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In line with our endeavour to feature some phenomenal start-ups for the year 2021, we decided to highlight the story of Manson Center of Excellence that has recently dipped its feet in the business education industry. For this, we sat down for a freewheeling conversation with the Chairperson — Lavanya Kanduri. This session was quite informative and we came back with some food for thoughts that our readers will find inspiring.

If you seek knowledge to harness the power of creativity and profundity, Manson School of Business(MSB) has got your back. Aiming to ensure surging success to the business professionals by enhancing their skill- sets, the institution has strained every nerve to be substantial in this space. While adding substance to the business education landscape, they constantly strive for rendering excellence via their matchless service standards.

Several factors make MANSON stand out in the crowd. Be it a robust mentor-mentee relationship, lively interactions, faculties with vast industry experience or an interactive environment, the organisation’s commitment to its services is what gives it a leading edge in the market. A sheer emphasis is on teaching the scholars in a vibrant environment where everyone is dedicated to supporting them wholeheartedly. Here, one will come across the golden opportunity to shape a successful career prospect in business administration alongside experiencing a dynamic learning process.

The vision is simple and sophisticated- “Develop tomorrow’s innovative & empathetic global business leaders with care”. The luminary claims

that inspiring brilliant minds is their key focal point to create a better world. “We at MSB, aim to help our students develop artistry to become tomorrow’s global leaders. We groom our scholars to be ready to think critically, enable them to adapt to changing business panorama and develop an expanded world view,” continues she.

Apart from shaping future leaders who could be independent, socially responsible & insightful thinkers to leave marks across the world, MANSON dares its alumni to dream big. The management always inspires them to cherish their envisioned dreams and make leaps to a radiant future. “The spirit of looking towards the future and convert our dreams into realistic possibilities is at the core of the Manson Center of Excellence.

For those are the dreams, which push us forward to make a positive contribution to progress,” claims the chairperson. Also, they acknowledge the fact that innovation can create values in many ways. For this, they heavily rely on reinforcing policies that can align with innovative learning systems, while syncing with their specific needs.

At the workplace of the institution, the administration gives high value to work ethics and integrity. Moreover, students interest and employee well being are also their top priority. As a team-oriented organisation, they ensure to provide the positive work environment to each teammate. Also, the technology penchant of the organisation allows students with easy access to the pool of information that provides a good understanding of any subject to them. For this, the infrastructure is laced with appropriate system and tools to ensure seamlessness in the process.

When asked to reveal the future plans of MANSON, Lavanya Kanduri asserts that for the upcoming years, they have envisioned creating business leaders for global corporations who can deal with impediments and challenges effortlessly and make a difference to society with their talent and competencies.

“Shine in your chosen career path and keep adding value to the organization you are associated with.”

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