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“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people”, says Pierre Omidyar, the French-American billionaire technology entrepreneur, software engineer, and philanthropist. Also, Pierre is the founder of eBay.

Digital marketing does not require words to be described. It requires the company to play various roles and technological innovations need to be implemented all the time. In other words – is important to keep the head in the game.

The founder of MainBrainer AS and Chief Technology Officer, Amit Sharma is well aware of the fact that digital marketing has enabled the competitors too to be just a click away/around the corner. All-in-one Marketing Platform.

The company talks about itself as being one of the no. 1 all-in-one marketing platforms to solve, improve and automate your marketing, communication, and user management needs. MainBrainer is built for agencies, marketers, and small business owners. Their products are powerful and scalable to meet the growing needs of your business. Their all-in-one platform offers every product needed to create, distribute and analyze your marketing campaigns, a user-friendly CRM interface, multi-channel distribution possibilities, API triggers, white labeling, marketing automation, detailed insights, and much more. They offer the following solutions/ offerings:

  • Landing page builder- Drag-&-drop widgets, alter the look-&-feel, save and done! Build and launch your next high converting landing page campaign in minutes.
  • Email marketing reach- Engage and convert the audience by creating engaging email campaigns. Ready to-use templates & DIY email editor to create, distribution scheduler to organize distribution and detailed performance analytics.
  • SMS marketing- Reach your customers instantly by communicating promotional text messages, notifications, reminders, alerts, confirmations, linked landing pages, signup forms, surveys, and more.

CRM – Contact Management Import, segment, manage, and target the right customer groups with the most relevant personalized campaigns. Analyze their performance & recruit more. Performance insights detailed real time insights about landing page, email & SMS campaigns’ reach, engagement, user interaction with CTA-widgets, and conversion rate provide you total transparency & control over campaign management. Let’s understand your customers better, to make the right decisions and take the right actions at the right time.

Conversion goals set, track & compare KPIs and CTA-widgets’ conversion goals against your predefined values. Measure how often your target audience completes your desired conversion actions and how well your contact lists’ growth rate aligns with your expected expansion targets. Set, track, and analyze conversion goals in real time.

DFY (Done-For-You)- MainBrainer offers a flexible subscription and the product experts could help you with onboarding, migration, custom-made templates, high conversion tips, and tricks, etc. They’re passionate individuals, technology lovers, and always curious to produce innovative and creative solutions to make your marketing easy and effective.

Customer-Centric They put you and your business needs first while developing and offering solutions. They create, innovate and improve everything with time and incorporate new technological innovations to offer you the best experience and smarter solutions.

Celebrate Creativity Creativity is not just limited to beautiful designs but it is a core component that helps in developing flawless easier to use interfaces. MainBrainer keeps creativity intact with technological advancements to save your time and efforts. This, in turn makes you enjoy life and work more!

Futuristic approach The team members are ardent learners and determined to develop futuristic solutions to keep you ahead of your competitors. They focus on empowering you with smarter marketing solutions covering everything from recruitment, CRM management, reach, engagement, conversions, in-depth insights, automation & more.

Grow with you The team members believe in long-term associations with their customers, business partners, and promoters. Evidently, they wish to grow hand-in-hand with you and your business’ success. They are ready to support you and develop scalable solutions to help you reach your maximum profit potential and above.

MainBrainer, an all-in-one SaaS (Software as a Service) platform was developed with the motive to assist businesses that are not able to maintain themselves just because they could not deal with multiple solutions. Amit says, “We often see marketers, business owners, and agencies struggling with keeping their marketing efforts intact and result-driven while juggling with multiple software solutions, tools, and service providers. There is so much time, money and efforts are being invested, still, they don’t see the expected results.

Their marketing strategies, plans, and ideas are often left in the back burner, the insights about user interaction data, marketing campaign performance, and conversion values are all blurred out, either these are insufficient or very hard to compare together. The different integrations and tools are not very effectively collaborative, and are hard to maintain, manage and scale over time. Unfortunately, this struggle can’t be ignored as it strongly impacts business performance, conversions rate, and growth potential leading to the burnout stage many times.

We don’t want to witness any business fail just because it’s hard to deal with multiple solutions, all the learning curve, the continuous juggle to maintain all these together, the insufficient monitoring, multiple coding & configurations while all you need to focus is to be able to monitor what’s performing, what you need to improve, how to grow business, customer-base, conversions, and profits. So, we came up with MainBrainer – an all-in-one SaaS Platform that is fast & easy-to-use, flexible & scalable, progressive & smarter. So, you don’t have to struggle hard and be able to invest your money, efforts & time into result-driven marketing strategies, ideas, and innovations.

According to MainBrainer, “We’re a team of passionate individuals, technology lovers, and exceptional marketers. We started small with foundational members and a core team and grew over time by incorporating more talented professionals who share a similar philosophy and business values. We’re having amazing business partners and team members representing us globally. Our three main offices are located in Norway, India and Netherlands.

The pandemic compelled the businesses to think on their business survival, marketing strategies, customer reach, and engagement possibilities. In fact, there is a massive shift & technological dependency is happening all around towards – ‘more digital’. Email & sms marketing, brandcustomer engagement campaigns, conversion focused landing pages, automation & personalized targeting, detailed indepth performance insights, and real time stats are the core component of today’s business success. And we’re glad to be the one-stop solution provider for all of these business requirements and more. You can start exploring our platform right away using ‘Free Signup’. Our subscription plans are scalable and very cost-effective.

