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Jupitice Justice Technologies

Jupitice Justice Technologies

Introducing World’s First Private Digital Court

As Business Connect introduces its brand-new edition highlighting some exemplary start-ups that have made a solemn oath to create the waves of change, our team has ensured special coverage on the outstanding story of a ‘one-of-a-kind’ organisation on its cover page. The company featured here was started from scratch by one of the most sought-after legal businessmen- Raman Aggarwal.

The journey of this phenomenal leader and his exemplary brainchild showcase that passion, grit, determination, and strategic decisions can effortlessly carve the path for a roaring success. Accessibility, scalability, agility, simplicity, and flexibility are a few words that perfectly resonate with a visionary enterprise — Jupitice Justice Technologies— that has disrupted the justice industry with its frictionless approach to enhance access to justice for all.

As the first Justice Technology company (JusTech), Jupitice is a Private Digital Court under the Private Justice System (ADR mechanisms such as Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation). It offers game-changing dispute resolution experience by leveraging the world’s first End-to-End Dispute Resolution Platform developed completely in-house.

Undeniably, Jupitice has become the pioneer in ensuring absolute digitalization of the dispute resolution process which was always considered to be a far-fetched dream. The core mission behind this exclusive venture is to enhance access and deliver Easy, Quick & Affordable Digital Justice. Jupitice facilitates dispute resolution overlooking one’s caste, religion, race, etc., and guarantees effortless accessibility from any place or time or device. At Jupitice, seeking justice is just a click away.


Raman Aggarwal

Resilience and unwavering hard work are the cornerstones for any lucrative business whereas innovation plays a key driving force for a thumping success. Raman is one such iconic leader who stands firmly for these values to be substantial for his people.

Raman Aggarwal is currently the CEO and founder of Jupitice Justice Technologies Private Limited, Aeren IT Solutions Private Limited & Aggarwal Raman & Associates Chartered Accountants, all of which are tall examples of solution-centric organizations that aim to provide ‘technology-enabled legal services to all’. His extraordinary business acumen has allowed him to be associate with numerous business verticals where he ensured fascinating value generation for his clients.

Taking leaps in his career, he built an empire of his own that comprises Aeren Towers in Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park, at the foothills of the beautiful Shivalik Hills. With over 250 well-qualified legal and technical professionals, he has been leading his team to provide ‘technology-enabled legal services to all’ through his dream project- Jupitice Justice Technologies.

Other than his corporate ventures, Raman has been a known name in society. He has been an advisor to several state governments as well as central government at a policy level. He also serves as a member of various national and international organizations like the International Fiscal Association, NASSCOM, CII, and PhD Chamber of commerce, etc.

He strongly believes in giving back to the society and this led to the creation of ‘Aeren Foundation’. Over the years, his foundation has held medical camps for the marginalized, made several donations to hospitals, dispensaries, maternity, and child welfare centres. Under his leadership, Jupitice as an organization has nurtured the idea of volunteering for various social causes which makes it a socially responsible corporation.

Professionally an architect, Anju Aggarwal is also one of the co-founders of Aeren Group along with her husband, Raman Aggarwal. She supports Jupitice in business strategy and management thanks to her rich, over 20 years of experience in managing and driving high impact business initiatives.

Anju Aggarwal is an entrepreneur and an architect herself who stood by her man, in thick and thin to build what they have created today. Apart from being one of the most successful female architects in the country, Anju also bootstrapped female liberalization, and is majorly inclined towards charitable works throughout the country.

From funding schools or educational institutes to promoting growth and development for girl children, she has been an active volunteer in many CSR activities. Her professional acuity and intuitiveness has always been a motivation to the female aspirants in the respective space.

As an entrepreneur, she has a strong desire and passion for building world-class and successful organizational structures that help employees incubate innovative ideas. Anju Aggarwal works in collaboration with all stakeholders to devise real-time solutions for complex businesses and deliver long-term and strategic partnerships. With her experience in the legal industry in various management capacities, she drives Jupitice to reach its full potential and pave the way for value-creating opportunities in association with its national and international clients.

The legacy of these two marvellous business leaders is carried forward by their only child- Shrey Aggarwal. A dynamic personality, an entrepreneur, animal-lover, an insightful person and a philanthropist, Shrey not only took over Aeren LPO- a legal process outsourcing venture as a COO, but also positioned it as one of the world’s leading LPO firm. Under his leadership, Aeren LPO is driven towards offering quality, innovative, technology-driven, expert legal solutions and services to clients at the global level.

Shrey is an advocate who focuses on contractual disputes, commercial transactions, and product liability matters. He routinely advises clients ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations. In his initial years in the industry, Shrey proved his mettle by locking some of the Fortune 500 companies as Aeren’s clients. His clientele includes a wide range of corporates from the energy, finance, and infrastructure industries.

Shrey focuses on his core practice areas which consist of complex business litigation, with an emphasis on employment and commercial disputes. Highly skilled in Negotiation, Corporate Law, Banking & Finance, Payment and Settlement systems, Insolvency, Private Equity and International trade, Shrey actively advocates ADR methods and services to solve disputes. His expertise has made a remarkable significant contribution in the creation and designing of Jupitice Justice Technology Platform as a Co-Founder.

