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Omnia Digital

Omnia Digital

Placing your brand on the digital turf

For the last several years, branding has become a priority for companies and individuals, ushering a wave of new opportunities and possibilities for them. Two decades ago, things seemed hunky dory for advertisement platforms such as television, newspapers to name a few. But the abrupt shift of customers to internet brought an all-new era of Digital Marketing. With people spending big chunks of their leisure time on smartphones and computers, advertisements on radios, television and other such sources became less relevant with time.Seeing the large opportunity, many digital marketing companies have emerged in the past several years with Omnia Digital being one among those offering trailblazing solutions.

Omnia Digital is a creativity-driven, full-service digital agency offering every service from Content marketing, Digital Strategy & Execution to Campaign Management, and Insights & Analytics. It helps level the playing fields for all organizations. It is the agency’s belief that anyone who fails to travel abreast with the industry’s trends will find themselves out of the picture.

The delivery of efficient positive results with the quickest turn-around time has been the go-to motto for Omnia’s Digi-wizards. In the words of Shwetha, “We strongly believe that a digital campaign’s efficiency and effectiveness boils down to the analysis and implementation in real time. We do not take on a brand as a client, we become the brand! We ensure that the brand’s DNA is absorbed and that reflects in every strategy and campaign we run.”

Combating the Challenges

Initially, it was only Shwetha at the office sending approaches to the brands, making pitches, taking meetings by herself to try and build a brand, late nights, crazy work hours and what not? It was the most challenging phase in her life. She would come to the office at 10:30 every day and would work for 12 hours straight. At one stage, she started questioning herself about her career. But she worked through it with an increased motivation and determination. And the results are right before us. Hard work eventually pays off. “It may not be instant gratification but will definitely come to you at some point”, says Shwetha.

Omnia Digital encourages its team to set aside an hour every day to learn and research the new industry trends. Even the founders get down to the ground and take sessions on the latest technologies, trends, and methods that can be implemented. This perseverance and devotion of the team have helped the agency gain a bucket full of clients that include KLM, Kalamandir, Kancheepuram Varamahalakshmi Silks, Advaitha Homes, some renowned political parties and much more.

When it comes to technology, it’s easy to get distracted by the many capabilities that the digital landscape provides us. It becomes enticing to burn through cash on all thenew software and tools that are available. But not with Omnia Digital. Theagency doesn’t believe in blindly banking on all the high-end tools without considering its necessity first. In fact, for most of the part, Omnian-experts pour over the data in multiple spreadsheets to really analyze what’s going on and which software or tool plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing optimization. It’s all about adding value.

Team-work that makes the difference

The Omnia Digital team is relatively young, with most of them under 30. The diverse team, hand-picked across assorted industries, comes in with the utmost passion and creativity and handles clientele from varied industries ranging from education, fashion, hospitality and real estate. With the top management getting down to take regular sessions on the latest technologies and trends, the team is always kept up-to-date on the industry’s events. In addition to the sessions, Omnia also encourages its team members to sign up for courses and sessions, for which the company is happy to foot the bill.

All these years, her father has been a source of positivity for Shwetha. Taking inspiration from her father, who himself is a businessman, she has learnt a lot about the intricacies of the business world. The biggest lesson that she has learnt from him is maintaining consistency during all kinds of ups and downs. She has also learnt to stay motivated and enthusiastic throughout the journey.

Major Achievements

  • Omnia Digital was featured in India’s Top 25 fastest growing digital agencies by a business magazine
  • Omnia Digital was stated as One of India’s top 5 best Digital Agencies by another business magazine
  • Shwetha was one of the Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs of 2018

Omnia has become a brand despite being a 2-year-old company. Omnia Digital creates specific and customized strategies for Digital Campaigns to drive results. Today Omnia Digital is associated with some of the country’s top brands across all domains.

As Richard Branson once said, “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” Despite being an ECE major in college, she accepted every offer she got. Now, she is doing something completely different from what she studied. Her experience motivates us to never turn down opportunities. Apart from this, a person should be willing to learn, work as hard as one possibly can and will for sure see results at the end of it.

“In the past year, we have grown consistently both in terms of revenue and clients base. Our future blueprints are quite simple; we are looking forward to expanding our presence from Chennai and Bangalore to all other cities in the coming years,” concludes Shwetha, founder of the company.

Shwetha Prasad, Founder & CEO

A young and exuberant entrepreneur, Shwetha is highly skilled in Business Process, Operations Management, Communication, and Customer Relationship. Books like Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk are few of the books that have taught her the know-how of the business.

Santhosh Palavesh, Co-Founder & CEO

Having won 18+ entrepreneurial awards thus far, Santhosh is a young, but seasoned prodigy in digital tech and marketing with over eight years of experience.

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