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P.M. Legal Associates

Global Legal Consultants at your Platter

One stop solutions for bridging many gaps is seen as a prevalent trend in today’s market. We don’t have many competitors in market for one stop legal solutions. But then P.M. Legal Associates came on board to cater to this segment. Formerly known as Deshmukh & Mathur Legal Associate, the legal clinic was established in Year 2010. The firm was founded by Adv. Prateek Mathur who has studied in India and London. The firm has started catering the criminal side litigants since its inception, however since 2016 the firm has opened up its door for Civil side litigants and Immigration Law clients and firm has expanded across 4 cities in India (Mumbai/Delhi /Jaipur/Goa) and Firm has made Associate Partnership in London, Paris and Hongkong to cater international market and growing Indian Overseas Citizens. Firm now maintains 26 corporate clients across India and Overseas.

Distinctive Player

“Opening a law firm just out of college and without practical experience of law and courts was most difficult time of my life. At this particular time many seniors from college had introduced me to some great lawyers of our country who were more than happy to provide all the information as well as to provide confidence for my first court appearance. I am also thankful to the clients of that particular time who has put their faith in young aspiring lawyer and regular going to court rooms has given me great recognition,” remembers Mathur.

In Normal circumstances one will find that there are very few selected firms which handle Civil and Criminal law related matters, the market is distributed on broad parameters, however at P.M. Legal they handle Civil, Criminal & Immigration Law related matters, In India there are specialized consultancy firms for immigrations however very few lawyers deal with immigration laws and their firm is one of them. The firm mostly has Corporate and HNI’s clients, never the less this does not discourage us to take regular normal client who can get cheap and affordable legal service. The clientele involves big construction groups to housing societies to most reputed airlines in world.

Flowing with the Trend

There are more than 100 law firms in one city itself to cater the client with competitive quotes, their legal firm offers dedicated partner service to each client and keep them in loop on the development of the matter. With advanced technology, the firm and its core members keep themselves updated to pace of market, immigration sector is one of the major upcoming legal service demanding sector and the firm has opened its international associate partnership offices to cater the latest trends in market. Our all client files are secured and kept on cloud technology in order to enable us to share with them and we use the ultra-modern software to cater our clients.

The founder is also one of the view that the women power in particular has helped their firm to reflect gender equality in the society and the firm is being managed as COO who is female herself.

Following the Footsteps

In words of Prateek Mathur, “Mr. Thomas Mesereau is my role model. His excellence in criminal law is not unknown to anyone. His ability to take odd cases and winning them with extraordinary results is probably the best in world. A close look to his work allows me to see things differently in the most odd cases which I handled.”

They are trying to set up as many as associate partnership ventures as possible. The firm already have successful partnership ventures in Europe, Hongkong, Srilanka and very recently brought on board Russian lawyers to cater international clients. The Government as such has not been doing much to help Lawyer fraternity in India. The Lawyers in India has no much protection like many other countries. Indian Government has still not opened Foreign Direct Investment in India in law business which is affecting top clients and international law firms are not able to provide direct services in India. They strongly feel Government must appoint more judges as the case load in India is very high as compared to other countries of world and the ratio of judge to case is still worst. There is also need to provide adequate infrastructure to Justice System in India in order to bring speed to Justice here.

Further, the firm is looking forward to have infusion of capital by way of Associate partnership in few cities of India and Abroad in order to provide more efficient service under its brand. In long terms firm is looking to expand its team and enter in field of every law to provide its expertise to seeking clients.


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