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POWERCAB: Offering the best-in-class and safest elevator experience to the consumers

POWERCAB: Offering the best-in-class and safest elevator experience to the consumers

Can you just imagine a world without Elevators? It is tough to imagine another invention that shaped the town as much as the lifts and escalators. Without these, residing in the skyscrapers would have been an onerous job.  Elevators and escalators could simplify our lives by assisting us in daily repetitive movements of climbing stairs. The people with the mobility issue can find these machines of great comfort undoubtedly. Our lives are heavily relying upon these machines knowingly or unknowingly. Proper functionality and safety are the crucial specifications that allow us to identify the high-end transportation machine and customers heavily rely upon such vendors who can ensure these two parameters effortlessly.

 The Indian Market for elevators and escalators has recently become a booming industrial domain. Considering the recent market reports, this industry is expected to reach $2 billion by the end of 2023. Owing to the urbanization, there has been a surge in need of high-rise residential and commercial buildings across the country that has majorly contributed to the high demand for elevators and escalators.  Further adding to this, the initiatives from the government’s end such as Smart Cities Mission and Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) are expected to contribute to the growth of this arena in leaps and bounds. This immediate advancement of the elevator and escalator manufacturing domain would have been impossible in the absence of the dominant industrial players. Our magazine brings forth the success story of one such ardent player in the relevant domain, Powercab, a leading name in offering adequate lift and elevator services. Today, Itis a popular name in Kolkata and West Bengal. The organization has supplied and installed more than 7500 lifts across the entire Eastern India Region and even in SAARC countries. Headquartered in West Bengal, the Firm was incepted in the year 1991. Around 5556 elevators are perfectly serving their clients in the major states of the country such as West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Tripura, Assam, etc. Besides this, some of the elevators are presently functional in some major cities like Ranchi, Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar, Puri, Siliguri, Alipurduar, Jamshedpur, Agartala, Seuri, Rampuhat(Tarapith), and many other cities as well.

 Inception Story

Addressing the inception story of the Company, the Key Official states that the lift and elevator industry was in the hands of Multinational developer companies during the early stages of his business venture. The service rendered by the Company was good enough, but quite expensive as well, that made the offerings rendered by them unaffordable for the common people as well. Aiming to make a difference in this domain, the Founder and Chairman, Ashis Sen pioneered in this sphere to serve the locality and the community, by providing manual and automated lifts to the common people. He is a well-trained technical person possessing vast knowledge in the electricals and electronics field. Recalling the initial phase of the business venture, Ashis says “At that time, the collapsing economy of India leads to people neglecting the purchasing of properties that hit the real estate business, especially the lift industry severely. It was at this time when we realized that we should step in to support the people in need as we aspired to do something beneficial to society.”

 Benefiting the Society

At the time of commencement of its journey, twenty-nine years ago, POWERCAB started with the most conventional single-speed lift. But, the Key Official envisioned to innovate and bring a modern trend in the industry. And to ensure this, the organization has hired a group of Engineers specialized in R&D for better product development. The adamant efforts of the adept team to modernize the lift and elevator segment concluded in making them a leading name in the relevant domain. The enormous efforts from their end, have enabled them to build modernized lifts efficiently. At present, the Company provides high-end elevators and escalators involving Manual Collapsible Door Elevator, Manual Sliding Door Elevator, Manual Swing Door Elevator, Manual Telescopic Door Elevator, Center Opening Auto Door Elevator, Scenic Elevator, and Escalators.

Ever since its inception, the Firm has been offering exclusive lift and elevator services at reasonable prices along with ensuring good quality, efficient deliveries, and manageable service rate. Addressing this, Mr. Ashis says, “Our exclusive services being offered at the reasonable prices affected the business of our competitors that evoked the urge of damaging our reputation in their minds. However, we stuck to our dedicated commitment towards the clients regarding the unrivaled deliverables that helped us to sail through almost all the kinds of the hindrance.”

The well-versed and experienced engineers of the Company are offering unique solutions to the consumer base as per their request. Elevators served by the Firm’s maintenance possess zero-to-none breakdowns and the firm claims to respond to calls within5 pm and the rest in early hours the next day. The Company is constantly striving to make pace with the latest market trends and innovations, to give a good competition to all the big and multinational companies.

