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Meet the lady gourmet of Big Boy Toyz ( BBT )

Meet the lady gourmet of Big Boy Toyz ( BBT )Mrs Ritika Jatin Ahuja

Gone are the days when women were thought to be a patriarchal property. After facing hardships for centuries, they have started proving their worth in every field erstwhile dominated by their male counterparts. The Google boasts of women achievers in virtually all domains. Such is the power and influence of the fair sex. Not only famous for their culinary skills, but they are also now masters in almost all spheres such as entrepreneurship, business, martial arts, astronomy, aviation, Commodores and the like.

There is an ever-expanding list, which corroborates their significance. Amongst the plethora, Entrepreneurship has gained a huge traction among these women in recent times. The zeal to carve out a niche inspires these women entrepreneurs to invest in the unexplored and the unusual.

Mrs Ritika Jatin Ahuja is one such woman who is considered amongst a top league of maven, globally in the merchandise industry.

She brings a range of products for people who long for the collection of exclusive items such as Perfumes, Playing Cards, Pens and others. Her merchandise is meant for the bevvy of people living ‘for and with’ opulence.

Of late, a section of Indians has developed a passion for accumulating things that are different from the run of the mill stuff. They love belonging to a “distinct tier” by virtue of their rich and unique tastes. India is growing and so are the desires and aspirations of young India, which is passionate about luxurious and exotic merchandise. In recent times, with the rise in incomes, the yearning of young India to stay on the top has taken a new dimension.

These connoisseurs are not willing to digest the blotch of being ‘left out’ in any sort of global race to acquire the best.

The non-availability of such high-end imported products often plays spoilsport. Merchandise and four-wheelers have always remained some of the most sought after for these enthusiasts.

However, somewhere down the line, the Indian market has been recognized as a cropper to ‘fork over’ the merchandise and luxury cars when viewed from the bigger picture. This created an environment of compulsion to arrange for the concoctions from foreign countries, thus making the process slightly to be time-consuming and complicated. There was, badly, a need of an Indian platform that could streamline the course of action and provide a solution for this glaring problem.

After a long wait, the fanatics got a reason to rejoice when Mr Jatin Ahuja, a diehard fan of exotic four-wheelers, established Big Boy Toyz.

The company is quite famous among a league of personalities ranging from Bollywood to Sports Stars and boasts of a long record of admirers ranging from Yuvraj Singh, Honey Singh, Neha Dhupia to Hard Kaur.

The company has earned a great fan following from all strata of society.

The words of appreciation by these distinguished people sets it apart in class and perfection that Big Boy Toyz has maintained for years.

Not only four-wheeler, but it has also gained eminence in the category of merchandise too.

Since the inception, it has never compromised on its high standards. It has come up with a new league of products which are out-of-the-box comprising of the perfume, pen and other products that get a high five from the loyalists.

It would not be an exaggeration to call Big Boy Toyz a hotbed of car-zealots in India. In recent times, it has established itself as the leader in the segment of pre-owned and new exotic cars.

The Gurugram based showroom is a treat to the eyes for many car-lovers. Initially established in the posh locality of South Delhi, the brand is a result of the passion and dedicated hard work of its founder, since the tender age of seventeen.

After getting in-depth knowledge of luxury cars for years, Mr Jatin Ahuja moved ahead with his decision to build an empire of exotic vehicles that are rarely seen in India. In 2009, he gave his dreams the ultimate reality by laying the foundation of Big Boy Toyz.

BBT, by which it is widely known, can be called a heavenly destination for car aficionados!

This is a place where they are sure to have an enchanting tryst with almost all pre-owned exotic cars from brands such as Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Maserati, Aston Martin and the sort under one-roof.

The cars procured from PAN India have to meet the stringent 151 checkpoints to ensure proper quality standards apart from being strictly not- tampered with and non-accidental.

Catering thoughtfully to the customer’s demands and expectations, the brand has now ventured into new cars as well as a big-time additive to the marvellous inventory.

BBT_Big Boy Toyz_Business connect
BBT_Big Boy Toyz_Business connect

Providing an extension to the luxury cars

Apart from a plethora of luxury cars, the company is well known for its award-winning collection of merchandise.

Spearheaded by the COO of Big Boy Toyz, Mrs Ritika Jatin Ahuja, the agglomeration of different merchandise has won a multitude of hearts. This has been the passion of Mrs Ahuja since her childhood.

Her love for perfumes has given her a global recognition which has been used to the full potential to carve a noticeable place in this space.

She launched the merchandise section in the year 2017. The aura and positivity that she has brought along with her have certainly gone down well for the company. By yielding an addendum to the luxury cars, she has given prominence to this well-known brand. The company has a pool of merchandise that gives a royal feeling to its customers. The most reverberating is the dazzling Gold Edition Perfume. This has emerged as a true winner. Apart from this, one can go for the Carbon Fiber Pen, Signature Playing Cards, Puzzle set and Stickers too. Her devotion to collecting high-end perfumes led to the conceptualization of the Gold Edition Perfume for the Merchandise section at Big Boy Toyz.

