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Rebbeca Environment Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Rebbeca Environment Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Resolving all your biological problems with impeccable biological solutions

Humans are progressing tremendously that is incredible, but what about the degradation of this environment with the advent of technological dominance and science? Awareness and conscious actions are needed to counteract the disastrous actions of beings. Rebecca Environment Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. came into existence to offer feasible and environment-friendly solutions to the alarming issues.

At Rebbeca Environment Engineering Solutions Private Limited, they work with a mission to ‘Keep Clean – Go Green’. They work towards combining modern technology with the fundamentals of nature to provide biological solutions to biological problems. With the onset of the industrial revolution and the emergence of innovative ideas, their company attempts to evolve products with an eco-friendly progressive methodology. Their products and services are not only of fine quality but they take pride in delivering products with low maintenance charges.

They value customer’s satisfaction and aim to provide the finest quality of products by exclusive scrutiny of the raw materials from their trusted vendors. Ashish Seline Paius  says, “We need to meet the needs and expectations of our clientele groups and we strive to deliver their orders within the time frame.”  Incorporating modern infrastructure which encompasses high-end quality testing units and spacious warehousing facilities in their services, they offer commendable solutions.To ensure the supreme quality standards, they test their products under strict quality parameters to make sure that only the best products are being delivered to their clientele. Their team consists of skill edenvironmentalists who have a vast knowledge of this domain and their main aim is to bring the ecological revolution which is the need of the hour.

The Enlightening Idea

Ashish Seline Paius  states, “The idea of starting a business and that too in the environment sector was by Mr. AmitPaius, Director, Rebbeca Environment Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd. I was working for a project in Saudi Arabia at that time. It was in April 2015, after the inception of the company, that I joined Rebbeca as a CEO. My initial struggle was to find an investor for the company because our funds were exhausted by the time we incorporated and set up the business. To run the show, we needed office rent, office expenses, stationaries, salaries, fuel, advertisements, brochures, etc. That was the time we managed to get Mrs. Sreejitha PV as an investor and shareholder to the company. When we started the venture, we were concentrating only on the Sewage Treatment Plant. But the conversion ratio of Sewage Treatment Plants was in decimals. About 2 to 3 confirmed orders in a year. Sustainability was still a question mark. I decided to diversify the business. We started bringing Industrial Reverse Osmosis, Water Purifiers, and small Effluent Treatment Plants. We gradually expanded our business by starting Professional Audio Video Solutions with the parent company Audiotechnik India Solutions Pvt Ltd. A recent addition to our business is the construction division, where one project is already completed and handed over and we are starting another one soon. The basic idea was to ensure the money inflow and outflow. We have always ensured that payment of the salaries and wages does not lead to an unnecessary increase in our liabilities. This financial year, after generating a turnover which crossed Rs. 10 crores, we are in a proud position with no loans, overdrafts or arrears.”

 For Ensuring the Quality

Encouraging the standards of quality in the processes and systems, Rebecca pays great heed to it. On the same notion, they have several segments of businesses.  With the help of the Sewage Treatment Plant and through natural technology,they are the only company that guarantees a no sludge and no smell system with full water fit to be reused. Secondly, the Industrial RO plant. They design the plant in such a way that the wastewater is not more than 25-28%. The third segment is, audio and video, they have designed audio video solutions in such places where one could not imagine anything beyond a box and that too at an economical price. Lastly, the construction division. They never compromise on the quality of the materials being used and they believe in delivering it on time. Their inspection department always conducts random checks on the materials on their sites as well as in the warehouses.

Research and Development

For getting into the intricacies of the process, it is indispensable to encourage R&D in the Company as it is instrumental. So, in the technology of their STP, they are just breeding atmospheric bacteria and executing it for treatment. Without R&D, such breeding would not have been possible. They have to keep on researching what more can be done to save this earth. For their Reverse Osmosis, the reject water used to be 65-70%. They have built on ideas where they have managed to bring it down to about 28%. The next challenge is to bring it down to about 15%. The CEO says, Even then when I see if I am wasting 15% water in a 10,000-liter tank per day per institution and if I consider only my customer base, then our clients themselves are wasting about 300,000 liters of water everyday.Our R&D department is working continuously to bring this wastage of water to minimal. It is the same for all other areas in which we are operating. R&D gives us more ideas. More ideas mean more innovations and more innovations means more business to us.”