The story behind the establishment of Jupitice is quite interesting. Being a well-recognised Indian Chartered Accountant, Raman Aggarwal commenced his own business venture- AEREN LPO. His venture renders litigation support and business services to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Yahoo,, Pepsico and Amlaw 100, who put their immense trust on the expertise & experience of the phenomenal leader.

Gradually, he established over six lucrative legal enterprises, nurturing them with his outstanding guidance on strategic planning, tech breakthrough and relevant implementations. All of his business ventures witnessed exponential growth over a decade, intriguing him to excel in the field with better offerings.

The frequent business trips to European and American regions made him acquaint with the sheer and effective use of tech trends in the legal industry at a global scale. He was intrigued by the pace and manner with which the tech advancements were shaping the world. It instigated him to dig deeper into the usage and benefits of technology-laced solutions in legal sphere, carving his path to the inception of an exclusive and revolutionary startup Jupitice Justice Technologies! This avant-garde company has been grabbing eyeballs across the business fraternity, owing to its reliability, transparency and efficiency.

After his decade old unfaltering research, he became a tech evangelist to disrupt the justice space in an affirmative way. This led him to acknowledge the nuances of the tech implementations and the multi-faceted impact of dispute resolution methodologies. He reckoned that if tech interventions have to happen effortlessly in the legal industry, then dispute resolution process should be accompanied by enhanced accessibility to justice.

The justice landscape across the globe has more than 5 billion people being deprived of basic justice needs. Hence, he became adamant to be relevant as well as conducive to people who are forced to live in the extreme injustice circumstances or who couldn’t seek justice for day-to-day issues.

But technology all by itself would not be able to solve the wider gap between populace and justice. Eventually, Raman’s visionary approach allowed him to enhance access to justice by creating a perfect tech-solution under the Private Justice System. This idea resulted in the inception of his unique brain-child- Jupitice Justice Technologies.

With the novel motive to facilitate access to justice and provide faster dispute resolution, Jupitice focused on digitalizing Private Justice System i.e. mechanisms like Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation. Raman Aggarwal’s visionary idea led to the creation of Jupitice- a Private Digital Court that enables people & businesses to get justice anywhere, any time, under the Private Justice System.

It has designed the world’s first end-to-end digital justice delivery platform that facilitates all the participants involved in the dispute to perform tasks (case filing to awards & settlement) online and on a single platform. Jupitice has also aggregated ADR professionals across the world to form its ‘Marketplace’ which makes it even easier for justice seekers to connect with justice providers.

Jupitice is the exemplary solution the world has been looking for. The AI-powered case diagnosis, effective predictive analysis, and block chain warranted security, Jupitice has it all! The platform offered by the company facilitates dispute resolutions for corporate enterprises, governmental agencies, MSMEs and even personal disputes.

Explaining the overall road map of the company, Raman states that as a tech-oriented organisation, it has offered the world its first-ever “Private Digital Court”. It not only inclines the justice seekers under the parasol of Private Justice System where all the participants can conduct end-to-end ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) proceedings online but he has also made an online “Global Address Point” for Private Justice System. Jupitice’s dispute resolution platform facilitates the participants to perform all the activities on a single platform, eradicating the need for any physical contact or manual functioning.

Human interaction is of utmost importance in the justice space and Jupitice is always considerate about it. It’s true that swift justice delivery models are the need of the hour, but human touch can never be eradicated from this significant space. Raman reckons that digitalizing dispute resolution is a game of a fair balance between human and technology.

Jupitice firmly believes that building trust factor among the clients is quite valuable in the justice sector. They strive for customer satisfaction while making a positive impact on their lives. A content clientele is its foremost priority. “We ensure that anyone who is on our platform doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Our 24/7 help centre, curated arbitration experts, and specialized value-added services bring more than a physical court to your devices,” asserts Raman, spotlighting the company’s core values.

“There is no business or relationship without empathy. Being a human is more important than a being a business person,” state Raman and Anju. They have always envisioned making a mark on the Chandigarh region because it is where they belong. With their adamant zeal to create a positive impact on the society, the leaders have generated employment opportunities for the youths of the society. Moreover, Aeren LPO Academy trains and nurtures young graduates on how to appear for interviews and prepare them for their professional lives ahead.

Raman Aggarwal’s marvellous leadership speaks volumes about his entrepreneurial and insightful knowledge and years of solid experience. His multi-disciplinary personality and charisma has made him a role model for several aspiring entrepreneurs. The dynamo took the road less travelled that paved way for his current success. His adventurous journey has witnessed a fair share of ups and downs, but he overcame all those with his optimistic mind-set and out of the box thinking to become the trend-setter in the legal industry.

“To accommodate anyone with a dispute on the platform, Jupitice was designed to support deprived communities, people with linguistic challenges or people from different geographic locations. Abiding by its core goal of inclusive access to justice, Jupitice also keeps convenience as its priority, hence enabling access to justice anywhere, anytime,” cites the founder

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