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QwinLaw, Complete Legal and Compliance Solutions for Foreign Investments

In the last few years, there have been some drastic changes in the sector of investment law for foreign investors in India. The legal scenario has witnessed a major paradigm shift in the process of how the industry functions with dynamic changes in the permissions and the compliances of law and reporting requirements.

The legal system for foreign investors faced a complete makeover and for good.QwinLaw Legal and Compliances, one of the law Firms based in Mumbai provide legal advice pre-investment and Compliance support services post-Investment for the Investors into Indian Market, one of the fastest growing capital markets globally, ensuring that the investors are in the right side of the regulations with respect to their investments in India.

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla, Advocate, QwinLaw Legal & Compliances, in conversation with Business Connect,

Business Connect: How has your experience as DAJAG (The Judge Advocate General) helped you in the establishment of the company?

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: The learnings and experiences which one gets from the Defence services as an officer is of an all-around performer. The Officers training Academy develops good administrative skills and gives an edge to see things from all angles of the problems. These skills are required to be an entrepreneur in the legal Sector. I developed these skills during the tenure as a DAJAG, it helped tremendously along with my years of experiences and knowledge in the laws related to Capital Market and Financial Markets (SEBI & RBI) in setting up of QwinLaw Legal & Compliances.

Business Connect: How do you ensure the smooth functioning of the companies in the domain of Capital Market & Foreign Investments?

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: Laws related to Indian Capital Markets and Foreign Investments to India are highly dynamic in nature. Regulators and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs are responsible to keep the Indian Capital Markets and Foreign Investments regulated to maintain stability in the economy. Therefore the Market participants also need to keep themselves very proactive in participating in compliances of the ever-changing rules and regulations and at the same time remodel their products as often as needed.

QwinLaw is at the forefront to advice our clients with respect to the regulatory trends and changes well in advance or immediately upon a change. This is achieved by extensive research and closely observing the regulatory and ministerial discussions. 

Business Connect: You were a part of the earlier batches of Lady Officers commissioned into Indian army? How has that experience shaped up your life as a woman entrepreneur?

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: I joined Indian Army way back in 1995, it still was still a taboo for a girl to do what I did from the place where I belonged. But I enjoyed thinking in unconventional ways. The army teaches you ‘How to lead’ even at the worst situation, and that becomes muscle memory for an Army Officer. This learning as a Commissioned Officer of Indian Army shaped up my overall personality.

Business Connect: What is your opinion about the current financial situation of the country? How viable is it for foreign companies to invest in India?

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: India is a fast-developing economy and as per my opinion, Manmohan Singh as a Finance Minister during 1991-1996 period carried out several structural reforms that liberalized India’s economy. Opening India for foreign Investment paved a very dynamic growth as the world took it as a positive move and a lot of foreign investment flew into the country. We have young, smart and educated population, ready to take India to the next level. We are on our way to be the favorite destination for investors for yielding good returns. The Foreign Investment data published by RBI speaks for itself with respect to the growth of foreign interest.

Business Connect: How do you mitigate the risk involved in an investment?

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: Risks are basically financial and regulatory, I concentrate on helping my clients in mitigating the regulatory risk. We help our clients to be at ease by advising them way in advance and work with them on the changes needed.

Business Connect: How have you adapted yourself to the latest needs of the market?

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: Keeping ourselves equipped with the latest information and possible regulatory changes. Also by observing the trends of the global and internal economy, and the changes brought in by the government related to the economy. This helps in advising the clients and adapting to the regulatory changes /remodel their product line.

Business Connect: What gives you an edge over your peers? Please mention some of your fortes.

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: I believe in preventative approach than remedial approach. If you are on the right side of laws and regulations, no need not worry about the mayhems. I advise my clients to take time to evaluate the pros and cons and cost-benefit analysis based on the regulatory parameters and take an informed decision. I help my clients to be on the safe side of law and regulations by educating them for being compliant with the relevant legal formalities.

Business Connect: Do you see any transformation happening in the entrepreneurial world?

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: Yes, the major change I see in the entrepreneurial world is the foreign investors coming to India. Now they are serious about their regulatory homework and spend their time in productive areas of their business than in lengthy legal procedures for correction and penalties.

Business Connect: Did you face any obstacle during the initial days? How did you sail through them?

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: I would rather call it a learning curve, each obstacle is an opportunity. Game of life, personal or business is like kids playing Fortnite. You have to be always at Call of duty as a true soldier. It’s your choice which costume you wear Skull Trooper or Creepy Bear. Your success will depend on who you become at a given point of time, I mentally change my costume as per the need.

Business Connect: What was your learning during struggling days so that our readers could prepare themselves for upcoming challenges?

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: Whether it is existing or upcoming challenges, I realized that challenges can be conquered by having clarity of the nature of it, if you do so, a problem can be easily tackled by dissecting it and solving it by simple solutions.

Business Connect: How difficult is it to remain relevant in this competitive world? How do you keep yourself motivated during tough times?

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: Legal profession is highly competitive, Tough times are window period for brushing up skills and become smarter for better days. We use the tough time for getting new ideas, new insight, re-plan a compliance module, spent the time in learning and educating clients so we can be more productive.

Business Connect: Tell us something about your staff.

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: My primary approach to my staff is to help them learn and improve, they should be more confident personally and professionally. I motivate them to create an impact on whatever they do. That helps them to stay positive during challenging times, and they always know I am there to do final troubleshooting if they find challenges.

Business Connect: Mention a couple of your favorite books/novels that have taught you the intricacies of business? Please share the erudition for our readers so that they could be inspired.

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: I read a lot. Reading is an integral part of the legal profession. Law journals, Panel Discussions, Regulatory Study Committee reports are my regular topics of interest. Apart from this I regularly read Brain Tracy, Robin Sharma Robert Kiyosaki Jim Rohn & Lisa Nicol, these books helped me a lot in all aspects of life.

Business Connect: What are your short term and long-term future plans for the company?

Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla: The short term and long-term plans are to touch upon maximum business participants and help them preventative approach to regulatory and legal issues by providing them simple and self-implementable solutions to their legal issues and plan custom made regulatory compliance worksheets so that they can focus on to their respective businesses effectively.

The age we belong to, with a rapid increase in the rules and regulations, it is a fight to structure an operational fund foreseeing the possible regulatory change and as a professional legal outsourcing company, this is what they provide the best. Regardless of what problem you are facing, there is an end to end solution for everything with QwinLaw Legal and compliances.

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