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Manu Sethi

Manu Sethi

Paving the path of tremendous possibilities for TalbotFORC

TalbotFORCE is not just a Facility Management Enterprise; it’s an endeavour to create the transformational waves to impact society, affirmatively. From being an exemplary technology disruptor to acknowledging CSR activities, the versatility of the company speaks its core values. With sheer dedication and determination to ensure immaculate spaces to live, TalbotFORCE has instigated revolutionary transitions for Manufacturing/Pharma facilities, Residential & Commercial complexes, BFSI, Warehousing, Healthcare & Educational organisations, reputed Corporate companies, governmental establishments etc. Keeping the motto – our clients are our trophies- at the forefront, they are forging ahead to be a leading and unequalled service provider in the Facility Management space.

Manu Sethi has been leading TALBOTFORCE at the front as the CEO. His adamant focus on ensuring uncompromised quality standards whether it is for providing Integrated Facility Management, Building Upkeep & Management, Sanitisation or introducing new functions such as the Homecare division or by launching a nationwide franchise program successfully were all infused in the company’s motto of delivering premium services.

These became stepping stones for their thumping success in the industry. Being an environmentalist and philanthrope at heart, Manu always aligned the company’s services with the Swachh Bharat Mission while ensuring equal employment opportunities to the people in need. In this direction, TalbotFORCE has employed in excess of 2700 dedicated individuals internally and thousands of employees across its diverse franchisee networks.

Owing to his more than 18 years of enriched industry experience, he has emerged as a leader par excellence with unparalleled knowledge in the segments like Expansion of business, Sustenance & Quality, Strategy making & creation of value both in top & bottom-line. Prior to joining the company, he has been associated with institutions like UDS, Dtss, Knight Frank, Sodexo & A2Z Infraservices at leading positions. As a phenomenal business leader, Manu reckons that building a successful business is like a cricket match that requires talented batsmen, bowlers, fieldsmen, and an adept coach who can ensure grilling training sessions to favour victory in any tournament.

Such unique insights have allowed him to take TalbotFORCE to greater heights effortlessly. Undoubtedly, acknowledging opportunities and taking risks at the right time ensures a person with the foresights to get ahead towards thumping success & glory. His well-coordinated entrepreneurial manoeuvres, sheer tech-breakthroughs, innovative streak and dynamic strategies have ensured the company with orderly progression towards its aspired goals.

“Combating the injuries like a warrior gives you the foresight necessary to keep going forward & ultimately drives you to success & glory,” quotes the phenomenal leader.

Manu foresaw the adversities of this unprecedented crisis that was going to hit the world at every possible level. Under his stewardship, the Company volunteered to help the common people as well as businesses across the nation in the best possible manner. He considered this pandemic crisis as an opportunity to make a difference
and prove the company’s multi-faceted aspects.

In this direction, he decided to venture into a ‘Disinfection & Sanitization vertical’- inclined towards rendering steadfast commitment & dedication to deliver safety for their adored clients via their exclusive products and services. The outstanding services offered by them have been performed with the expert teams while utilizing only FDA & EPA approved equipment’s and gears. No doubt, even with the prevailing adversities of the global pandemic, their growth aspect has multiplied exponentially and each individual firmly believes it has been possible due to the thought leadership of the CEO.

At present, TALBOTFORCE has been associated with some major educational brands such as Allen Institute & IBMR in India. By utilizing gadgets/mechanization, chemicals of international repute along with clearly defined processes, they are rendering best-in class experience to their clients. From foraying into healthcare space by being FM partners for one of the largest hospitals (800 beds) in Asia based in Hyderabad to partnering with manufacturing Tyre plants such as – MRL while effectively managing and maintaining their reputation using best management practices, the Company crossed several envisioned milestones effectively and effortlessly.

Moreover, Manu states that their collaboration with HDFC Bank was yet another feather in their cap, where they successfully supervised Disinfection & Pest Control program at Pan India level. Due to the prevailing havoc caused by the Pandemic, it was difficult to reach out to their clients to maintain the safety of each associated member in consideration. Thereby, digitalization helped them bring about considerable difference. With the
help of the Axonator app, any branch that was offered with the service was updated with the SPOC/client on real time for facile operations.

The surging success witnessed by the company till now, has been grabbing eyeballs in the business fraternity that facilitated it to extend its presence across more and more populace by leaps and bounds.


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