Enlisting the exclusive offerings

  • Quality elevators and escalators.
  • Online maintenance support and backup team (t&c applied)
  • Highest safety standards are offered.
  • Same day annual maintenance backup plan to customers at an affordable rate maintaining all the quality norms.
  • Automatic rescue devices have been installed in each lift.
  • The main attraction of the company is its connectivity between the clients and the team during the term of AMCs and the warranty period.
  • To provide better connectivity and avoid all chances of communication gap

Incomparable features of the products

The lifts offered by the Company are installed with a wide range of features in them to ensure the unparalleled experience to its consumer base. Here, we are enlisting some exceptional features of the elevators offered by Powercab-

  • Keeping the safety of the clients in the mind, the elevators are backed up with power, ensuring emergency lights and fans in case of power failure.
  • Powercab lifts possess a microprocessor system that is a pre-programmed control. This feature is equipped with VVVF Drive of Toshiba, Yaskawa, Fuji, etc. The safety circuits incorporated in the elevators are up to the mark set up by the West Bengal Lift Rules and Act and IS & BS Standards.
  • Consumers are also provided the customized intercom facilities.
  • The Firm ensures reliable arrangements to receive a breakdown service call between 10 AM to 6 PM. Using the IVR system or by Google play store app- POWERCAB LIFT.
  • The lifts have almost zero-to-none breakdown rate. Only 0.1% of the maximum breakdown calls are received from the consumer’s end as they have a strict policy in this regard.
  • The Firm offers a free one-year warranty/ free service period, offering lubrication of the elevators with this.

Ensuring the exceptional services to the clients

Acknowledging the needs of their adored consumers and the competitive market, POWERCAB claims that it never fails to offer state-of-the-art services at an affordable price when compared to their competitors. The Firm ensures to accompany all these offerings with early deliveries and prompt fulfillment of the client’s requirements, along with a promise of advanced backup assistance whenever requested by the client.  Being a people-centric firm, it concentrates on quantity alongside quality to ensure regulating nominal profits. The scenario mentioned in the above premise benefits the Organization to obtain the largest AMC coverage every year. Mr. Ashish asserts, “Owing to this AMC Coverage, we have a substantial number of maintenance clients for our own products, however, we never maintain other brand elevators. POWERCAB is happy with POWERCAB USERS. The elevator business is all about to achieve a maximum number of maintenances that generates high revenues per month, that is a great support to run the business smoothly with all overhead expenses. Talking about the profits attained by us from the formation of the new lifts, we add it to the total capital every year and utilize this to finance new productions.”

Achievements and Accolades by far

The ISO 9001:2015 accredited Firm has bagged numerous titles by some well-reckoned organizations- Institute of Economic Studies and other esteemed bodies. The list of the awards earned by POWERCAB include-

  • UdhyogRatna Award in 1999 for industrial development in West Bengal
  • Transworld Gold Star Award in 1999, New Delhi, for Highest achievement in selling the product in the metro city Kolkata
  • Excellency award in the year 1999 for Designing and Production
  • Gold Medal Award in the year 2001 for Services and Products
  • Excellence Award for Extraordinary Achievements in India’s Development
  • RashtriyaPratibhaPuraskar Awards in Kolkata for its unparalleled services.

Future outlooks

Sharing the future endeavors of the Company, Mr. Ashis asserts that the Company aims for a better- technically equipped factory with every possible modern machinery in their solutions. In the future, they aim to retail the elevator products to other local companies of Kolkata and West Bengal. The Company aspires to introduce wireless systems in all of their operating systems of lift cabin and landing controls. Other future outlooks include the advancements of elevator technology that works towards building an elevator system efficient enough to consume low units of electricity and to incorporate overload sensors in each lift. The firm targets to achieve the following objectives shortly-

  • The Company aspires to develop center opening doors and another elevator/escalator spares, and other manufacturing items and transact spare parts to other local companies of nearby state at a lessened cost in comparison to the suppliers of Ahemadabad, Mumbai, Pune, etc.
  • The Key Official has envisioned to install more sophisticated machinery at the earliest by December 2019, for mass production and quality, resembling the multinational companies.
  • Revamped elevator in-cabin styles with more attractive designs and features.
  • Adding more features to the microprocessors control panel, ensuring ease in locating the faults, and enhance the performance.
  • Offering exceptional training to the technical staff daily, by well-experienced and efficient engineers.
  • Developing the strategies to improve marketing network by the establishment of franchisee within and outside the states in the eastern part of India.
  • Aim to inaugurate four showrooms for elevator products like car dealers, etc by 2020, in Kolkata.
  • Planning to extend the in-shift timings for 24hrsfor the betterment of the maintenance network.
  • Developing tactics to reduce AMC costs comparing tothe multinationals.

Words of wisdom for the entrepreneurs

The Founder of the Company, Ashis Sen guides the aspiring entrepreneurs by asserting, “If any entrepreneur desires to establish a niche for himself in this domain, then bearing at least 8- 10 years of solid technical experience and capability of developing a sophisticated production unit equipped with the modern automated machine is a must. Solid marketing network and solid support of maintenance can help you ensure scaling heights in this sphere.”


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