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K7 Consultants

K7 Consultants: Commendably Redefining The Recruitment And Training Process

“Our dedicated, strong, work-from-home employees are the backbone of our business. We empower them financially, utilizing their knowledge and education, while they are at home taking care of their kids and family, without having to waste their time and money in traveling.”

Bhuvaneshwari. R, Proprietor, K7 Consultants

In the business for almost a decade now, K7 Consultants have been successfully providing manpower and handpicked HR training for a number of business houses. They also bring to the table entrepreneurship training employability training for inexperienced and experienced recruits, and consultation, guidance and hand-holding for startups.

Striving to be the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, connecting human potential to the power of business. They serve both large and small organizations across all industry sectors through our brands and offerings.

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari. R, Proprietor, K7 Consultants, in conversation with Business Connect Magazine, taking us on a tour of the firm and its mannerisms.

Business Connect: How have you adapted yourself to the latest needs of the market?

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: By knowing the pulse of the millennials and clients, and changing business strategies to the continuous transformation in the HR field.

Business Connect: What  gives  you  an  edge  over  your  peers?

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: We save clients’ precious time to focus on business expansion by saving their 80% energy spent on recruitment. I educate clients on hiring the right people and what skill set to look for while hiring. We give a bonus to our client: Free induction and orientation to all selected candidates before joining. Our USP is our constant post- placement follow-ups with both clients and candidates for the first 6 months and then on an as-needed basis.

Business Connect: Do you see  any  transformation  happening  in the entrepreneurial world? If yes, please mention a few of those.  

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: Yes, definitely. With great foresight, budding entrepreneurs apply practical strategies for success. They unlearn the non-result oriented strategies through training, skilling and reskilling to match the current and foresee the future trends. Like-minded entrepreneurs are doing collaborative businesses rather than seeing others as competitors, they support each other and grow together. They also are open to learn new skills and diversify their businesses in different sectors in the form of inviting investors or working partners, sharing basis, etc.

Business Connect: Did you face any obstacle during the initial days? How did you sail through them?

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: Yes, of course. Obviously, without obstacles, can anyone grow in the business world and reap success? I am the first generation entrepreneur in my family. Initially, I faced hurdles in building a reputation in the market and Streamlining timely deliverance strategies. With transparency in our dealings, we overcame those obstacles. Choosing the right client helped a lot as well to overcome these obstacles.

Business Connect: What was your learning during  struggling days so that our readers could prepare themselves for upcoming challenges?

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: Be confident, be positive, be honest and be frank with all your dealings with customers because one satisfied customer is equal to 10 new customers. Provide hassle-free payment structures and don’t waste your time with time-consuming clients. Have a mentor to measure your success and rank you without any judgment and learn from the mistakes. Do not repeat mistakes.

Business Connect: Please tell us something about your clientele. Mention some well-recognized names that could be published in our magazine.

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: We have a family of strong 500+ clients, we have served a wide range of SMEs and MSMEs from 5 crores up to 1500 crore turnover companies in and around districts of Coimbatore.

Business Connect: How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: Will ensure all our clients get the best workforce to match their job description with meager attrition and be an asset to the company  in  the  long run. By giving our best service with extra mileage and asking for feedback. Though there is a rare chance, if at all if we foresee delay or non-availability of our services, we will keep them informed in the first place. Getting consistent post placement feedbacks will help us in further streamlining it better.

Business Connect: How difficult is it to remain relevant and motivated in this competitive world?

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: By providing the utmost extra care and extra mileage of my services to my clients. I constantly listen to podcasts and read books of world-class life coach like Mr. Dan Lok, Mr. Robin Sharma, Mr. Warren Buffet and evergreen couplet treasure of Thiruvalluvar’s Thirukural and Dr. Irai Anbu’s wide range of books and such range management books.

By connecting the dots and seeing where was earlier and what have I achieved in a decade. Appreciating ourselves when we achieve our target is a great motivation from my point of view. Not expecting others’ opinions for my decisions unless there is confusion about it. Though I get various ideas, I make sure the final decision is purely based on my discretion which suits the strategy of the business line.

Business Connect: Tell us something about your staff. How do you ensure their efficiency and positivity towards work in challenging times?

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: My full time and freelancing recruiters are highly dedicated and understand our way of business. We provide extreme care in the selection process, a clear-cut detailed orientation and induction process to understand our style of working and company culture, timely deliverance of productivity on a daily basis. Empathizing their difficulties and help them grow in their career with time management strategies.

Business Connect: Who is your role model in the business/entrepreneurial world and what have you learned from the person?

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: Mr. Ratan Tata. Strategic building and diversification of business, he ensures that his employees are well trained before they start their job and Mr. Narayanamoorthy, with a simple start to massive growth, he’s a game changer in IT field.

Business Connect: Highlight a few achievements of the company.

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: We are strongly positioned for a decade now in the field of HR recruits and training. We have built trust and reputation in the job market among employers and employees, and we are the leaders in Coimbatore, pro- viding a wide range of manpower from around Tamilna- du, placing approximately 1500 – 2000 candidates so far.

Business Connect: What are your thoughts on women participation in the entrepreneurial world?

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: Creative women always have great chances to start and own a business. Once you have identi- fied your forte and understood how to use your skills suit- ably, be a man or a woman, nothing is far from your reach.

Business Connect: What are the  future  plans  for  the  company?

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: We are looking forward to giving employment for more women to work-from-home to utilize their education, knowledge, and experience and to get financial freedom. We want to help a lot more candidates to get decent jobs and bring technological advancement in the recruitment process. Also, we will come up with a chain of upskilling and reskilling centers for the unemployed. We request all our candidates who get job through our consultancy to plant a neem tree at their home as part of gratitude they show to us for getting them placed in decent companies in a decent salary; otherwise, we do not charge any registration fee or payment fee for job given.

Business Connect: What core values do you carry till date that have remained a constant?

Ms. Bhuvaneshwari: Be patient to build trust within consumers, learn business skills and gain stable clients. There are no shortcuts to success. There are no failures or setbacks in life, but they are all rich experiences. Above all, attitude decides one’s success.

Enabling a suite of ground-breaking workforce managing solutions, K7 Consultants covers an absolute range of placements, human resource management, training and more. They bring you solutions that help to take the business forward with custom-made solutions to suit the requirements of the organization.

With a vision to give employment to lakhs of job seekers, they ensure developing the most productive skills in a recruit to gain the potential of a successful entrepreneur in the future.


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