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MD International School

Written by: Yashasvi Khushu

Dispersion of Education through the Vision of a Triumphant Millennial

“Learn from your mistakes, the only person who knows what is best for you is only you. The entire purpose of education is not to restrict itself to imparting bookish knowledge only but inculcate humanitarian values too”

– Naina Jain

The literacy rate around the world does not hold a very remarkable number and education, as we recognize today, stands to be a remote right for millions of children. And in the subtleties so unfortunate globally in terms of education, it is of paramount significance that there are endeavors coming up to fetch a revolution in the segment of education.

And one such boon in the multifaceted education system of the current era is Naina Jain, Additional Secretary, MD International School, Bijnor, who’s aggressively affianced in the dispersion of enhancing knowledge.

Meet the Millennial Visionary!

While there are innumerable noble minds in an educational institute, but among them are some that turn out to be the change-makers of the society. Naina Jain has been one such personality of this institute. Born on August 28, 1994, she completed her graduation (B Sc. Hons) from IILM (University of Bradford) and a diploma in interior designing from Pearl Academy, New Delhi and joined M.D. International School as an Additional Secretary in 2018 at a very young age of 24 years.

“My inspiration during this journey and throughout my life is my father- Mr. Navneet Jain. He is a man of principles and always motivates me to go ahead in my life. It is because of his hard work and dedication that the school has achieved so much in such a short span of time,” further recalls Naina.

Talking about her early days at the institute, she adds that, her challenges weren’t any different from the rest. Supervising a school and getting together departments to accomplish the mission is always an enormous challenge for school management but transforming the school with additions of high technology-enabled automation tools to support the academic and administrative processes made it easier to achieve the goals. Initially, taking up such a big responsibility under the guidance and support of her father Navneet Jain, she efficaciously learned and ensure the roles and responsibilities associated with enhanced learning results.

The Ideologies on Ground Zero!  

MD International School, regarded as a center of educational excellence, their sole aim has been to provide a comprehensive education for holistic development of individual personality with a human touch and visionary outlook.

A critical role of education also is dependent on molding the individuality of a child into a sturdy personality and a jovial soul, who isn’t just operational with 21st-century attitudes and robotically is inclined towards scholarly magnificence. It also is essential to teach one how to face the difficulties of life in a fair and amicable way. In this way, the arrangement of training should fill in as an impetus in making every child a reasonable individual.

A school as an institution essentially turns into a preaching ground for the little one, they tend to gain knowledge according to their understanding. A lot starts to depend on the manner of exposure or education school’s imparts into one. And MD International has been doing an impeccable job, they are in the process of making the next generation the bright future of the country and raise bars of their institute.

MD International School
Naina Jain, Additional Secretary, MD International School

Education in the Present Scenario!

Naina currently believes in focusing on shaping up the existing system in the changing scenario of globalization with attempts to resolve the issue of getting trained manpower in the field of higher education for sustainable growth and development of the nation.

She feels that autonomy has been found to improve learning outcomes in both public and private schools with most high-achieving education systems allowing schools to make their own decisions about teacher hiring practices, curriculum development or resource allocation. Over the past decade, there have been a number of changes in the education space that have revamped the landscape of the industry. Institutions are making lots of efforts to customize the students’ experiences and are changing their processes to become more student-centric. Most parents want children to have the best possible global education with greater exposure, something that they may not have been able to get themselves.

“One of the biggest changes in the recent past has been the increase in the number of parents looking beyond the goal of ‘getting a reputed job’ for their children. Parents now see more value in the building life skills that would be useful in the ‘real world’, and allowing them to follow their own passions and entrepreneurial ideas rather than goals set by their family” states Naina.

From her perspective education is a necessity and not a luxury, it is about using education for personal advantages and to utilize the knowledge for our growth. Also one can lead their own life without depending on others. As far as education in terms of schools or colleges is concerned, education is a luxury for most people at least here in India and it is a measure of the wealth of modern society that we propose to educate everyone.

Facilities in MD School:

  • Excellent Infrastructure and Clean green campus.
  • Modern security and safety ( through CCTV cameras and restricted entry and  armed security personals)
  • High standard of hygiene and health facilities
  • Potable RO filtered drinking water.
  • Wi-Fi enabled 4 Mbps internet access campus
  • Use of ICT in the teaching-learning process, having smart boards.
  • Specialized dance, art & craft rooms.
  • Language lab to remove pronunciation related problems.
  • Well equipped labs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Geography, Math, Home science Language Lab).
  • Auditorium with 250 seating capacity.
  • Well-furnished Indoor Gymnasium.
  • Badminton Academy with wooden flooring.
  • A large multipurpose ground for skating, volleyball, football, cricket, Yoga, and aerobics.
  • Electromagnetic Shooting Range with modern equipment.
  • Cafeteria and eatery for providing healthy food items.
  • Counseling room
  • Residential facility for outsider faculties.
  • 100% power and water back up.
  • Health and wellness center to take care of minor health issues and medical guidance.

What’s On Cards in the Future?

The school is journeying towards providing value-based education with new innovations and ideas so that the children grow into aesthetically aware and integrated young people, capable of fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. They want to encourage mutualism, develop a global vision, enhance value based education and capacity to take decisions in difficult times.

They assure a rewarding future, modern Gurukul life, Secularism, impartial judgment and an ideal blend of tradition and modernity. Also, build relationships within the community so they have outside resources to supplement their internal support system and have school policies that are firm, fair and consistent so teachers and staff can enforce them.

The motivated young millennial, Naina Jain comes with a picture of transforming education for the greater good of the following generations. Recognized on multiple platforms like “Most Promising Young Woman Award -2018” for excellence in woman entrepreneur category by GLOBAL LEADER FOUNDATION, New Delhi, “Best Young Director of the Year Award (Below 40 Years)” in “Global Education and Corporate Leadership Awards (GECL-2018)”, Meerut and “ SEAS Global Women’s Achiever Awards 2018” has not let all the accreditations get to her head.

She always wished to indicate not only academic excellence but positive attitude and values like honesty, compassion, knowledge, and leadership among the students and has successfully achieved it so far by flying colors and we look forward to seeing more of her future endeavors.

“Life goes on, do not focus on being right or smart. Build your entire identity around being a learner and focus on what makes you happy”

– Naina Jain

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