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MxiCoders, Aims for the Best to Serve the Best

India has come a long way since the beginning of IT revolution in early 1990s. Gone are the days when one was meant to wait for long hours for even the most mundane task. Now is the time when everything you want can be accessed on your fingertips and that too within a few seconds. We are living in an era where Information Technology is the king. To survive in this world, everyone is hoped to upgrade as per the need of the hour. If we talk about business and entrepreneurship, Internet has had a crucial role to play in the last couple of decades.

With the rapid expansion of IT, numerous platforms became a quintessential part of our daily lives that include Web & Mobile Application, Blockchain, Wallet, Payment Gateways, Open-Source, Cloud Solutions with AWS / Google Cloud, among many others. To cater these IT needs, a budding entrepreneur Ashok Rathod established MxiCoders Pvt Ltd in the beautiful city of Ahmedabad. The Company holds the expertise in the domain of development, business automation & transformation, business & technology consultation, IT Products Development, and support & maintenance.

It is into IT product only for niche audience and realms / vertical. Since its inception in 2006, the friendly culture of Code with Love has retained the skilled technical employees and valued customers. It provides tremendous technical support before and after product launch. What places it apart from the peers is the life time free technical support.

“Building A high credible business relationship is the key for sustaining in competitive IT market”, proclaims Ashok. Moreover, the company keeps adopting new technology apart from upgrading skill sets as per trend and industry demand. The Company has traversed a long distance that is reflected in its service delivery.

Heavyweight clients

There are many business transformation brought by it. The Company built location based Mobile Application for WAZOO Mobile Technologies: WAZOO and StyleSwiper. Apart from this, it built complete business automation for Fleet Management Solution for PrivateFleet USA. It also worked for Recruitment Business ERP Solution for IIMA (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad).Not only this, it helped over 500+ startups at very negligible cost because it believes in supporting others to get support.

Nowadays, IT business is not easy as there is a flood of IT business in the market. Making a good impression in the first meeting can bring a positivity. The hunger of the company for the work makes it charged to accept any kind of challenging technical work at high competitive rates. Hence, it has 10+ recurring permanent customers and maintains good business relationship with them.

Ask Mr Rathod how he has been able to win the hearts of the long standing clients and he says, “Transparency is the key for maintaining faith with clients”. One needs to be very straightforward and needs to clear everything before signing service contract agreement. One should share calendar schedule from the beginning. It is advised to be available to attend conference call 24/7.

The Company is aware of the latest technology and is making full use of it through social media. It believes in learning and adopting new technology as fast as possible. To this end, it provide proper technical training to the employees. Moreover, it invests 20% of the total time in research about new technology and gets prototype ready to impress the clients.

R&D is the main factor if you are running an IT services based company. Research helps get the best solution for the customers. As per the current era of the IT industry, only the best product will survive in the market. The Company takes inspiration from competitors and their activities. They influence it to be upgraded as required with time and trends.

Love what you do

Mr Rathod is very enthusiastic for his work. He says, “I cannot sleep if there is any unread message in my WhatsApp, Email, Skype or any messenger application. I don’t just reply to the message but also address the prospects / clients concerns at the same time.” He makes it a point to remain available for conference call anytime in any time-zone. He believes in doing his job out of the box to compete with the tons of competitors in the market.

What inspires him to remain always on toe? He believes that only the best solution providers will survive and sustain in the market. Now, clients know what they are doing and they prefer the best at reasonable cost instead of wasting time and money with cheap solution. Scalability, performance and security at good user-interface have emerged as crucial in IT product development but technical support after launching the application is inevitable. There is a bright future for the best technology solution providers.

Employee’s satisfaction is very important for the company. It maintains friendly and knowledge sharing environment for and with employees. It engages them with some social activities and group discussion within group. Such is the environment that every employee feels entitled and considers it own company and remains responsible for their duties. It has always ensured employee’s freedom so that the employee remain stress free at work to give his/her best in the work.

Mr. Narayana Murthy, the founder of InfoSys, has always been his first inspiration. Both started their journey in small residential apartment with 3 friends and 3 employee. Moreover, he has learnt a lot from Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple) and Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba.

Ashok Rathod is not only a good businessman but a philanthropist as well. He never lags behind on the CSR front. He has deep respect for our soldiers and that is why he keeps donating frequently a part of his profit on them. In the recent past, he donated for the critical natural disaster that played havoc in Kerala. Moreover, he is a firm believer of creating opportunities for startups.

Mr Rathod says, “Believe in yourself and work for the respect, not for the money”.


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