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“Think To Ink”

When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the 1400s, it revolutionised the widespread availability of books. A few centuries later, in 1990, digital printing once again transformed the landscape. With technological advancements disrupting the way we work, companies need to adapt and meet customer demands quickly and efficiently. One company that has risen to the occasion is Jasra Graphics Pvt Ltd. What started as a traditional pre-press bureau, quickly evolved into one that provides complete digital printing and spatial designing solutions.

In 1972, Mr Ravi Jasra, a technologist by profession, recognised the need to support industries with his prowess. With that ambitious endeavour, he established Jasras and paved the way for the company to become India’s first pre-press house. Today, Jasras is known as one of the most recognisable and largest full-service digital production firms. They are the benchmark for quality in the digital printing space countrywide.

Their 10,000 sq. ft. production facility, located centrally in Mumbai, boasts state-of-the-art machinery, which serves the needs of marketing and advertising businesses alike. From concept & design support and page composition & production to digital output and direct-to-press technologies, they take care of everything with their signature brand of technical and quality expertise.

When looking at Jasras’ portfolio, it is apparent that they have steadily built an enviable reputation, both at home and globally. This is due to their unmatched services and philosophy of viewing themselves as an extension of their client’s business. Marketers, advertisers, publishers, printers, graphic designers, and many more rely on them to bring their creations to life, or what everyone at Jasras says, “From think to ink!” Their clients include Reliance Group, Ascentis Group, Samhi Hotels, Godrej, ICICI Bank, Deutsche Bank, Mumbai Indians and The Phoenix Mills Ltd (High Street Phoenix), to name a few in sectors such as retail, FMCG, technology, healthcare, education, banking and finance and entertainment.

When looking back at what lead to their unparalleled success, Mr Jasra believes, “it is a combination of clearly understanding our client’s requirements and by working closely with them to provide solutions.” Jasras works with the client at every step of the way, from concept & design and composition to high-definition production and output. No task is too big and quality is never undermined. They are equipped and always ready to see complex, large-scale design and production challenges through to successful completion. And it is this determination and grit that has kept customers coming back, some for more than 30 years!

All this success and goodwill has encouraged Jasras to remain ahead of the curve. With innovations and technologies always on the brink, they have decided to keep pace with technology and continue to upgrade. Just one of these upgrades is their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. They are a green company that uses sustainable, ecofriendly practices. The reduced use of energy, water and natural resources means that both the company and environment are healthy and taken care of. They believe that with advancements, technologies and processes, they will be able to increase productivity and reduce costs, all to ensure that their customers remain elated–the ultimate goal.

“We enthusiastically embrace rapidly advancing technologies and pride ourselves on our innovation capabilities. At Jasras, the focus is on constantly evolving our strengths. We continuously endeavour to provide exceptional solutions for the needs of industry by embracing revolutionary change across our services.”

With all the technological advancements, one thing that will never change at Jasras is their commitment to their people. “If the most advanced technology today is at the heart of all our operations, the soul remains our team. Far more than a matter of sentiment, we truly believe that our people are our most powerful asset,” explains Mr. Jasra. Most of Jasras family have lived and grown up here, moving up the ranks to positions of greater responsibility, including his sons.

And what holds them together? A shared sense of community and commitment, which goes beyond the call of duty and an ethos that brings a rare aesthetic sensibility to every aspect. Take for example a piece of graphic design; this is not done in a vacuum. From brainstorming to coming up with a concept that works for the client, designing a creative that resonates with them, executing it with precision and eventually printing it to scale, all the processes have multiple people and teams collaborating for every minute detail, leaving each person feeling that they are part of the process.

Today, even as new generations of people and technology set the pace at Jasras, the belief is that good old-fashioned human ingenuity and skill, combined with the latest technology, makes the decisive difference. The environment and the philosophy at Jasras is one where people and technology share a powerful symbiotic and synergistic relationship. This coexistence is the critical difference. The distinct and perceptible synchronicity can be seen in the manner in which Jasras works; the agility with which they respond to the most complex challenges as well as in the final product itself. “We care for your image because we care for ours!” It is not just a motto but also a true belief.

When the pandemic hit, Jasras, like most companies worldwide, saw their business shut for a while. But this didn’t dampen their spirits. When they realised that the lockdown wasn’t going to ease up anytime soon, they identified alternate working arrangements and changed their working structure. They stayed in touch with all their customers, people and suppliers to communicate the next steps. Jasras invested in scenario-planning strategies for different environments and ordered protective gear when everyone could be back at the office. All these measures have ensured that neither work nor safety is compromised.

When looking at the next four decades, Jasras aims to be the most technically competent processing and printing house in the country. While the technology is up-to-date, it is evident that at Jasras, it is not just the physical technology, but the esoteric one as well, which will be vital and relevant, making way for the future. Technology can always be copied, but the powerful symbiotic and synergistic relationship that people and technology share can’t be replicated or overtaken. The distinct and perceptible manner in which Jasras works is what ensures that they are here to stay.

Consumer tastes are ever-changing and competition is fierce. But at Jasras, they aren’t worried. They are vigilant, motivated and dedicated to continuing turning bright ideas into exceptional solutions.


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