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Mirah Belle

Explore with Mirah Belle and discover your Beauty Ritual

Organic Skin Care holds a transformative magic a gentle return to center that connects you to your preciousness. Let those moments of touch fill you with love and nourish you from skin to soul. With people more conscientious about what they put on their skin than ever before, it’s little surprise that organic beauty products have seen significant growth in recent times. Packed with a blend of antioxidants, ultra- lightweight fast absorbing oils are the key to the most a smooth & healthy skin. Powered by earth pure botanicals, place the healing power of nature right into your hands.

The foremost solution to safeguard the skin is to hover board to natural skin care products, first thing. These products today are aggressively redefining beauty with products that vouch for not just our health but also of the planet. Organic way of living and skin care is the direct way to guarantee youth, confidence and good health.

A brand new company has emerged on this turf and has brought revolutionary changes. Mirah Belle has been an emerging start-up setup that has been successful to bring a positive change in the ‘Natural & Organic Beauty Segment’ domain by bringing a range of natural products for a whole lot of needs. Since its inception in 2017, the company has been steadfast towards its commitment for the natural and healthy products.

“The journey has been filled with few bumps, many smiles and a whole lot of learning. Having diverse experiences in multiple sectors opens one’s mind to various avenues. One gets to learn about the different nature of businesses, their challenges and opportunities” added Shivani Kapur, The Founder, Mirah Belle. In spite of a number of initial hardships, she overcame each, her zeal to bring metamorphosis in the lifestyle of customers kept her on toes.

Quality is all that matters

Mirah Belle fathoms the responsibility to deliver products that are at par with the industry standards. “As an Industry, we have a duty to make the consumer aware about the Harmful Effect of Chemicals used”, proclaims Shivani. Secondly, there is a lot of overlap between Herbal, Ayurvedic, Natural & Organic segments. A Herbal or an Ayurvedic Product may not be toxic- chemical free or as pure as an Organic Product. Licensing & Certification is very important for someone to operate in the Organic & Natural Space. To choose the correct Organic or Natural Product, Consumers must check the label and certifications before picking it up.

The beauty market is gradually moving away from chemical formulations towards Natural and Organic ingredients. With the rising level of awareness amongst consumers about the ill-effects of toxic compounds present in chemical-based beauty products, there is a steep rise in demand of Natural Products. Lastly consumers are trying to balance their needs while protecting the environment.

Combating hurdles

Mirah  Belle is conscientious about a couple of pain points. The Company does not use hazardous chemical compounds as emulsifiers or preservatives. In terms of packaging, it is focused on using only glass and bamboo and gradually moving away from plastic.

Being an end-to-end brand, there are several challenges it faced on a day to day basis. The Company attributes the success of  Mirah Belle to the collective efforts of the entire team rather than a single individual. The Leadership Team consists of people with diverse background from Manufacturing, Operations, R&D and Management. The team shares one common goal: Enabling its success today and in the future through Differentiated Products, Operational Excellence and Strong partnerships. When the R&D team is building a strong product pipeline to address more verticals in the coming months, the Sales Team is expanding its reach across the Country.

Building a Startup is challenging and at the same time exciting. The key to success is to identify and rectify obstacles. It is essential to believe in what you do and do things which benefit people at large. If you are building a company solely for making money or making a product because it is the latest fad, it is eventually going to lose its legs in the long run. It is important to have a good product which is also doing well for many people. By sticking to these two fundamentals, one can overcome every challenge that the world throws at you. “Always remember why you started at the first place”.

Mirah Belle sells to Customer through Direct & Indirect Channels. The clientele comprises mostly women between the age of 21 to 50 who are health conscious and aware. It consults them regularly and suggests them products and regimes to address their pain points. It sells via its own website and through external e-commerce channels, aggregators and marketplaces. Currently, it has retail presence in 14 major states across India through personal care and beauty stores where Mirah Belle Beauty advisors guide the customers on products suitable to their Skin & Hair type.

Never lost sight of the vision

Its singular focus is to maintain purity levels and use the best ingredients to ensure customer satisfaction. Its Motto is – Natural Ingredients, Safe Formulations & Affordable Price. It sticks to quality and has never cut corners to maximize profits.

If you, your company and your product stands for something relevant then you automatically become relevant in this competitive world. “In case the challenges become overbearing, one should always look inwards and remember what the core objective was& why it is so essential to solve the problem that made you take you take up this endeavor.” Also, it is essential to have good guidance through mentors & advisors who will keep you motivated and focused through the tough times.

The Company, despite being a start-up, has never shied away from contributing towards various CSR activities. Shivani Kapur, founder of Mirah Belle says, “We continually work with Cancer Patients, who have a health-related need to use organic products. We have joined hands with an Ovarian Cancer Awareness program.”

Mirah Belle has kept its goal very clear and is looking at the expansion of its E-Commerce and Retail presence across the country. By the end of this year, it is looking to have its presence in 53 Major Cities in India. In addition, it is also looking at entering the Large Format Modern Trade as well as the Export market in the near future.

Clear-sighted Founder

Apart from being the founder of Mirah Belle, she is also the promoter at Rico Industries Ltd, where she has proved her leadership acumen for more than a decade. She was also the co-founder of GoOnions. She has also been the Whole time Director of Octan Media Limited. Before this, she completed her B. Tech from the well-known Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology.

Every now and then a new fad for your skin care is introduced in the market that lives its life and eventually dies down, it’s either harmful to you or your surroundings. It’s necessary to understand your product and not resort to some fancy brand of product without realizing if it may suit your skin or not. Mirah Belle, in this circus of chemically charged products, comes with organic products for its consumers committed to healthy, high quality and effective skin and hair care products.

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