Understanding the importance of technological innovations for a competitive edge, time and money-saving, automation possibilities’ enrichment, MainBrainer like others, is of the belief that these innovations should be strongly implemented in the businesses. The founder claims, “We are not only implementing new technologies within our solutions but also upgrading ourselves acquiring new skills and knowledge regularly.”

Research, development, and testing all the components of their solution modules are given proper time by the company. This is done to ensure the best user experience. Getting feedback from the customers themselves and doing the required improvements on a regular basis, is one of the main tasks.

Amit confidently states, “MainBrainer is built for agencies, marketers, and small business owners. As far as agencies are concerned, they are offered profitable product usage and partnership opportunities by us. Powerful, flexible and scalable solution to deliver more! MainBrainer assists them to easily manage new recruitments, CRM contacts, marketing campaigns, email & SMS sending, landing page creation, indepth insights, marketing automation, and conversion goals for multiple clients, and makes it easier for their teams to accomplish everything and in less time.”

Talking about the marketers, Amit says that his company offers them to save money and time.

“We provide them with a perfect all-in-one solution so that they do not have to be tensed anymore. In fact, their marketing should be struggle and juggle free! Therefore, no more struggling with multiple tools and solutions! They should enjoy codefree working and impress their clients with high-converting campaigns.” Amit adds,

“Then will come the turn of showcasing the success using indepth reach, engagement, and conversion reports.

To small business owners, Amit wants to say that they should begin with MainBrainer. “This will ensure maximum business success and growth from day one itself. As a small business owner, you will get each and every solution in one place, to meet your marketing needs at minimal cost and usage flexibility”, he further explains.

RedOrange, VectorZilla and Jirafix are few of their clients.

R & D
Amit affirms, “R&D is vital for business survival & growth. You need it to stay ahead of your competitors, you need it to innovate new solutions, you need it to be futuristic and you need it to strengthen your brand. We are technology and marketingbased solution providers since R&D is a core component of our organizational built. Our R&D department keeps us updated with new technological and market advancements so, we can innovate our solution offerings & modules in accordance with precision. It also helps us to maintain a secure and safer platform for our customers considering the latest worldwide usage legal regulations and terms.”

MainBrainer possesses a global presence and a strong network of esteemed business partners worldwide. The digital brand’s presence, partners, sales team members, and happy customers are prime components of their marketing strategy.

The company has developed an all-in-one and easyto-use SaaS platform that is backed by tech experts and marketers. Their solutions are of high quality and at the same time, at a very cost-effective price.

Bjorn Forslund – CEO Having co-founded ten companies in the IT space, Bjørn Forslund is a serial IT entrepreneur. When he isn’t busy creating awesome tech platforms, you would find him sailing across the world! He is passionate about sailing and has repeatedly won the National Championships in Sweden, Norway, and Colombia. He even won the World Championship in 1995 and 1997.

Amit Sharma – CTO With a Masters in Computer Science Engineering and an experience of over 15 years in developing tech solutions, Amit Sharma joined Loyalty Communication as CTO in 2019. An ardent follower of developments in the tech space, he believes that continual tech transformation is the key to everlasting success. Outside of work, you would find him playing badminton or spending time with his family.

Dolf Rooijakkers – VP Sales Educated as an accountant at the high school level (Masters), he has worked in an accountancy company (Price Waterhouse Cooper) and 2 main ICT companies, before being appointed as Executive Member of the Board of Exact Software Netherlands. He likes to watch soccer, being a referee, reading comics, and not at least – spending quality time with his lovely wife and children.

MainBrainer offers all required marketing solutions integrated into one SaaS platform at cost-effective and scalable pricing. It’s a flexible solution that grows with your growing business needs and you only pay for what you use. The fortes are:

  • All-in-one platform
  • Flexible & scalable
  • Fast & easy-to-use
  • Progressive & smarter
  • Accurate live in-depth insights
  • Cost-effective
  • Powerful, stable & secure
  • Effective and user-friendly
  • Pay for usage only
  • No extra or hidden charges

Corporate events, office parties, game tournaments, recreational activities, and a nice supportive work environment all these together add in keeping the employees encouraged. MainBrainer believes in – ‘leading by example’. Every team member is valuable no matter what profile or designation s/ he is working on. Team leaders are regularly helping every team member to learn and grow. Along with all the hard work, they love to stay happy, be cooperative & cheerfully alive! They ’re a family, a community, and a cluster of harmoniously integrated connections.

Apart from having offices in three countries, MainBrainer has become a community of 100 + team members, professionals, and partners worldwide.

The company aims to create a marketing system that enables everyone to excel. On the one hand, it is easy for everyone whereas, on the other hand, the team wishes to see themselves among the top SaaS solution providers helping millions of businesses. Technological advancements are considered in such a manner that the solutions not only become better and more optimized but also render the users an exceptional user experience.

The proud founder conveys a message to the readers and aspiring entrepreneurs, “Be humble, be persistent and listen to your customers! Your team and customers define who you are and where you will be! Keep learning, keep innovating and keep growing!”

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Admin is a Digital Marketing Executive at Business Connect Magazine. With his expertise in digital marketing strategies, leverages his knowledge to optimize online presence, enhance brand visibility, and engage with the target audience effectively.


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