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Our biggest strength lies in our ability to offer various IT Products (IT products and peripherals), Services ( IT and telecom) & staffing solutions, work under one roof. Renovision Automation Services is the place to go if you’re seeking a high-quality HR outsourcing service provider who can help you save time while increasing revenue. In addition to this, our in-house Mar-Com (Marketing Communication) team ensures our customers receive the latest updates on our products and services through email and bulk SMS.

Ashok Arora, Director of Renovision Automation Services Pvt. Ltd.

When you initially start a business, your primary aim is to build your brand and begin growing. Regrettably, this does not come instantly. There is no guaranteed formula for rapid success, but you may accelerate your company’s growth through Renovision Automation Services.

Renovision Automation Services Pvt. Ltd. (RASPL) is an established IT company transforming Talent and Technology proactively towards innovation. The director, Mr. Ashok Arora steers, “ We offer a comprehensive suite of optimized solutions that helps your business fly higher, from strategy development through execution.”

Renovision Automation Services Pvt. Ltd. (RASPL) is a leading IT & Outsourced business services provider which was founded in 2006 under the aegis of Mr. Ashok Arora an engineering graduate from Delhi University, who heads the entire organization.

In their leadership Renovision Automation Services Pvt. Ltd is performing phenomenal growth. Renovision Automation Services Pvt. Ltd. (RASPL) which is headquartered in New Delhi has established a pan India presence having a major presence in Gurgaon, Chennai, Kolkata, Raipur, Bhubaneshwar, Ranchi, Patna & Jamshedpur.

“ With more than a decade of experience, we can provide unique and unparalleled IT solutions. Our solutions portfolio is designed to satisfy today’s business needs.” quotes the Director.

There is no secret method for outperforming other firms in the sector or achieving instant success. Growth is a continual process that needs hard effort, patience, and commitment.

It’s difficult enough to start a business. It’s even more difficult to wear all the hats and “do everything.” Fortunately, in the present era of development and technological progress, RASPL’s experienced team of experts can assist you in almost any sector or business discipline.

Renovision Automation Services was created with one goal in mind: to help you succeed! The venture is particularly fascinating because it frequently provides solutions to challenges that small firms were unaware of.

Check out Raspl if you need assistance supporting and growing your business.

Mr. Ashok Arora believes that to lead a team effectively, one must first establish his leadership with each team member by building relationships of trust and loyalty, rather than fear or the power of your positions. High-performance teams are composed of individuals that passionately embrace the vision, believe their contribution is meaningful, and are motivated to give their best effort.

He adds, “ I always help my people to develop their strengths and to address their weaknesses. This may be the reason that people have been associated with us since the organization was established. We in RASPL hardly give any reason to employees to leave us and believe in promoting the existing team rather than closing Senior positions from the open market. I always appreciate and encourage my people to work together.”

Synchronizing with the latest technological advancements “ Technology plays a vital role these days whether we wish to improve productivity, planning for business expansions, cost optimizations or trying to make our business automated” quotes the director.

The team believes in digital transformation and opted for some really nice tools available in the market to automate the business

“ To remain on top of technological advancements & keep the skills updated, we need to gain a broad knowledge of the Industry. Our employees keep on learning and transforming themselves to match up the industry standards,” says Ashok.

The internal HR functions are completely Online. Besides this, they have an online ERP system for managing billings, stores & accounts. Likewise, all their purchases & vendor payments are synchronized with ERP software.

Few of the principles the team follows to ensure the quality of services:

  1. Retaining old clients along with making new customers
  2. Understand customer’s needs and meet them
  3. Open all communication channels
  4. Respond quickly
  5. Fix mistakes
  6. Employee Management: Practice transparency/Recognize employees performing well/Approachable to our people

“ Since the inception of our Company, we have believed in ‘Customer First’ fundamentals and we swear by this! This has been made possible through a transparent approach towards each of our clients. Our well-experienced team of business managers, service delivery managers, project managers work round the clock.” quotes Mr. Arora.

RASPL serves clients from across every Industry and Business Vertical, viz. The team is working with multiple domain clients like IT, Banking, State govt, PSU, retailer, insurance, service sector and defense Manufacturing/ Engineering/Retail/IT/FMCG/Real Estate/Media & Advertising

“ We have been continuously doing business with these clients for many years and this has been possible by maintaining cordial relations with them and fulfilling their service expectations.”

“ Our core strength is to understand the client requirement and render service accordingly and it is quite fruitful for our company. We are one step ahead of our competition as we offer a complete bouquet of services and products under a single umbrella. Plus, we have direct tie-ups with our Principal companies/OEMs which gives an added advantage when it comes to competing for prices. We strive to win customer’s trust, rather than aiming for bigger margins. Quality with sustainability is the key for our success in Service from the last 30 years with flying colors year on year.” shares the Director, Mr. Ashok Arora.

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