How TATA Empire Change India?

By Anurag Tiwari

Jamsetji tata biography

Hello Business Connect Readers, there are only a few companies in India that are more than 150 years old and Tata is one of the biggest companies that has joined the biggest company in India. This company started in 153. Years have passed but even today this company is continuously moving up the stairs of success with time. So far as this company is facing recession, many different people of the Tata family have contributed but the contribution of Jamsetji Tata is the biggest drawback among all of them. Considered because he racked up this great company.

Jamsetji Tata Father of the Indian Industry

We are going to tell about the life of Jamsetji Tata, who is called the Father of Indian Industry, and his important contribution to the Tata company.

jamshedji tata photo
jamshedji tata photo | Credit image: wikipedia

Jamsetji Tata birthday

Jamsetji Tata born on 23 March 1839 in a Parsi family living in Navsari, a small town in Gujarat. He did his early education from a school in Na Chehre and then went to Albert Einstein College, Mumbai for further studies. Along with studies, Jamsetji started helping his father in his business at the age of 14 and after completing his graduation in the year 1858, he completely joined his father’s business.

In this way, after working with his father for about 10 years, Jamsetji started his own company in 1868 with a capital of ₹ 1000, where he started his business with the textile mill business and For information, let us tell you that today we know the same company of Jamshed ji as Lauta.

In fact, Jamshed ji’s contribution to the success of Tata company is not only considered so important. He had started the company in 19 years but his contribution That is why so much importance is given because he had done four such big works in his lifetime which not only proved beneficial for the Tata company but also brought a revolution in India and the most special of four more achievements of Jamshed ji.

The thing was that he had done this at a time when our India had not even become independent, so friends, now let us know one by one about those four achievements of Jamshed ji with the help of which he could make Tata the country’s largest company. laid the foundation for the company.

1. Steel Plant in India

Steel Plant in India, Jamsetji Tata had visited many countries of the world at the beginning of his career and after traveling the world, he had understood long ago that to bring industrial revolution in any country, The first important thing is to build a steel manufacturing plant within that country. For this, he had dreamed of building a steel plant in India in his young age, however, he got the opportunity to fulfill this dream after a long time.

When once during the year 1882, Jamsetji read the report of a famous urologist and from the report he came to know that an iron ore mine was present in Chanda District, just a few kilometers from Nagpur, and after reading this report, he decided to build a steel plant. Now he remembered what he had seen years ago that to make steel, apart from iron ore, other things like coal and water are also required, in such a situation, Jamsetji checked the depth of the total reserves present at various places.

When he got it done, he came to know that the coal was not at all suitable for steel manufacturing. Apart from this, many other technical problems came up in building a steel plant at that place, due to which Jamshed ji had to drop his idea. However, Jamshed ji He had still not lost courage and had decided within himself that Vivek Nayak would definitely set up a steel plant in India.

After this, in the year 1899, when he was sixty years old, he once again read some report in which it was told that There are many other such places in India where the chances of getting iron ore and coal are quite high and if proper research is done at those places then 203 manufacturing can be done within India and then again this report As soon as he read, Jamshed once again came into action and to fulfill his dream, he immediately went to London.

In fact, before starting work on his project, he wanted to take the consent and help of the British government, so he went to London. He told the British government about his plan to build this oil plant in India and as he had thought, the British government liked his plan very much and on their behalf gave full consent to Jamshed ji to do this work. After this, Jamshed ji went to America from London to seek technical support.

Actually, this time he wanted to fulfill his dream at any cost and to ensure that there was no hindrance in his project, he was taking the help of only the best people in the field for everything. We went to Charles World. Met a urologist named and convinced him to do research and survey in India.

After this, for many years, research and survey were done in different places of India so that what kind of place could be found which was the steel plant. Be completely suitable for making and then after searching for a long time, finally found the place where India
The first steel plant i.e. Tata Steel was built and friends, today we know the same place as Jamshedpur which is also a spoonful of honey of India and the name of this city Jamshedpur is also named after Jamshedji Tata.

2. Indian Institute of Science

Indian Institute of Science Jamsetji Tata understood the importance of education very well, hence he wanted to open a research university to raise the level of education in India and to complete his project, he set up a separate institute. A team was also formed which worked only on this project.

The proposal to build Jaipur City was also placed before the British Government but no positive feedback was received from the British side for this project. The British Government believed that there were very few people in India who wanted to get higher education and Even if a person gets higher education, then there was no job or employment opportunity for him in India, but on the other hand, Jamshed ji had full faith that one day or the other, industrial revolution will definitely come in India and when it happens, the industry will flourish.

Will need educated people, he never thought of this He did not give up and continued to strive to fulfill his dream, not while he was alive, but after his death, the British government accepted Jamshedji’s proposal to build a university in 1999, after which Jamshedji Fulfilling that dream, a research university named Indian Institute of Science was established inside Bangalore city, which is counted among the top research institutes of India.

3.  Jamshedji Tata Hotel Story-Taj Mahal Palace

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Friends, Jamsetji had traveled to many countries of the world in his life and it was only after making foreign trips that He came to know about the field of tourism and its importance in the economy of the country.

When he observed, he found that he was very happy to export with in India but still foreign tourists came to India very rarely. It did not take much time to understand that foreign tourists did not come to India because at that time there was not a single dank hotel inside India and to solve this problem and promote foreign tourism in India, he started the construction of luxurious hotels.

Decided to make a chain and in this way, Jamsetji built the same Taj Mahal in Mumbai. A hydroelectric Power Plant was laid to build the Palace Hotel, which is still counted among the most luxurious and luxurious hotels in India. Friends, in the year 1929, when Jamsetji traveled to America, there he visited America’s Niagara Falls Power Plant. He was very impressed after seeing it and as soon as he saw it, he decided that he would build this hydroelectric power plant in India too.

4. Hydroelectric power plant in Mumbai

In fact, at that time, due to the new factories and textile mills being built, the pollution in Mumbai had increased a lot, in such a situation, Mumbai To save India from pollution To provide a renewable source of energy, he started working on the project of building a hydroelectric power plant in Mumbai.

but it was Jamshed ji’s misfortune that he died before the completion of this project and then after his departure His dream was fulfilled by his sons Ratanji and Dorab ji Tata and, today Tata Power Company, considered one of the biggest companies of Tata Group, in tata group was established on the same project of Jamshed ji and friends, its To set up this hydroelectric power plant.

The project is considered to be one of the biggest achievements of Jamshed ji’s career, so readers, in this way, Jamshed ji has contributed a lot in making Tata and even India and now his future generation are trying to paint his dream. share of ratan tata in tata group.

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