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Power IT Services

Power IT Services: An Ace IT Consulting and Solution Provider Company

With the aid of abundant professional experience and expertise, IT Consulting Companies are helping a number of companies to achieve their goals with feasible and commendable solutions. Strategizing with a trace of innovation and keeping abreast of the digital outbreak, IT Consultants offer dynamic solutions and services to the clientele. Incubated in the year 2012, Power IT Services is an ace IT consulting and Solution Provider.


Power IT is a global firm in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. It is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of the client’s opportunities in the emerging technologies in cloud and digital platforms. Building on its strong 8-year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise, Power IT enable organizations to realize their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations.

Power IT is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people. It is a multicultural company of best team members in more than 10 countries. The global revenues of the company are in an uptrend.

At Power IT Services, they are focused on offering IT Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing solutions and services. Here, the team consists of over 300 consultants who are experts in Telecommunication, Banking, Financial Services, Health, Insurance, Automotive, Defence, Security, Energy, Semiconductors and Consumer Sector, helping their clients to remain up to date to the changing technologies in their domain and remain ahead of the competition, grow quickly and become more profitable.

The spectrum of their operations is spread across New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia Pacific markets to provide the IT Services and Solutions. They are the trusted partner to several Multinational Companies globally.


offers a powerful gamut of IT Services and Solutions, allowing companies to embrace the challenges of meeting and exceeding the companies’ IT needs with an aggressive Total Cost of Ownership. They enable companies to focus on their core competencies while handling the integral details of building IT solutions, guaranteed quality delivery with significant cost savings. They offer a competitive edge through their Digital Solutions and Projects Outsourcing Services, which are powered by their Global Delivery Model with teams based onsite in Singapore, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany and offshore in India.

Power IT’s clients include System Integrators, Software and Solutions providers, Digital, Online businesses, and enterprises that want to leverage their software assets, meet critical time-to-market pressures, and reduce their technology cost of ownership. Their ability to reinvest their learning and resources into services that proactively exceed their expectations has ensured that their clients not only stay with them for years, but also refer to similar new clients to them. Most of their revenue comes from repeat business.


The genius, Stephen Hawkings said, “No one undertakes research in physics with the intention of winning a prize. It is the joy of discovering something no one knew before.”

Not only in Physics, but the need for in-depth research is essential in almost every domain. In order to keep pace with the market, the growth-oriented company needs R&D.

Ramesh Babu Pemmasani says, “We provide environment and space for the employees to innovate, and we have built our Internal Innovation Repository Framework for the employees to suggest and build innovative processes/tools. We also have the Internal Training for our employees with a structured training framework for both freshers and laterals.”


In this era of the Technological Revolution, it makes no sense to lag behind in technological advancement. So as with Power IT Services.

Technology changes are an everyday affair. They ought to keep abreast of the Technology development, which enables rapid application development and deployment for the customer who has less time to go to the Market.

Engaging with industry experts to provide training on the Latest Technology with their employees and also with the robust training model, they have put forth to bring the employees at speed to take on any latest technological venture. They also encourage their staff to take online courses, certifications and participate in forums that enable them to cope with the latest technological developments.


Hard work and persistence of Power IT contribute to gigantic success and achievements.

When the company was started in 2012, they were serving only clients from a couple of countries. Within 6 years of inception, they were serving 20 clients across 11 countries. They have further added 10 European countries in 2020 and looking forward to increasing it to around 35 countries in the next couple of years. With the Y-O-Y growth of around 33% in the last 3 years, they are looking forward to getting the growth rate of 50% Y-O-Y in the next couple of years.


The firm with a positive outlook aspires to increase its revenue and clients in the years to come. Right from its inception, they have a clear focus on one particular thing, i.e., to be ‘The Most Trusted IT Services Partner’ across the globe. They started off as a Consulting firm, and they evolved into an IT Services company. They envision their brand in the global market as a company with a futuristic thought in terms of predictive analytics with AI technology. They are leveraging the current technology to stay ahead of the curve and be a pioneer in this industry.


Ramesh Babu Pemmasani is an entrepreneur with 22 years of International work experience in software development, the life cycle of Technology and Business Intelligence Projects with domain knowledge of Telecommunication, BFSI, and SCM. In addition to providing strategic solutions, Ramesh works closely with Sales, Marketing and Support teams to ensure Power IT offers the most practical IT Services and Solutions to their customers around the globe.

Ramesh started Power IT Services in the year of 2012 in New Zealand with a handful of consultants. Later, he decided to work hard for the growth of Power IT in top business solutions; now which has grown to the size of over 300 consultants and counting.


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