As discussed in the introductory paragraph, technology has revolutionized almost every domain. This technology has been in existence since 1957. However, it has only been about 10 years since this technology was implemented in India.Technology has advanced to such a level where people have started relying completely on it rather than on human ability. For example automation of your homes and you switch on your air conditioner or light miles away. The remote of your car gives you access to start the car and start the air conditioning even before you are in. Robotics vacuum cleaner cleans your entire house by the time you reach back from your office. All these technologies are reducing communication among human beings. As far as their company is concerned, they have used whatever is important for them to survive. At Rebecca, they have not gone to the extent of adapting any rigid technological advancement, which cannot be changed later. They are doing a phenomenal job. Ashish Seline Paiusstates, We still maintain attendance register for attendance rather than biometrics so that the person who signs the register and person who is there in the reception at least shares a hello amongst each other. We still brew our coffee in our office with our own hands without using a coffee machine. We still believe in the distribution of handsets and brochures by a person more than a digital marketing.”

Values and Ethics

Ensuring a balance between personal and professional life, Ashish Seline Paiusen courages strong values and ethics.

A few guiding principles – Family first, Gain perspective and trust your instincts, ‘Give Caesar what’s due to Caesar.’ As a young child, Ashish was greatly influenced by his parents who were strong personalities in their terms. His father was an engineer and he was in a PSU. He was deep into the philosophies and techniques of management. They grew up listening to and discussing Drucker and Dale Carnegie influences as much as union negotiation tactics and the importance of work-life balance, at the dinner table. Naturally, he dreamt of a career in management and leading an organization at some point in time. He also had a dream of becoming a surgeon; probably his Mother’s influence and nobody told him that he should have only one dream. One of the things that define him is his ability to embrace diversity, in thoughts, hobbies (equally fond of Carnatic, Indian folk and western styles of art, music and dance); people (can have long conversations and strike a relationship with public workers as much as with senior professionals at work and so on). Much of this was the training of his Father.  He says, “I thrive on diversity so much that I actively pursue it and schedule it into my life (partly how I end up being a part of various industry forums, Rottmans alumni volunteer group, dance groups, church group, family dedicated time, etc.). My father was an exponent of a healthy work-life balance for higher productivity and I learned it from the way he lived his life.”

My wife is a lawyer who teaches in a university and is doing her Ph.D. in law as well. But we still try to find time amongst each other. The idea is you have to find that time for yourself. If you keep on complaining that I am busy and I don’t have time, then you would never find that time. For instance, when we were not getting adequate time for each other then we decided that we will go for work out together. So, we drive to the gym together, we work out together and we drive back together. While driving back we usually pray together. So, it’s an individual choice whether he or she wants to maintain that balance in professional and personal life.”

Achievements and Milestones

Their continuous efforts and positive thoughts are directed towards escalating the performance of the Company. As they are not some national level achievers but they did quite a remarkable work in their ways. When they joined this company in 2015, the revenue of the company was close to nil. They all struggled in and out for our lives for making this business a success. A lot of them sacrificed their white-collar jobs and joined here with less salary to make a common vision a success. Till 2016, they were just playing with the investors’money. They were not getting any good breakthrough where they could just start playing, you see. Today they have crossed a turnover of about 10 cr. They have successfully installed 145 Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants PAN India. They have given our STP solutions all over India, including the remote areas of India. Till today no one has been able to challenge the quality of work they do in the field of environment and Sewage Treatment. Their professionalism and engineering in audio and video keep themas No.1 in the industry. They have a very good team that executes their work efficiently.

Future Prospects

In the future, they intend to go slow. They are not worried about the turnover of the company now. By the grace of God, they can manage that part well. Theyare limiting their projects because they believe in quality. Taking up more projects at this point, it will not allow the CEO to give individual attention to every project. And at this point,he can’t risk the loss of individual attention. This company is still in its infancy stage. Monetarily if they start thinking, probably the graph of accounts will go up but it will be difficult to maintain the quality and services. Accordingly, they have less manpower also. Increasing the number of projects will give the employees more burdens, which will lower down the morale. He says, “As of now, I plan not to take more than 5 civil projects (middle level) for the entire financial year and not more than 5-6 Reverse Osmosis Plants a month, not more than 1 STP a month and not more than 3 audio video projects a month. This number is calculated with the limitation of manpower and resource which we have at this point.”


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