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MKS Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.

MKS Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.

India’s Top Facility Management Company

MKS Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. is a team of highly skilled service providers for customers across various industries. Their various facilities include:

  • Facility Management Services
  • Interior Décor Services
  • Civil Infrastructure Services
  • All types of Repairs & Maintenance

The MKS Corporate facility provides luxury housekeeping at a minimal fee. MKS services have professional, qualified housekeeping workers with specialist appliances and cleaning and repair methods for the property. Their normal practice is to ensure that the premises are hygienically washed at all times.

UNLOCKING ACHIEVEMENTS: The Founder shares how his team embraced odds and what it resulted in.

Mr. Shrikant Kishor Nayak, Founder & CEO is proud of the fact that he works with a team of professionals who have a brilliant work ethic. He says, “With the help of advanced cleaning devices, we have successfully served numerous commercial or corporates. Thus, we have emerged as a one-stop solution to all your hospitality facility management needs.”

Especially during the pandemic, the world has all realized the importance of cleanliness. Thus we ensure that your business premises are thoroughly cleaned every day to keep them looking great and smelling fresh and make them ready for visitors. Since the lockdown in March 2020, when the world heavily relied on cleanliness, when people hardly knew much about the impact of virus and anxiety level was at its peak, our team amidst all the fear of the unknown stepped out to sanitize malls, hospitals, corporate offices, schools, retails and served more than 49,000 COVID-positive patients all across Kalyan-Domblivi-Thane regions, Maharashtra. All of this was done keeping your safety as a priority.

When the world shut down, the team ensured that no one loses their job. This surety was essential to build confidence in the staff and world outside that we care and we are together.

The staff was highly recognized and commended by the government agencies, the public at large on social media platforms, on newspapers and magazines for their efforts, approach, and willingness to serve the nation

Within one roof MKS Corporate unites a host of facilities. You can rent a home cleaning service, interior design and all types of repairs in your building. You can hire services for pest removal, carpentry, plumbing, professional vacuum and couch cleaning, furniture and cleaning appliances, electric maintenance, laundry, home health facilities and more through your application and website. The company assesses all enlisted providers’ eligibility to address their complaints. Additional preparation and guidance are also given to bridge the void in the business.

In nutshell the home services industry is working on different parts of corporate offices, hospitals, schools, retails and malls, from the grass to the roof.

All practitioners registered with the business are certified and background checks are also carried out to ensure that only specialists get to work at your home. You may also share pricing quotes with anyone who suits the schedule.

“MKS Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in its work relationships and communication skills. This has been critical in successfully providing a range of services. Ensuring client’s needs are met and understood through impeccable customer service and transparent client liaison is our number one priority. Our enthusiasm for art, design and the creative process continues in each and every property presentation undertaken.” explains Mr. Nayak.

The core factor for the company to come into existence was an intensive urge to provide services in the public sector with service, integrity, teamwork, excellence and dedicated initiative to fulfill commitments. What makes MKS Services different is the sheer amount of services they provide, as well as the different industries they cater to.

We confidently assist clients with anything relevant to a wide variety of services. Being willing to serve all the demands of your clients means we save them time and resources” says the founder.

Speaking about the pandemic Mr. Nayak feels that it has triggered a sea shift in the way we live, work, and rebuild.

He adds, “As the world watched months of lockdown, we reached out to the designers to see how the pandemic has so far reshaped our interiors. What are our clients prioritising and, as a result, what new developments are emerging? What is becoming apparent is that 2020 has brought a renewed emphasis on function and versatility to the top of aesthetics as we navigate a new standard.”

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus caused a global health crisis, the economy was also seriously impacted, leading to major downsizing, work cuts, sales losses and more. Service workers are among the largest group of individuals impacted by these work losses and job uncertainties. The team of MKS corporate ensured that all its clients As a brand, the team of MKS Corporates made sure that they were in touch with all their customers.

They kept everyone updated about improvements in service SOPs and a full transition to sanitation and protection to ensure that they have the best possible service experience in the safety of their homes. They have been slowly and gradually opening their services since the last month. The Home Repairs and Maintenance Facilities – appliances for repairs, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and cleaners – are available in non-containment areas.

Life won’t be the same as before, at least until a vaccine or cure has been discovered. As an organisation, MKS has already taken a range of steps with regard to partner and customer protection, such as the implementation of a multi-step safety procedure for each service segment. In addition, they have ordered and distributed safety kits (including gloves, goggles, eyeglasses, hand sanitizer) to all of their partners and will continue to engage in this year-round.

Our mission is to emphatically influence the lives of all clients with whom we have the joy of working and leave an enduring impact on their minds and imagination. Our creatives must inspire and elevate the hearts and minds of every one of the individuals who look at it. Our long-term objectives are always in line with our basic values. Our main goal is to consistently go above and beyond – to offer select client assistance to our customers.” feels Mr. Nayak.

LEADERSHIP WISDOM: From the Director’s Desk The founder, before signing off, shares insights out of his experiences.

Communication is one of the most important qualities for a good leader and a crucial element in establishing a strong partnership with staff, consumers, and suppliers alike. Excellent leadership depends on successful engagement techniques to deliver a consistent message to the organization. It is important for any effective leader to be frank and connect freely and frankly, as this helps workers to appreciate the broader picture and how their individual actions add to the aims and priorities of the organization. The leader’s confidence in speaking—either oneon-one or to a broad audience—is another main component of outstanding communication.

The willingness to have awkward conversations is the No. 1 quality that all great leaders ought to have. Communication is often highly based on the sound and expression of the body and will go a long way to convey the message as expected and not leave space for confusion. So always sound confident, look pleasing, and ask tough questions to self assess your business progress.


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