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Reignsys SofTech Private Limited

Reignsys, Connecting You to the World

Over the years, there have been some significant transformations in the information technology and development sector in India. With it being so sharp and stimulating, it is spreading its wings and becoming a fragment of every conceivable sector.

“Reignsys is not just an IT Services company, but a “CDO” – Consulting, Development and Outsourcing Company.  We provide customized solutions as per the requirements that are easy to implement. Our aim is to maintain a long-term relationship enabling our clients to benefit from our quality, culture, knowledge and consistent derive for innovation” Mr. Faiyaz Ali, Director & Founder, Reignsys SofTech Private Limited.

In conversation with Business Connect Magazine, Mr. Faiyaz Ali gives us a humble tour of his venture,

Business Connect: At such a young age, what were the endeavors that helped you to become a leader?

Mr. Ali: Actually the company already existed in the market as a sole proprietorship firm with a different name operating at a much smaller scale with limited service portfolio. This was the time we (Me & my co-founder) had gained some name in the market as IT Services Consultant. One day coincidentally we met the owner in CCD (I’m coffeeholic), the conversation which was started we greetings ended up with selling up his loss-making proprietorship firm to us within two hours 🙂 Soon after its acquisition we started working upon its rebranding, expanding its portfolio of services and reinstating the loss-making acquired firm into the market-leading position by grabbing some government, leading hospital and small town hotel projects.

We weren’t satisfied with just being an IT Services Consultant, and always wanted to achieve something better and bigger, and not to forget the digital revolution in India that has started impacting SME sector. All these created a force of motivation that forced us for the inception.

Business Connect: Where does your expertise stand?

Mr. Ali: Our technical expertise and cutting edge technology helps to deliver cost-effective solutions to suit current and future requirements with IT, BPO & KPO, Managed Testing Services, Testing Process Outsourcing (TPO), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Internet Marketing.

Business Connect: How do you assess the present scenario in software products/services domain?

Mr. Ali: We believe that in Software Products/Services domain, Software Development and Testing is an underappreciated phase in the software development lifecycle, hence to build a better system it is required to have a good QA, Developer, and Tester. Whether our clients want to develop a small application or big enterprise, we can provide the right testing solutions and services as per their requirements.

Business Connect: Where do you see the scope of improvement in the industry?

Mr. Ali: With the growing science of technology, there is a need for improvement to match up with the latest trends of the market. Problems spur because of the complexity of technology and the rapid pace of change. Experience tells us that quality improvements in IT delivery and service support can be achieved by introducing such considerations as user satisfaction, integration and flexibility early on in the decision process and reinforcing them throughout the review process.

Somewhere, I also have a feeling that the government has an important role to play in helping to expand the IT Industry, critical and long term supporting is expected from government agencies to name some, FDI in IT sector, rules & regulations governing the operations and data protection policies.

Business Connect: How have you adapted yourself to the latest needs of the market?

Mr. Ali: We focus upon R&D and either innovate a solution if the project demands and is within the budget or use the existing solution by emulating our competitors knowing our strengths and limitations. I believe that we should always know our core competencies and respond to ever-changing market needs. Often times, this much is not enough, we need to check our marketing strategy as well.

Business Connect: Being a key person of the company, how do you ensure its smooth functioning?

Mr. Ali: I keep adjusting as per needed. Sometimes, I act as a Customer Service Representative by visiting the customers personally to ask for feedback. Sometimes, I become a visionary of my small corporate to create a vision of what the company should be doing the next financial year or after 3 years or after 5 years from now. Always, having a plan B if plan A goes wrong is another important factor.

Business Connect: Did you face any obstacle during the initial days?

Mr. Ali: In India, especially in West Bengal (the place of Reignsys’s origin) small business owners are of conservative nature, the fear of losing their investment in something unknown to them and the hesitation of change in their day to day business operations due to application of IT-enabled services, are some of the major challenges we had to overcome whenever approaching a new prospect.

Business Connect: What have your lessons been over the years?

Mr. Ali: I learned a lot of things, out of which the important ones are; controlling the expenditure, Listen to your customers, competitor analysis, marketing the business properly and don’t hesitate to experiment.

Business Connect: How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Mr. Ali: The development cycles, processes, and methodologies we follow are tailored to suit the customer’s continuously changing requirements. We involve our customers in each stage of development and keep them continuously updated through various interactive development approaches. Our relationship with the client has grown from our commitment to the simple virtues of honesty, dedication and their satisfaction.

Business Connect: How difficult is it to remain relevant in this competitive world? How do you keep yourself motivated during tough times?

Mr. Ali: You would not believe how many “sure things” and “done deals” I’ve had fall apart at the last minute. How much money have I lost in due to mistakes, and wrong experiments? Truth is, you need to master is the skill of learning and unlearning, the flexibility of adapting to newer ideas, a deep undying curiosity about new technologies, ability to smile even under unbearable pressure and above all patience.

Business Connect: What are your contributions to CSR activities?

Mr. Ali: Twice in a year generally every 6 months, we organize 7 to 10 days free workshop for students, housewives or anyone who is 12th passed and has basic computer and smartphone knowledge and is interested in being an online entrepreneur. During this workshop, we teach them website development, blogging, YouTube and basics of App Development, along with living examples and projects. So, that they can be a contributor to digital India and become an online entrepreneur. 

Business Connect: Please let us know about the achievements of the company.

Mr. Ali:We have offices in two metro cities of Kolkata and Bangalore and about 2 dozens of services available to be provided to our number of clients in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Pune, Singapore, and Dubai.

Business Connect: Tell us something about your Co-founder.

Mr. Ali: Nasim Ali who is Reignsys’s co-founder and Head of Technical Operations has been an important person in company’s growth and achievements. He is a Computer Science post graduate with about a decade of experience in MNC’s. I’m blessed to have him as a co-founder. The journey so far wouldn’t have been possible without him.

Reignsys is actively working upon our upcoming project,™. Web as well as a mobile App based solution to connect all the Hajj and Umrah tour operators in the country to customers/pilgrims by providing a convenient on the go platform to them.

It will be a marketplace for travel agencies providing Hajj and Umrah packages, whereas the customers/pilgrims will be empowered with easy booking and comprehensive choice of packages across the country. It’s a vast project with long term goals targeting the Muslim community of the country.

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