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Megawatt to Gigawatt

Megawatt to Gigawatt

Cosmic PV Power is extremely delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Cliantech Solutions in view of ameliorating its solar manufacturing capabilities in India. It would be conducted by expanding to a 600MW fully automated production line. As per the leadership panel, this state-of-the-art facility would be apt in the development of cutting edge technology TopCon G-16+ module variants.

This collaboration is greatly aligned with Cosmic Solar’s vision and signifies an inspiring step towards expanding its solar PV manufacturing capacities in India to 1.2 GW per annum. The whole process is led with a ceaseless commitment to provide top-tier quality production tailored for Solar OEMs at global scale.

Cosmic PV Power is being led by Director Shravan Gupta at the forefront. And as the company has entered into an MoU with Cliantech Solutions for a 600 MW TopCon manufacturing line, he claims that a new line is expected within six months, and with an additional line set for delivery by the end of the second quarter in the next financial year. The estimation is the total manufacturing capacity of Cosmic PV Power would scale upto 1.2 GW that would solidify its position as a leader in the industry.

This monumental agreement with Cliantech Solutions Technology marks a revolutionary improvement of Cosmic Solar’s existing 850 MW facility in Surat, Gujarat. It would further elevate the total module manufacturing capacity to an impressive 1.2 GW.
Navneet Mehrotra, Director of Cliantech Solutions, unveiled his enthusiasm for the collaboration and avidly highlighted the successful voyage since their initial partnership in 2020.

In talks with our magazine, he applauded Cosmic PV Power’s advancements into innovative technologies like MONO Perc and TOPCon, with a current operational 600 MW line. He further adds that this joint venture speaks of the next level of shifts in the industry, and on this momentous occasion, he extended his best regards for the continued success of Cosmic PV Power.


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