do not have access to the judiciary, owing to its expertise in corporate and civil cases. The law firm provides high-quality, timely services that are tailored according to the client’s situation. They maintain commitment and confidentiality throughout the process.

For the first hundred customers of the year, J B Legal provides an annual membership program under which they cover all the cases for a retainer fee, which depends on the company’s annual turnover. The law firm also provides training programs and internships for law scholars across seven locations all over the country. It provides a platform for students of law to learn and improve their skill set with the primary focus being on participatory learning.

With the onus of producing the future legal minds of tomorrow, the firm is committed to provide accessible quality legal learning and bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical applicability. It has around 185 panel lawyers to associate with the trainees they hire, providing them exposure and boosting their confidence. The trainees who excel are supported further and hired as executive or law officers. The team constantly updates their skill set and knowledge base to provide the client with best possible legal services.

J B Legal has had a number of satisfied clients whose testimonials prove that the services provided by the law firm are exceptional, efficient and cost-effective. However, the one that stands out in its portfolio is Kaytee Holidays (Tour and Travels) and Kaytee Pharma (Pharmaceutical Research).

Kaytee Pharma was the primary business of the company, and it was suffering because of the various complications caused due to pharmacy rules and regulations for manufacturing of drugs. Having invested their money in the tour business resulted in a shortage and there was more outflow of capital than inflow. Kaytee approached J B Legal to wind up the company, but the firm suggested ways for them to get out of their crisis.

They advised them to collaborate with other companies for their research work, and for manufacturing medicines. They provided the proper combination of drugs approved by the government and company manufacturers medicine under the Kaytee brand. The entire process took close to two years, and J B Legal stuck it out with them even without receiving payments on time. Through the firm’s help, Kaytee saw an exponential growth, and its turnover increased from few lakhs to over fifty crores.

J B Legal has plans to explore international markets, and they are to open four International offices in the UAE, USA, Canada and South Africa. Additionally, the law firm will expand its services in the country by establishing fourteen domestic offices in India in order to reach a majority of the society. The purpose of opening international offices is to support those clients who want to extend their business outside the country and also help outsider companies to invest in India.

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