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Radiant: A pioneer of experiential marketing

Marketing is one of the most trending methodologies for advertising one’s products and services in the market. Irrespective of the industry companies follow various techniques to mark their name in the market. In those many conventional strategies of marketing is experiential marketing which is currently a trending culture used by startups and MNCs to promote their product and services in the market.

Experiential marketing is a strategy which engrosses clients to have a branded experience about their products and services. It also referred to as “live marketing” or “event marketing” and is focused on creating a mesmerizing impact in the mind of the clients. Radiant is one such marketing leader that employes experiential marketing strategies to promote their client’s content. The company has an experience of six years in the industry and stands as one of the figureheads of its domain.

A quick look at the organization

Radiant was brought to the forefront by Mr. Sudhakar Sharan (Founder & CEO) in the year 2011 and started its operations from March 2013 in Jangpura, New Delhi. The company is focused on experiential marketing and tends to provide a branded experience of its products or services to the end consumer or prospective consumers. They do this through various ‘events’ and ‘outreach programs’ that they refer to as ‘activation’. Other methodologies the company invests in are retailing, exhibition, audio & visual presentation which is basically focused on AR & VR and creative content.

A brief of the Maestro    

Mr. Sudhakar Sharan has incorporated experience of over 21 years of creating and providing experiences with the consumers and brands, in the aspects of marketing either as Events, Activation, Retail, Exhibitions or Creative Consultancy. The persona believes that “Experiencing & spreading the experience defines who I am”. Hence, he takes it as an important purpose of his life to educating people about the application of experiential marketing and how is it a profitable approach that can provide conducive results and maximize the brand value.

Keeping a hasty pace with market trends

Every day is a struggle in this ever-changing market, its how you keep pace with it matters most”. – Mr. Sudhakar Sharan

A company’s brand and perspective changes with the market trends and with it the amalgamation of techniques also need to be updated to stay in pace with the market. Radiant also doesn’t fall back in this aspect. The company is always focused in constituting their projects with revolutionary technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) that are two of the most dominating segments of the digital platform.

The reason behind doing all these is it gives the clients a reason to be attentive to and keep other factors in accord like how many heads they can make their content dive into and how much expenses will they require to cater to this service through a bunch of nanofibers. The company focuses more on digital publishing than newspapers because it wants the audience’s focus on experience rather than keeping a glance at the virtue of the setup or virtue of the content.

Serving clients that range from national to international

The company has served some of the topmost clients in India like Hero cycles, Everest, Tata to name a few and many popular international clients like Honda, Samsung, OPPO, Toyota and many more. This further increases their brand image and reach the national and international markets.

Influence of R&D on the company

Research and development are the keynotes of any successful project constructed by a Company. Radiant believes that thorough research on products or services is extremely crucial before advertising them or else it won’t be able to achieve client satisfaction. Other than that one needs to innovate their technology and resources to the optimum so that the project published in the market can get inside the minds of the audience not just have a ricochet effect.

Adapted to the latest technology

Technology is the wheel of any industry. If we look at a few years back one needed to go to a convention center or library to gather the required information but now it is replaced with World Wide Web (WWW) which gives us all the information available on the topic. Moreover, there is the influence of AR (Augmented reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) which has covered a substantial space in the digital platform. Moreover, there are Social media platforms that give access to information about anyone in the world in just a few taps. Radiant has heavily ventured on these technological aspects especially AR & VR which they generally use in their various ‘activation’ programs.

Treating employees as principal assets of the organization

Employees are the most millennial asset of any organization. The company keeps the employees motivated by maintaining a very appealing work culture. They perform various recreational activities each week to keep the employee’s morale high. Other than that they go out on tours once in a year, organize corporate dinners, celebrate festivals and birthdays of employees also keeps a very harmonious relationship with the employees’ family. Altogether, the company creates a very transparent and enthusiastic environment for its workforce.

Achievements and milestones to pay tribute to

The biggest achievement of Radiant has been its firm footing for the last 6 years. Other than that they are the pioneer of serving many popular national and international conglomerates. The company also takes into account the fact that it has a very supportive and innovative workforce that has always stood by them at their side. But above all, it believes retaining and sustaining such huge clientele is their biggest achievement.

Illuminated bright prospects

The company is further putting its concern on government projects. India is currently investing heavily in the digital platform than offline publishing. Hence, the company is gearing up for Govt. experiential marketing projects in the coming years which includes events and outreach programs. Radiant believes that this shall form a strong diplomatic approach with the country’s Government.

A small token of motivation for young entrepreneurs

“Try to be as original as possible. Plagiarism might save you for once but it can’t defend you forever”. Says Mr. Sudhakar Sharan. He personally believes that there is no better way than being authentic to achieve progression in life whether it is professional or personal. And he further suggests every young entrepreneurs and student who are still pursuing their professional career to enter the industry with creativity and innovation because that is what will make them a trendsetter in the market.

A message for the readers

“India is currently a developing country. It is on a constant movement towards global prospects so be ready for that. But keep as much authenticity as possible, because at the end of the day your true nature can bring out your sterling performance and give you glory”. – Mr. Sudhakar Sharan.

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