Almost a decade of existence has established BBT as the most reliable and trustworthy place for getting four-wheelers and the recently introduced merchandise. Big Boy Toyz provides incomparable and unparalleled services and hopes to take the experience to the next level.

Since its operations underway, it has been working dedicatedly to make the high-end luxury vehicles accessible to the public.

The cars being well maintained and in pristine condition, merit the same consideration as against new cars in the client’s purchase list. As the company is working on a pan India basis, it stands open to all markets. Moreover, by virtue of a fixed price policy, it provides the validation of genuine products. These distinctive features truly make BBT a big name in itself along with propagating the brand recalling effect.

The growth of the merchandise section is flooded with many ideas. The company does not leave any stone unturned to feature the portfolio on social media on a large scale. It emphasizes the unique qualities of Merchandise products thereby generating public interest. Apart from this, it has adopted many ways and means to engage people extensively. One of those strategies is to organize events at exciting places frequented by a large number of visitors. This approach has been named as the pull mechanism by the top management.

Big Boy Toyz is open to the masses that is made to feel comfortable and privileged when they grace the Merchandise Section. Anyone wishing to make a statement in the sartorial style is most welcome to try out the offerings and make the best use of its services.

Thrilling people with grandeur

Big Boy Toyz offers the best services, which translates into a better and bigger customer potential.

Mrs Ahuja gives utmost impetus to her strong team with compassion and dedication. She is a woman full of zeal and enthusiasm. Having an acumen for team building and growth, she works with the right set of conviction and empathy.

“To build a good team, treat people with dignity and respect. Also to get the best out of them, constant encouragement and incentives is the mainstay”, says Mrs. Ahuja.

Not only this, she is aptly working to make the brand easily accessible and approachable. The reliable networking skills along with effective social media have ensured a far reach amongst the brand aspirers of Big Boy Toyz.

In addition, longstanding patronage by some of the elite and loyal BBT Automobile Clients has helped the Merchandise section reach its full potential. Add to that the motivating arrival of orders on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal portals which is a big bonus in terms of quick customer appreciation and loyalty.

A true professional, she gives utmost significance to women empowerment. While talking about the importance of emerging entrepreneurs, she is vehement with her opinions.

“Having an educated professional woman in the family ensures a trickling down effect. Furthermore, the women constituting a major part of the population, this workforce raises the GDP of the country ensuring positive global image and indirectly leading to foreign investments. So the family and the country both stand to benefit” iterates the proud woman. She believes that education, professionalism, good financial backing and a strong family support system are the main key ingredients ensuring success. “It is so heartening to see that women today

are less inhibited, more amenable to novel ideas and with the gradual decline of the orthodox society, they are finally coming into their own”, she adds further.

Mrs Ahuja was fascinated by assorted perfumes from the very beginning. She nurtured a passion for the same and began collecting miniature bottles since childhood. In addition, being aesthetically and creatively inclined; her family encouraged her to take it up as a profession. Her family has been very caring and adaptive with her aspirations and dreams.

She learnt a lot after visiting London to pursue graduation in the interior designing of yachts.

Away from the family, opened new and wider horizons and instilled in her a sense of independence, self-discipline and order. This has played an integral role. Moreover, most importantly, the deep involvement with the automobile segment of Big Boy Toyz taught her the finer nuances and logistics of the business, which has been applied to the Merchandise section with desirable results.

That winning moment

One of the high points of her career has been the felicitation with the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by the Golden Book of World Records for possessing amazing 563-bottled examples of miniature fragrances. This was the rewarding and winning moment for Mrs Ahuja.

There is a long tally of recognitions received by Mrs Ahuja for her remarkable work in the area of merchandise. Acknowledgment of her novel business and intellectual skills has fetched her “The Women Entrepreneur Award 2018” and “The National Excellence Award 2018” and the “Young Women Leader in Operations 2018” by India Conventions. 

When asked about the upcoming milestones, she says, “I wish that whenever people talk of zest, class and sophistication, the BBT Merchandise Section should reign supreme in their minds”. Elated by the wide acceptance of its Gold Edition Perfume, the company has plans to introduce a second edition which is destined to experience the same success. The company hopes to create an everlasting impression in the minds of the target market so that they always associate lifestyle products with Big Boy Toyz’s Merchandise section.

Further expansion on the anvil

The company is looking further to dive into this exciting league of merchandise by its aggressive marketing. The next plan for the firm is to give a serious thought to spread it beyond any boundary. It wants to foray into the territories with promising markets. Working on its motto of growth, it wishes to hire the best management professionals and analysts to guide in this cause. Expanding the Merchandise product portfolio and venturing into new towns and cities is the major focus in the near future. Sound management policies and customer treatment with the resounding outcome will be the key all segments.

Meet the globally acclaimed woman

Mrs Ritika Jatin Ahuja has been known to conceptualize exceptionally and think big.

Therefore, when her passion to collect perfumes soon translated into a budding business, it established her as a successful entrepreneur of the Merchandise Section at Big Boy Toyz.

Known for adept management skills, she handles her team with care, dignity & consideration thereby managing to draw out the best from them. A mother to a three-year-old daughter Zaara, the lovely lady is a perfect example of managing home and office diligently and sincerely.


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