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Prismatic Consulting

Prismatic Consulting


Excelling triumphantly in a multitude of spheres, some majestic and alpha women are creating an aura which incites people to notice their magnificence and charisma. In fact, their personalities are the mere reflections of the incredible image, they possess. Standing on the same pedestal, Nandita Pandey, a stupor of magnetic personality and inspiration to a multitude of women. Despite a plethora of obscurities, she emerged as the ‘RISING SUN’ in the entrepreneurial world.

Nandita Pandey is an ace Personal Branding Coach and a phenomenal Image Consultant. She is the Founder and Director of Strata Vision Pvt. Ltd (SVPL) and also the Chief Image Consultant of Prismatic Image Consulting. She endeavors to help a number of professionals, brands, CEO’s, celebrities, and elites to stand out from the crowd.


The cognoscente has acquired an enriching experience in the corporate sector, where she worked strenuously with a plethora of ace professionals and entrepreneurs. Somewhere in the heart, she had an immense desire of being an entrepreneur. Henceforth, with vigorous spirits and immense efforts, she became an astounding entrepreneur, who is thriving phenomenally in the business world.

Nandita Pandey hails from North India, but she is currently working as a Branding Coach in Chennai. The superlative entrepreneur works on creating the personal brand and image of leading entrepreneurs, individuals in corporates, celebrities, politicians, etc. She inculcates in her clients the attributes, which are required by a potent leader, so that they can lead their personal and professional lives in a more fulfilling and positive way. She nurtures the quintessential qualities and values for constructing the formidable image of the clients, so that they can confidently represent themselves anywhere in the crowd.

Basically, the connoisseur coaches the executives on Appearance, Behavior, Communication Skills, Digital Presence and Etiquette, which indeed are the indispensable traits for creating a powerful and exemplary brand.

The magnate trains the clients in networking, which includes growing relationships in their businesses or corporate sectors for magnifying the growth and expansion. Additionally, she imparts a knowledge of all essential business ethics and values, which are the utmost requirements for an empowering leader.

The visionary says, “To be seen as a leader, you ought to behave as a leader.”

Additionally, she is collaborated with beaucoup of dieticians, dermatologists, dentists, etc., whom she referred to her clients for respective services.


The trajectory on which Nandita walked was full of detours and crosses; but with an incredible strong will and support of her husband, she bypassed all. Before starting the voyage to entrepreneurial world, she suffered a huge loss in business, due to which the family had to sell one of the houses in Delhi. Whereupon, this was a turning point in her life, which fuels her to start an expedition of entrepreneurship.

At that point, turning back to corporate world seemed a safe and an easy option to her; but she decided to step out from the comfort zone, and carved a professional path on her own terms. With a firm faith and belief, she progressed. Failures ignited her spirits to turn the odds into opportunities; thereby, she made a conscious choice to focus on proactive goals, instead of seeing the grey side.

Nandita was always a stupendous performer in the corporate world. The company always trusted on her credibility and potential. She used to represent the company in colleges and campus recruitment, but nobody knows when the wheels of life would take a sudden turn. Same happened with the tycoon, from her hands, the opportunity to represent the company on an international platform was taken away; that was quite shocking for her. There was no question on her competency, but the management could not find her apt for representing the company internationally, because in their opinion, she did not know how to carry herself. This was a tight blow on her confidence.

Since that day, she decided to work on herself, and paying heed to improving the overall image, by enrolling herself in different image consulting courses. In this way, she embarked on the entrepreneurial journey, and became a leading Personal Branding Coach. But, that was not an end to the obscurities; there were more challenges awaiting, which she encountered during the commencement of entrepreneurial excursion in Chennai.

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As, she was a Personal Branding Coach from Tamil Nadu, so people from metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. doubted her caliber, but she won their trust with her personalized solutions and exemplary services.  The other indispensable attributes are her confidence and presentation skills, which play a pivotal role in creating the unbreakable trust of clients.

The magnificence of her aura leaves an astounding positive impact on the people. There are numerous magnetic qualities which the lady possess. One of them is active listening. She is quite a good listener, and with this skill, she listens to her clients quite attentively and patiently. Afterwards, she offers customized solutions with a deep research and analysis. Adding to the list, she acquires an in-depth knowledge of various companies, which actually impresses the clients, and incites them to work with Nandita.

Talking about the challenges, the other constraint was language; she found it extremely difficult to understand the local language of Chennai, but somehow with the passage of time, she cope with it.


The effigy of inspiration is incredibly motivating other women to do whatever they believe in. They ought to push themselves, and create a life of their dreams.

          “Keep faith in your hearts, and just move on to excel”

                                     ~ Nandita Pandey

According to her perception, nobody can stop women from excelling; it’s their life choices and decisions which either push them forward or impede their career graph. Henceforth, they are the creators of their destinies.

Nandita believes that women are quite empowering and domineering in the entrepreneurial realm, and they can doth wonders if they believe in their hidden treasure.


The ineffable has great future plans to achieve as she wants to spread the horizons of the business which include creating own label of uniforms, brands, starting a multitude of courses in institutes. There are several skill development courses, which she is planning to launch in the colleges.

The pioneer is accredited by a plethora of awards and recognition for her contribution in the business world. She has won Super Women Achiever Award during the World Leadership Congress Award, Woman Glory Award in Personal Branding, and World HRD Award for Personal Branding.

Additionally, she is the author of incredible book ‘Dressology-The Science of Power Dressing’.Her paper on ‘Effects of Indo-Japanese Work Culture on Indian Employees’ was published in American Journal of Psychology.

At last, Nandita states, “Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you.”

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