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The sphere of international enterprises has ventured on a variety of verticals, which has generated an arena of opportunities for organizations all over the globe. This revolutionary approach has made organizations to affiliate with the evolving market and modern framework, to stay competitive in this volatile ecosystem. Further, this has provoked entrepreneurs around the world to instill new ideas and strategies and craft a proper communication channel, to successfully promulgate the initiatives amongst their team. Technology has always been the prime platform aiding an organization’s success and there is no leader that can stay immune to the force of technological shift. With a clear vision of the landscape of current market, Robbie Antonio stands as one of the global pioneers of South East Asia with his brainchild, Resident Holdings Group—a multinational conglomerate, which focuses on dazzling the world with heterogenetic luxurious products and services that encompass homes, furniture, fashion accessories, skincare, cosmetics, apparel, food and service franchises and digital services curated by luminaries in the fields of art, architecture, entertainment, music, and fashion.


Robbie Antonio is a supremely cultivated personage in the field of real estate, tech entrepreneurship, and is further an art patron. As a notable staunch of consumer branding, the founder and CEO has worked with various celebrities and influencers for worldwide projects representing nineteen (19) companies under Resident Holdings Group in the fields of property, financial technology, e-commerce, home accessories, beauty, fashion, jewellery, food, and electronics. Presently, Antonio has acquired $82M square feet of developed, in-progress, and managed properties under his grasp. He is also the CEO and Founder of ‘Antonio Development’ in New York. Here, he got the opportunity to partner with the Pei Partners and the late I.M.Pei in constructing ‘The Centurion’, one of the most desirable condominiums in all of Manhattan. Further, an exemplary of his forte is leading ‘Century Properties’ as a Managing Director, where he contrived $2.1 billion of branded developments and elevated the company  to new heights by working with some of the lionized billion-dollar organizations like Trump Organization, Armani Casa, Versace Home, Philippe Starck, Missoni Home, and Paris Hilton.


The flagship company of this group was ‘Revolution Precrafted’, which was focused on providing pre-crafted homes and structures. After the tremendous achievements of this presiding, celebrity-curated foundation, Robbie Antonio founded this brainchild Resident Holdings Group at Makati, Philippines, in Apr 2019. Through its impeccable performance in the last 10 months, Resident Holding has been showing its growth, which is further succored through the companies under Resident Holdings. The holding company has conceived ‘Renegade Branding Concepts’, ‘Renaissance Touch’, ‘Relevant Medium’, and ‘Reach Medium’.

Renegade provisions unparalleled concepts on retail and business opportunities, all under one roof. Renaissance Touch is a celebrated e-commerce site for furnishing and decorating interior spaces. Relevant Medium functions as a platform, which enables social media influencers to create and monetize content while Reach Medium is an aggregated Key Opinion Leader (KOL) content curator, e-commerce, and traffic engine.

These prospective projects have intensively assisted Antonio, in progressing to new heights of brand marketing. Furthermore, they helped him in unveiling his other illustrious ‘e-commerce and e-service’ brands that came under Resident Holdings—Rebel Specs Design, a brand that features eminent eye wear having sleek, top-notch design and unbeatable prices. Radical Couture Concepts provides cost-effective and paramount fashion trends. Regal Jewelry Selection sells a wide variety of gorgeous ornamental collection (branded rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets).

In addition to this, Antonio has established many more significant e-commerce platforms for numerous verticals: Radiant Beauty Selection featuring luminary beauty products, and Replenish Corporation that sells celebrity- endorsed nutrition supplements. Roaring Pets that ventured on a wide variety of celebrated products sufficing pet needs, Rascal Kids Collection, which comes as a collection of mom and kids’ toys, apparels, stuff and necessities inspired by various influencer babies and kids.


One of the brands that Antonio focused on in the past few months was his celebrity-curated jewelry statement company. Regal Jewelry Collection already proved its identity in the market since it started, with its classical and stylish collections inspired by major Celebrities and Influencers, no wonder the brand made its mark in its own business segment. Refining the fashion in accessory jewelries, Regal provided shine and sparkle through its products, from earrings, rings, bracelets, watches and necklaces.

“To create a statement in every accessory you wear that matches along with your mood and style, that’s what Regal is all about.” Robbie noted.


The foundation of Resident Holdings is laid down by the successful intervention of its unicorn startup, ‘Revolution Precrafted’. Inaugurated in 2015, Revolution Precrafted had successfully spread its network over 31 countries within Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, and the Caribbean. However, the company was established in an era, when pre-crafted homes were quite oblivious and redundant subjects to the world. Hence, to generate cognizance of pre-crafted structures throughout the globe, Antonio partnered with some of the trendsetting designers and architects to fabricate modulated structures and homes.

After the 4 years of unparalleled sustainability, Revolution Precrafted has become the only recognized startup in the Philippines, with a turnover of $1billion. Antonio asserts that the accomplishments of ‘Revolution Precrafted’ are the major benefactors that helped him bring all his projects under one umbrella: Resident Holdings Group. Today, the company stands as a leading enterprise in Southeast-Asia, looking forward to global progression and interests in the fields of social media marketing, franchising, tech-based legal, medical, and accounting services. Groundbreaking Roadmap for Future Prospects “You have to make everyone fathom the value of your concepts before you can go ahead with them” asserts Robbie Antonio.

Current regulatory limitations and standards have made it very disruptive for businesses to reach their optimal efficiency. Other than this, a leader further needs to account for operations, marketing, and logistics. Overall, a CEO needs to lead all aspects of the business to make it succeed. With a robust mindset, Antonio envisions to be prepared with different paths and work hard, to take his brainchild to new heights and retaliate to this volatility.

The company has incubated over 20 business units under Resident Holdings but aspires to come up with new business ideas. In the next 5 to 10 years, Resident Holdings is aiming to sustain as a trendsetting contemporary conglomerate, propagating in more domains, and truly become the global game-changer in e-commerce, home accessories, beauty, fashion, jewelry, food, and electronics.


“Make your own decisions and be responsible and accountable for your actions. Have perseverance, strong will, and passion to succeed, persistence to learn new things, acquire new ideas, constantly challenge yourself, and never give up until you reach where you want to be. Lastly, get a good mentor in the way.” ~Robbie Antonio


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