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Bridging the gap in Organizations -Current & beyond


Written By – Mehak Malhotra

The global pandemic has brought volatile changes in varying industries. Post the covid-19 scenario, every organization must associate with a perceptive and efficient supply chain, to deal with the inevitable market disruptions with ease. A supply chain is considerably more than a linear chain. It has evolved into a huge and complex web of interconnected systems delivering strategic and massive advantages in the long run.

Jayam SCM Consultants is a young startup in the industry of seasoned professionals with over 120 person years of collective experience coming together aiming to provide services that facilitate organizations to envision, co-create and manage high-performing supply chains. By launching a platform that facilitates facets like consulting on specific supply chains, setting up systems and processes for a new initiative, to up-skilling supply chains, showcasing the best of soft and hard tools available with supply chain focus, everything end-to-end looks to have been taken care.

The company provides a well-thought through mix of experts with planning, technical expertise, tools and technology shaping the complex problems into attainable meaningful deliverables to Organizations. Their rich experience & blend of youth, hands-on learning with updated skillsets, with an eagerness to make a difference, looks like the secret sauce for success in this space, which is so very rapidly gaining relevance due to the significant competitive edge, it has been able to provide.

Supply chain management has a direct effect on the organization’s overall performance. Companies with extended global supply chains have hitherto had costs tied up to supply chains, majorly as a measure. A surge in global sourcing, channel distribution, and widespread market concludes in a strengthened complexity of modern supply chains meaning SCM is important without an exception. With high customer expectations regarding prompt delivery of components, easy return policies, and automation & technology converging on many aspects of supply chains, businesses now are focusing on agile supply chains eco system, mitigating the earlier inherent risks of supply chains which suddenly got exposed, courtesy covid.

Organizations are now on to capitalise and grab immense growth & efficiency opportunities, in swiftly meeting ever changing market dynamics, mitigating risks in Supply Chain at the same time aligning Supply Chain strategy to overall Business Strategy. In fact, the very definition of Strategy had now taken an upside-down view with successful organizations moving the bar closer to even Supply Chain strategy review of even 6 months or earlier as compared to conventional way of dedicating to a fixed strategy for years.

Jayam SCM Consultants look unique and have come into the business with a different and innovative approach with eyes set on 4 pillars of identified contribution to Industry & Society (1) End to end Supply Chain Consulting (2) Demystifying existing and enabling even parts of supply chain where Organizations require external supply chain domain expertise (3) Bringing the latest of supply Chain tools /solutions to ramp up automation, increase the value & visibility of the chains (4) Empowering youth, freshers (irrespective of any basic stream) and entry to middle managers of India by aiming to providing requisite skills in an unique practical way .

This they feel will help to meet the huge gap of this supply Chain skills at the root level thereby also to creating Jobs. Now that it is clear, certification is moving to skills as a prerequisite for success be it any level, their approach seems interesting.

The founder of Jayam SCM Consultants, Jayasankar M S is a professional who has acquired rich expertise of more than 40 years across telecom, chemical engineering, medical, and auto industries. He has many certifications on Supply Chain including latest certifications from MIT (USA) on Supply Chain Technology & Systems and Supply Chain Analytics. He is also a Certified Independent Director. He leads the organization at the forefront. His name is prominent as a tenured supply chain professional in the company.

Besides, he has served legacy organizations in India and abroad. He had held leadership positions spanning general management and business development and is an expert in the areas of procurement, contracting, logistics, cost optimization, and operational excellence. He has indeed bestowed his hard-earned years of prolific experience and deep-rooted values to the company.

The company comprises of a team of extremely knowledgeable and highly regarded key officials with years of acquaintance in the domain. Enlightening the efficacious work profile of the key officials :

Rajaram Venkataraman – With more than three decades of acquired leadership, business and technology experience in the IT industry, he looks set to take this company to reach its highest peaks. The proficient official has conceived and commercialised 5 products/platforms and consults actively on Digital Transformation and Systematic innovation for Corporates. He is a certified Independent Director from Institute of Directors (IOD). He firmly believes in imparting his hands-on expertise and skills with the team in shaping Jayam SCM and working unitedly towards its purpose to Industry & Society.

Mr. Rajaram has been honored in several international conferences, journal papers and authored a US patent on systematic innovation is an authority on IT. Well known for his continuing contribution in startup & Technology space, recently had been with honored prestigious Indian Achievers Award. He also plays significant roles in FICCI TNSC as the head of TN Technology Panel and is also the President of SPIN Chennai ecosystem.

Suresh Balasubramanian – Suresh has a profusion of experience in running engineering, marketing, product roles, and building global marketing teams across 15 countries. He has monitored, recruited, and promoted distinctive talent in key functional areas within an organization. He renders credible consultancy services to start-ups and industry consulting groups. Suresh is on the boards of many companies, known for his Business Strategy & CEO mentoring, leadership and Organisational Change management skills.

Muralidharan A – He comes with an experience of over 40 years in the Audit and Taxation department across various industries. He staunchly advises compliance, audit, reforms, GST, government policies on taxation, etc. to clients of Jayam SCM. With his action-oriented approach towards work, he is a congruous professional for representing data-driven and account matters of clients. He is on the Board of Several Companies. He was instrumental in setting up and operating on a global level of companies for his clients and has travelled worldwide on professional connect. A very active partner in a most reputed, long standing, well known Chartered Accountants Firm operating out of Chennai.

Along with the key officials, few key seniors in Industry with rich domain experience support the company with their knowledge and earnest work:

  • Jayashree Balachandran– A logistics specialist with a background of over 22 years of groundwork across the international logistics industry. Jayashree paved her way from a customer service executive to the Head of the international supply chain at DHL and currently enables skilling on Logistic to freshers thereby preparing them for a job in the Logistics Industry. She comes with lot of social focus and excellent training skills
  • Ramesh A– Ramesh holds a great comprehension in planning, procurement, inventory management, in-plant logistics, manufacturing, warehouse set-up & operations, etc. He possesses a strong command over SCM and logistics with an expertise of over 35 years in the industry.
  • Sumanth K – An adept in transportation and fostering lifestyle value through sustainable transportation planning. Sumanth keeps a firm check on the contemporary technological advancements in the supply chain domain globally with renowned accolades like Supply chain design and Supply chain technologies from MIT (USA).

The company has a diversified network comprising of subject matter experts across various disciplines to effectuate meticulous solutions. The team looks competent, highly-qualified, and purposeful. They have served across all functions of supply chains procurement, warehousing, logistics, cost, and process optimization, contracting, 3PL, automation and more significantly seem to have combined their hands-on practical learning over the period of many years to a powerful combination of expertise on various technologies that are converging to make the businesses agile & efficient. With its exclusive vision & crystal clarity to serve both Industry & society, Jayam SCM looks certain to build a resolute clientele and be a brand to reckon in the industry.


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