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Top 10 most watched web series on Netflix

Top 10 most-watched web series on Netflix

In recent few years, Netflix has become one of the biggest hits in entertainment. As we all know that the Netflix’s biggest original hits are within the first 91 days of release , netflix mirror that are the top 10s of the Netflix.

For measuring its biggest hits Netflix uses hours watched and completed viewing equivalents (CVE for shorts). These weaving hours are from the Netflix global subscriber base and the CVE work by taking the runtime of the show or movie and dividing it to the number of hours watched by the viewers. ALTHOUGH IT IS NOT PERFECT BUT IT’S SUBSTANTIALLY MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT OTHER STREAMERS ARE PROVIDING.

To determine how so is very popular it consider it season of a series to be a separate entity it used the metric data of the total number of hours watched in the first 28 days of the title’s release.

This system heavily favoured source with longer runtimes and the 28 they time period did not provide any enough time for series to gain the momentum or popularity. However the productions will now get a 91 day window to reach the audience and perform. In addition instead of going by the gross weaving hours the OTT streamer values and average.


01.Wednesday season 1

Wednesday - Netflix Series - Top 10 most watched web series on Netflix
Credit Image: TV Insider

Views 252,100,000

This web series on Netflix is directed by TimBurton  release on 2022. This dark coming of age comedy series is based on the life of Wednesday Adams who is expelled from her school because of a hideous prank going wrong. As she navigate her adolescent life at never more academy, Wednesday tries to cope with her emerging psychic activity, defeat a monster killing spree and solve a 25 year old supernatural mystery that embroiled her parents and all this while she meanders survey through the oddly divers student body.

It is the most watched English language web series on the Netflix weds day is a perfect combination of Burton vision of characteristics of Addams family and dark humour.

 2. Squid game season 1

Squid Game season 1 | Top 10 most-watched web series on Netflix
Credit Image: Crespo’s Cave


This web series is created by Hwang Dong hyuk, which revolves around a bunch of people who failed at their life and suddenly receive an  invitation to a survival game. The participants are locked up in an unknown isolated place where they take part in several children’s came but with a fatal twist. Only the last remaining contestant stands a chance to win over USD 38 million.

With hover 1.6 billion hours of viewership the squid game is practically attracted their audience across the world to their devices. The interesting plot theme such as class divide survival tactics and heart racing action sequences made it one of the most watched shows of all the time.

3. Stranger things season 4

Stranger Things Season 4 Debuts New Clip | Top 10 most-watched web series on Netflix
Credit Image: Variety

Views 140,700,000

The web series created by MattDuffer and Russo Duffer, is the installment of the series which opens 8 month after the battle of star court that wreaked,havoc in Hawkins. However that town is far from being calm. The series of teenage murders makes Eddie Munson (Quinn) the prime suspect.

This is also the first time that Eleven round and her friends are separated but the kids in Hawkins being investigating and find the killer to be a powerful monster from upside down home the dub vecna(bower). Meanwhile after learning about the events at Hawkins , Eleven goes to secret facility in Nevada to regain her powers. What follows next is a flurry of mind boggling events and actions as the friend fight the imminent threat.


Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Review – Top 10 most-watched web series on Netflix
Credit Image: The North Star

Views 115,600,000

This web series is created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, is among the top 10 most watched web series all the time on the Netflix. This title takes a diveinto the mind of one of America’s most notorious serial killers.

This very popular and highly controversial show dramatizes the life of murderer and the sex of Jeffrey Dahmer who is believe to have a body count of more than 17 boys and men between 1978 and 1991. It also draws the attention to the main criticism that the case received and give us strong voice to Glenda Cleveland who long tried to shed the light on his wrong doings.

05. Bridgertonseason 1

Bridgerton Season 1 Recap: Get Back Up to Speed Before Season 3 - Netflix Tudum | Top 10 most-watched web series on Netflix
Credit image : Netflix

This Soapy period drama, set in London during the residency area created by Chris Van Dusen . This so enlightens the eight little bridgerton sister’s  marking themselves in society. In this season 1 it shows that the elder sister Daphne(Dynevor) is chosen as the most prized spinster of the season by Queen Charlotte. Although a bevy of suitors follows her, Daphne’s older brother Anthony is extremely protective and thwarts her chances. To keep Anthony of her back, Daphne fake a relationship with Rakish Simon.

This series is based on the novels by Julia quinn.

06. The queen’s gambit: limited series

The Queen's Gambit Limited Series Trailer | Top 10 most-watched web series on Netflix
Credit Image: YOUTUBE

Scott Frank and Allan Scott created the series with more than 112,800,000views. In this series when a young and Sullen orphan,Beth Harmon plays chess for the first time she find herself to be confident and in control of a fate. Consumed by her passion for the game the chess prodigy enters the US championships at just 16. As the Lawrence start pouring in death discovers isolation in stardom. It is based on 1983 World Trade is novel of the same name the series has won 11 Emmy awards ,a grammy award and two critic choice awards and two golden globes.

07. Money heist part 5


Money Heist: How Season 5 Changed the Series Forever | Top 10 most-watched web series on Netflix
Credit Image: Den of Geek


Money Heist Part 5 is another highly successful most weed show of foreign language by Jesus Colmenar. Viewers across the world donned their Salvador dalimasks and red broiler suit for a final run of the professor’s Morte detailed plan and the groups heists in the both volume of the season.

The group is able to rescue Lisbon, but their plan is on the verge of Shattering as sierra find out the professors whereabouts and bring same to his knees. For the first time he might be out of a escape plan. Locked up in the bank of Spain for over 100 hours the gang is focused on getting the gold out while making the government believe the country’s economy is not harmed.

08. The night agent season 1

The Night Agent: Season 1 | Top 10 most-watched web series on Netflix
Credit Image: Rotten Tomatoes

Views 98,200,000

One of the most words source on streaming platform the Night Agent is based on a novel by Matthew Quirk of the same name created by Shawn Ryan.

Peter Sutherland is an FBI agent who is responsible for tending to phone calls late into the night form undercover spies from the white House basement. The phone hardly rings, but when it did one night ,it turn is life completely upside down. On the other and of the line was Rose Larkin, with whom he made teams up to uncover the truths of the Subway bombing that kill many and tarnished his career.

09. Stranger things season 3

Stranger Things Season 3 Cast & New Character Guide | Top 10 most-watched web series on Netflix
Credit Image: Screen Rant

Views: 94,800,000

This series is created by Matt duffer and Ruso duffer. In this series story of ever since ,it debut on the OTT, stranger things has become a cult series with every season wrecking up over a few 100 million hours of viewership. The season 3 revolves around a danger lurking below the newly opened Mall in Hawkins, Indiana. Russian lab is working to open a conduit to the upside down and the diabolic mind flair poses a little threat when its mind controls  Billy Hargrove. Now the kids must reunite to save the Hawkins.

10. Bridgerton season 2

Top10 most watched web series on Netflix
Credit Image: Netflix

This second season of one of the Netflix favourite period of dramas, created by Chris Van Dusen,focused on Anthony bridgerton as he look for a wife. The Sharma sisters, Kate, and Edwina arrive in the town from India and Anthony find himself drawn towards Edwina. All the kate poses as an obstacle, Edwina and the handsome bachelor share unmissible chemistry and growing sexual tension.

Thus, these are the list of top 10 web series that are mostly viewed by the audience. The stories are amazing and this will help you to guide about the mostly viewed web series of all the time. The Netflix has revolutionized the entertainment industry with its marketing strategies, adapting the cultural preferences ,regulatory requirements and most important the original content which has enhance the fan base.

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