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Even amidst the present impediments and transfigurations, entrepreneurs’ drive to reach new heights remains unbent. With relentless passion and vigour, such individuals have made breakthroughs – that are – needless to say, acclaimed across the vertical. But, success is not a one-man journey! It is an amalgamation of ideas, training, innovation and much more that goes behind the curtains. These background factors have also gone through scenic transformations.

Nowadays, People seek out a single point of contact for everything, and the trend has birthed numerous turnaround specialists. RISE Holding Group is a prominent name in the assemblage. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, RISE works with SMEs and Startups in a multitude of verticals, helping them lead their respective fields. It leads a league of subsidiaries (SchemaZone, QuietClicks and Reach Academy), which is well-versed in propelling businesses to new heights of success.

RISE Holding Group is the ideation of two Genius entrepreneurs – Dr. Lina Alshelh and Dr. Mohamad Ali Mishly. Dr. Alshelh commands a notable experience across Big and Small firms in Canada, followed by a prominent tenure in a Big 4 Firm. Also, she has commissioned several startups, which currently holds utter prominence in the industry. Dr. Mishly has also founded and co-founded several startups in a multitude of verticals.

Furthermore, he has amounting experience in business analysis, project consultancy, and as a production manager – at two sites in Europe and Hong Kong. Both of them are well-versed in industrial strategies and accomplished alumni as well. They have PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Europe; and it was here – their journey began.

In 2017, the duo founded SchemaZone, a single umbrella for industrial training & management consultancy. And within a short period, the venture became a rewarding project. Celebrating the success, they aimed to foray into software development and digital marketing and developed QuietClicks. Upon entering the technological ring, the pair envisioned a tech-enabled foundation that nurtures talent through customized programs and offers unique training programs, putting Reach Academy on the map.

The model put forth a fantastic potential – all it needed was a single point of contact. Therefore, Dr. Alshelh and Dr. Mishly incepted RISE Holding Group in 2020. Bringing all under a common banner, RISE strives to attract the positive attention of the industry. Its goal is to expand globally by entering new verticals and working with its subsidiaries to help them establish themselves.

As previously mentioned, RISE Holding Group stays in the race with a three-headed business plan. To understand how each entity adds value, let’s take a closer look:

  1. SchemaZone: SchemaZone is a pioneer in training and consultancy – both within and outside of Canada. Equipped with talented teams, advancements and modern practices, it offers world-class service. In simple words, it is offering result-oriented solutions that guarantee sustainable growth. The Consultancy Services covers prominent areas of the business cycle, such as Project Management, Strategy & Growth, Human Resources, Operational Management, etc. SchemaZone helps clients in refining their business models to enhance performance and conquer obstacles. It also partners with institutes and industrial bodies to design customized training programs that meet the requirements of individual professionals and corporates. SchemaZone serves all the prominent verticals, from Financial Services, Real Estate, Food & Beverage to Public Sector, Manufacturing, e-Commerce, Technology, Healthcare, Education, Energy, and Retail as well.
  2. QuietClicks: If you are seeking integrated software solutions or a well-defined and connected marketing campaign, then QuietClicks is the right choice for you. A proper blend of tech and marketing offerings play a critical role in a company. As such, the Company adopts the best tools and techniques to formulate solutions that meets your requirements. Its portfolio includes Web Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development and digital marketing solutions. QuietClicks is an ecosystem of tech and marketing experts whose unique wisdom drives results and sustains solutions. The Company has a presence in every vertical that believes in digital optimization. And its services go beyond borders to nations like KSA, USA, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and more.
  3. Reach Academy: The third and most recent venture of RISE. Reach Academy is a cornerstone to individuals looking to master a new trade to have competitive advantage in the industry. The Institute has uniquely designed curriculums to scale credibility and viability in individual’s area of expertise. The education model is categorized into four distinct Schools:
    • School of Business: Quality education framework that focuses on the premier aspects of business with look into future
    • School of Technology: Holistic courses and programs encompassing tech-relevant topics, such as data science, software development, information security, and more.
    • School of Education: Suitable educational programs for aspirers willing to grow and create impact within the education realm
    • School of Engineering: Comprehensive diploma programs that drive solutions to resolve global issues and create futuristic engineers

All the diplomas and programs have close integration of theoretic and pragmatic concepts and are certified by Accrediting Agencies of Canada (AAAC). The Academy also run – in partnership with companies – number of bootcamps, workshops, seminars and other activity-based methods, and are provided in special training centres. The Academy is nurturing more than 500 students across the world and are present in 50+ countries.

With such commendable solutions, ensuring the holistic development of individuals and companies, RISE has established a notable presence across the globe. It has dominant presence in USA, Canada, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, India, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait, Egypt, etc. With time, RISE looks forward to expanding its spectrum of solutions and footprint, to build a larger and a more engaging client base.

Build on the values excellence and integrity, RISE Holding Group has exemplified a seismic growth through its subsidiaries. “Most companies dream to be the best, we are working hard to make this a reality”, affirms Dr. Lina Alshelh. And to continue doing so, RISE welcomes like-minded investors to be a part of its global family. With partnerships, RISE promises a dynamic growth, expansion beyond borders, result-oriented solutions and a well-established network. Through these inorganic developments, RISE not only seeks to cover more markets and raise its revenue graph but also offer SMEs and median firms the spotlight and reverence they deserve.

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