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RARR Technologies: Where matchless digitization comes at an affordable cost

RARR Technologies: Where matchless digitization comes at an affordable cost

Imagine a scenario where you can handle your orders and deliver the finished products from your manufacturing unit while being seated miles away at your home enjoying your cup of coffee. Be it hiring the best resources or conducting the absolute business operations at home, technology can bring everything at your figure tips! But seeking state-of-the-art solutions require an outstanding service provider who could decipher the pain points as per the client’s needs and offer the apposite solutions in this direction.

In this regard, RARR Technologies can adjoin one as a reliable yet relevant digitization partner to offer an extreme level of satisfaction and jubilance. The company aims to be a collaborative platform for all technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who want to start their entrepreneurial journey.

How did it all start?
Three years back, RARR Technologies commenced its entrepreneurial excursion by making innovation and digitalization the cornerstones. The founders were fascinated by the idea to ensure relevant and revolutionary solutions for the organisations across the business fraternity. RARR Technologies has been incubated as a start-up by prestigious IIM-Lucknow in Noida Incubation centre looking at RARR’s innovative efforts to build an IIoT platform to provide a cost-effective industry 4.0 driven solution to SMEs.

As their minds were pouring fascinating ideas to bring ease to the business operations, they eyed for extraordinary solutions for the clients with an enhanced experience. They firmly believe that there may be multiple ways to experience the overwhelming moments but at the time of one’s absence in the team, RARR Technologies can be the shoulder to rely on.

The company is indulged in Software Development and IT consulting segment where it proposes Human Resources, Business Consulting, Sourcing and Temporary Staffing/ Outsourcing services and solutions. Offering a diverse range of software product lines such as ERP, CRM and IoT, the company has become a credible vendor partner for SMEs who cannot afford the high-end tech-based solutions. Their forte in ensuring end-to-end HR and Business Consulting solutions allows them to meet the client’s aspirations.

Where integrity is the priority
RARR is an IT-consulting enterprise that endeavours to go beyond the client’s expectations with every step they take collaboratively. The team avidly believes in delivering outstanding results with incessant improvements. Monika Verma, Client-Relation Manager, asserts, “We aim to consider our trade partners as our stakeholders and treat them with utmost fairness, truthfulness, transparency and respectful ways in addition to expecting the same in return. Our expectations are always high and we ensure to make them happen. We listen to our stakeholders, customers and partners for further enhancements and our roaring success is dependent upon the collective contributions, innovations and competences of all of our team members.”

Revamping IT segment with an ingenious product
As the COVID-19 scenario plagued the world with its extremities, the recruitment processes in the IT segment was disastrously distorted. Still, the industry is dealing with the disruption where hiring talented individuals has become an arduous task. Against this backdrop, RARR Technologies recognizes the pulse of the market where a huge chunk of enterprises is in the dire need of an affordable yet proficient workforce and decided to become a torchbearer by developing an AI-ML driven application that will optimize the hectic recruitment procedures. This aspired product could be used by its associated clientele or freelancer recruiters.

“As a tech-consultancy firm, we intend to develop a consolidated databank that is effortlessly accessible for recruiters or SMEs at quite a nominal cost. Down the line, we intend to eradicate the need to approach any third-party recruitment application by offering relevant and splendid resumes for outstanding hiring processes over a single tech-driven portal,” states Monika.

Team RARR frequently keeps engaged in the development of such platforms that can create a difference to the business fraternity. While applying demonstrated strategies to create unparalleled products by implementing database frameworks to attain an ideal dimension, it augments execution and security to make justice to the customer’s plan of actions. The management always encourages advanced learning that instigates their specialists to be the recipients of the latest innovations across the industry. Additionally, they work collaboratively with the latest versions and offer precise promising results with the convoluted needs of the enterprises and would like to make steadfast improvements in the same direction.


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