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NextgenDigiHub Academy: Polishing one’s potential to learn industry-relevant expertise as a digital marketer

NextgenDigiHub Academy: Polishing one’s potential to learn industry-relevant expertise as a digital marketer

Organizations, firms, start-ups, and non-profit organizations invest a significant amount of their revenue on targeting, attracting, and binding their audiences. This is the main justification for learning about digital marketing. Digital marketing skills are undoubtedly the ‘Marketing ‘ of the future.’

Approximately 30 lakh students graduate every year in India, but a very low percentage is employable despite high demand. The root cause behind such a bad ball game is the gap between industry-relevant expertise and schooling. These students are excellent at theoretical knowledge but do not have practical experience and expertise to apply these theories. Organizations are looking for candidates with industry-relevant expertise. They want someone who will carry the company to a higher level, turn their leads, and boost their revenue and earnings.

NextgenDigiHub Academy is polishing one’s potential to learn industry-relevant expertise as a digital marketer.

“Keeping individuals aware of the power of digital marketing is a huge awareness we are trying to bring in. We help individuals learn digital marketing skills and be digital marketers themselves. This is an industry that fits all industries and yet is not a part of any industry. Our field is a service-based industry and it varies from person to person on how you deliver your results. We create products (students) who can overcome any digital innovation and still continue to provide great results in terms of business and skills” says Tushar Rayate, founder of NextgenDigiHub Academy.

He believes that the challenge is to create a space for this field among the other professions in the world. In the urban world, digital marketing is becoming a very common trend, but what about the villages where they could also use social media and other ways of marketing to reach a broader audience. There are no marketing agencies/institutions in most of the rural sections of the country. NextgenDigiHub Academy is one of the recently started digital marketing agencies in rural India with the aim to make it a common term among the rural people too.

“We teach teachers, working adults, homemakers, and entrepreneurs to provide them with more job options and prospects for earning money. We are a rising team of experts ready to pave the way for budding digital marketers and just about everyone interested in learning innovative digital marketing techniques.”

Comprehensive digital marketing practices include preparation, certification, internships, and placement with a professional digital marketing firm. NextgenDigiHub Academy is specialized in high-quality education and value for money. The Academy operates a solely quantitative educational curriculum through live assignments and practical coursework so that students can see for themselves the ramifications of putting digital marketing strategies into action. New and Seasoned Entrepreneurs should enhance their hands-on digital marketing skills to be used to run their online business.

In the past few years, the planet has seen a huge transition from analog to digital. There is a huge increase in the number of people entering the online community. The Internet has turned our existence upside down. It has transformed interactions to the point where it is now our preferred medium of daily communication. We use the Technology in almost every aspect of our lives.

Ordering a pizza, purchasing a tv, sharing a thought with a friend, and sending a photo via text messenger are all examples of actions that fall into this category.Now, it is time we stop being the consumer and start being the producer, be it education, business, health, IT. Everything is now in the online world. And to establish anything online, you need to have good digital marketing skills or hire a digital marketer.

There is no better scenario even in the worst recessions. As a result, enhancing your skills as a digital marketer will drive your career to a new level. The importance of digital marketing is not only in the interests of advertisers but also in the interests of customers.

Mr. Rayate initially had planned to start his venture 2 years later, but as the ‘Pandemic’ happened, NextgenDigiHub began training and equipping individuals with the right tools to solve social problems. “ In one word, ‘Pandemic’ is what motivated me to create my own venture,” says the founder.

Digital Marketing is a dynamic world in itself. It is a life-long learning process of trials and tribulations, believes the founder. He adds that a person who likes to keep working along with constant learning can only achieve a feat in the digital marketing world.

“The more you practice, the more number of ways you will learn to achieve the same process with different inputs. Algorithms keep changing, and it is obvious for it to happen, but if you are an expert you know how to find your own way along with those changes,” says Mr. Tushar.

NextgenDigiHub designs its courses with full consideration of what one requires when they start working. I have seen many people complaining that there is always a bridge between education and your career. It is bound to happen if you don’t fill that gap with practical learning. We provide a platform to fill the gaps and help you be a Digital Marketing Expert.” says the founder.

Building a course requires a thorough study to understand the pain points and then planning to address these through a well laid out structure.

“R&D in Digital Marketing is like the staple food you have at home every day. You cannot separate R&D from Digital Marketing believes Mr. Rayate. Things that you learn in Digital Marketing can be understood only when you implement, try, again and again, see different results for different inputs, and see its output. There is no magic, it’s all about the experience and the patience in achieving the desired output.”

The founder signs off with a message for young entrepreneurs willing to enter digital marketing and related solutions.

“Be clear about your goals, have clarity. Be dynamic, and take charge of your life. Do not procrastinate, it’s killing people more than accidents. Do what you like, and it will take you places. You define things – wrong or right with the deeds. Keep an open mind to social media, it can take you to the best places in the world.”



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