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Mr. Subhajit Mondal, the supremo, is the man behind the colossal organizations, ‘Galaxy International Travels Pvt. Ltd.’ and ‘Mondal Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd,’ who strives to deliver the best to the clientele and envisions to bring a dynamic revolution in the Hospitality and IT industries, with standardized and impeccable services and contribution.

Mr. Subhajit Mondal says,

We started as an IT firm first like working on mobile applications, web development, etc. initially, but gradually we expand our business started dealing with Hospitality.”

Incubated in 2019, Galaxy International Travels Pvt. Ltd. is rapidly growing and working with a mission “to be one of the leading quality service providers globally in the hospitality industry,” and has marked its presence in India, Malaysia, the USA & Bhutan. It is engaged in direct dealing with the hotels, strong local presence to provide quality service to the customers, 24×7 customer service, own fleet of vehicle, visa processing, providing customized packages, and providing easy EMI facilities to their customers in the hospitality- related services. More specifically, they work on Visa for all over the world including Australia and the USA. The Organisation is looking for opportunities, which are in line with its strategy and that will enable the Organisation to achieve its vision of becoming a global brand by providing world-class quality service in the hospitality industry. The Company has certain indispensable objectives to pay heed. It protects a customer’s interest by providing customized solutions which is making more cost-effective for the Customer and the Company also, quality service is essential with a customized package, promoting new destinations, providing the ethnic vibes to their guest, empowerment of locals through the development of tourism in the area.

Talking about the pioneer of IT, Mondal Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 20th November, 2018, under the ‘Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ of Government of India. Mondal Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd. is growing and working with a mission to acquire positive business-driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client. They work towards creating a difference of positive workforce that is totally different from others and has marked presence in India and the USA. The corporate office is located in Jamshedpur. The Organisation is engaged in providing solutions with Web Design, Web Development, Logo Design,Android App Development, SEO Optimisation, providing 24×7 quality services to the customers in the domain of Custom Software Solutions, Project Management along with chromatic and business driven websites and affordable SEO services.


Whether it is the tourism industry or IT sector,every company requires payment after services but at Galaxy International, the procedure is a bit different and attention-seeking. Before offering the services, they check the Client’s profile, if the Client is trustable, then they don’t make any deposit. After providing the travel package and all the pertaining facilities, they charge the customers. In the arena of Travel, they offer no-cost EMI facility where anyone in a month can pay on EMI. They also provide visa assistance in Private Sector, where they interview the candidate if he or she is suitable, then they further go into the rest of the procedure. In the IT sector, once they provide services like software or anything after 3 years, if any kind of changes or modifications are required, they do free. They have tied up with the HDFC Bank, so those who have an account of this bank can get a 6 percent discount on the package. Moreover, Galaxy International has discovered some of the new and exciting countries to travel and explore.

There are some companies which offer services to the customers that are not at all fruitful to them or we can say the process and on this, they are charging quite high. When your employees are happy and satisfied, then your customers will feel the same. On the same notion,

Mr. Subhajit Mondal says,

Customer and employee satisfaction and happiness are the cornerstones to achieve success and a clear vision is a key to establish an organisation. Good management is a pointer to achieve both and can make an Organisation into a profitable, happy and successful one.”

1 Profitable Business Model

In every pattern of business, we need to understand that the business model ought to go with the flow. In any service sector business has a profitable scope to grow. As all business needs Reputation, Revenue and Branding, they understand the sector in which they work and the way they serve to their clients.

2 First Repeat Client

Sweet, sweet exchange of words and services. Landing their first repeat client will give them the confidence in their business and the motivation keeps them going. The keyword here is “repeat.”

3 Realistic, Scalable Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the lifeblood of their business. Business owners sitting around waiting for clients to call are destined to fail. Smart marketing can actively bring in new business instead of simply reacting. There was a time when businesses would hire a marketing firm to handle everything. But it will benefit most entrepreneurs to tackle as much of the marketing by their company repetitive only. Delegation and determination are two key “talents” of entrepreneurs strengthened by taking an active role in their marketing campaign. Taking advantage of internet marketing techniques and working with the right people help them to create a marketing strategy that takes them to the bank.

4 A trained and Expertise Team

They have hired and trained a team. As we know the company is nothing separate from its employees so a trained team can make any impossible thing possible.

5 Reach a Significant Number of Sales

They have developed a profitable business model, created a scalable marketing strategy and found the perfect team – then they are on a pace for lasting success. They set a specific goal for sales. Without a goal, the business will stagnate. Having a goal helps them to continue moving towards your target growth. Determine an ambitious, yet achievable, dollar figure for their business.


Jimmy Dean said, “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”Mr. Subhajit Mondal points to the struggles in the trajectory they under went whilst talking with us. Big companies offer promises which they never fulfill. So, eventually, it was a challenge for Galaxy international to walk on the promises, which they committed. Secondly, Pricing was an issue. Everyone needed quality services at a limited price, which was not possible to achieve as the Company did not have adequate manpower.


In-depth research is instrumental to advance in any sphere or process. Therefore, it plays a pivotal role in both the companies and the management has separate teams to encourage the process. For the tourism industry, the R&D team explores odd and interesting places, discovers the transportation and accommodation facilities over there. In the domain of IT, the team of Research and Development checks the availability of software, some types of software are too costly, and then after deep study and analysis, they try to find alternative options. Hence, the main motto is to invent newer ones at cheaper prices, which can run long.


The need to walk with the latest technological advancements is quite essential and intelligent in today’s time.The same is with the Mondal Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd., it focuses on how to keep abreast of it. In alignment with the technologies used in the USA and Australia, the Company put its best efforts to bring the newer dimensions. However, in India, the technology that is brought by China is used, which is good but it can’t be used for a long time. Thereby, in Mondal Cybernetics software and applications used are redirected by Australia and Europe itself, which is used for a long time. There is great heed paid to maintain the high security of software and technology in Australia and Europe than in China.


Recently Galaxy International Travels Pvt. Ltd. has won India 500 Startup Awards 2020. In 2018 Mondal Cybernetics got selected for the ‘’Bangla Binodon’’ business contest where Mondal Cybernetics got selected and it was published in their daily Magazine and Mondal cybernetics has been certified by TCCPL, United Accreditation Foundation. Galaxy International Travels Pvt. Ltd. started from Siliguri and it’s in the USA in Delaware and serving the pan world with its respective services and commitments. There are some companies which offer services to the customers that are not at all fruitful to them or we can say the process and on this, they are charging quite high


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