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Oliver Pet Care Solutions Pvt. Ltd


Animals are becoming a part of our daily lives and our families. From nuclear families to Millenials, most of us have or want a pet, and are prepared to devote our time to raise and care for them. To make that easy for us, Ms. Jeru Jeejeebhoy and Mr. Fram Petit (Co-Founders & Directors) founded Oliver Pet Care Solutions in 2016. They make it possible for the pet owners all across India to find easy access to top quality products, services, and tips that they need to care for their animal friends.

Company Overview

Oliver Pet Care Solution, a pro-technology pet care initiative, was established to help India’s pet owners gain proper access to quality health and safety products for their treasured pets. The Indian market is saturated with toys, food items, and daily use products, but there was a lack of rehab products for pets suffering from disabilities, or old age, or both. Oliver Pet Care Solution seeks to fill up this lack in the market by providing pet owners with essential products needed for their disabled or aging pets. Some of the notable products at the Oliver Pet Care Solution website are Walkin’ Wheels, to give senior or injured dogs the support they need to recover. In the case of senior dogs, it is not necessarily recovery, but keeping them comfortable and mobile.

The product range includes Ready-to-use Splints, Dog Harnesses as well as ready to use adjustable wheelchairs. In the case of injured and handicapped animals, product stability, quality, and durability are of the utmost importance. Therefore, Oliver, after using and experiencing various options, narrowed in on Handicapped Pets, a world leader in pet rehab products.

Their attempt is not limited to make life easier for dogs in need of special aids, they launch new, innovative products, which India’s estimated pet population of two million pets need.

 Oliver Pet Care Solution is dedicated to the Indian pet and its safety. They have the world’s best GPS tracker for pets. The number of missing dogs is shocking, and the recovery of lost pets can be a challenge. To keep the pet parents connected the Tractive GPS Real-Time Tracker from Oliver is the best solution there is.

Their services include Craniosacral Therapy for pets in Mumbai. Therapy for pets is available at Oliver Pet Care, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

The Workings of Oliver

The Oliver Pet Care Solution website helps parents take better care of their pets in more ways than one. Oliver’s tips on their products and pages are not expert or medical advice, but they are common sense and real-life experiences that Oliver shares with new and experienced pet parents. They write regular blogs to educate pet parents on what their animal friends need, and what they should avoid.

From food items with sufficient nutritional value, in place of ‘filler’ foods that are commonly available in the market, to travel accessories for dogs and cats, they make available any and everything a pet owner may need for their four-legged friends.

People need an easy way to manage their pets, they need products and services that are easy to find and use. As easily as they are available in the market, food and toys are not the complete solutions for the well-being of a pet. There was a need for a company in the market that was invested in more than selling food and toys. With Oliver Pet Care Solution, the first step has been taken towards making life happier and more convenient for the pets.

The idea is to help pet owners manage their pets and give them access to products for aging and injured pets. Animals recovering from injury, surgery and old animals have specific needs and require access to specialized products. Oliver Pet Care Solution provides these products at reasonable rates to the owners’ doorsteps.

Finding quality products to address health and safety problems for pets and animals in India was initially quite a challenge for Oliver Pet Care Solution, but they stood their ground successfully. Importing products to India, too, is no easy task: if officials are unaware of the use of a product, many are not willing to educate themselves or acknowledge that these products exist. Such unusual hurdles and overcoming them has been worth it, however, since it’s not only their own success but their clients’ gratefulness that makes it worth the effort.

The clients are more than thankful to finally have these products available to them in the country.

The integrity with which Oliver Pet Care Solution operates is admirable, to say the least. They sell foods only if they know the ingredients are not harmful, and they are manufactured using healthy, fresh ingredients – for that reason Oliver does not deal with kibble pet foods for cats or dogs. They’re firm on the quality of food their dogs eat. No fillers, no easy to open “doggie junk” food. Every product available on the Oliver web store is personally vetted. If their own animals do not use a product, and they do not have confidence in the quality of the product, it is not sold.

They ensure the unbreakable faith of clients in your company through this complete honesty and integrity.

Their products are unique and beyond reproach. They prioritize research and trial. Every product is first tried and tested, consulted with the appropriate expert/ professional about its safety. Once safety is established, the product is used/ tested, and when it is deemed safe, Oliver Pet Care Solution only then makes it available to the customers.

They focus a lot of their energy on research to bring the customers a selection of only the best new product that will be useful to them and their pets. They are not interested in gimmicks or useless pet games but focus on essential products with limited availability. They also constantly educate themselves about the advances in animal care and technology.

Their motivation comes from the fact we have seen too many pet owners struggle to provide proper care to their pets. The team at Oliver Pet Care Solution makes efforts to try and make life easier for them.

 Oliver Pet Care Solution was established on a tech-for-pets ideology. It takes the Indian pet owner/ carer/ vets a long time to realize the benefits of technology in caring for these animals. Unless new systems are infused, the pet industry in India will keep lagging behind, especially on health care facilities and products.

They also try to educate people on the perils of using substandard products – especially food, everyday items, and medical aids. Any product, if it is substandard, you haven’t saved any money, you’ll end up spending more!

Their Vision

To keep the pets of their clients and visitors on the website healthy, they continue to bring for them as much information as they can from across the globe. Education is the key to eliminating harmful foods or products for these pets.

Their aim is to continue to bring innovation to pet care and animal health. The industry in India is static. Food, toys and daily need items are essential, but that cannot and should not be the focus of the market right now.

The vision the founders had in mind was to provide the domesticated friends with the best the modern world has to offer.


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